Bringing back AOL IM (AIM)~!

Please, allow me to introduce myself to any new readers who might have stumbled upon (or frequent visitors who are like, who the hell is this guy) and are thinking to themselves, why is Jorden posting on Ryans website? Well, Ryan, the owner of is one of my good friends and he’s been nice enough to give me a place to vent my frustration, share my thoughts and jot down any ideas I have. From time to time, I’ll use this website, his website to complain about something bothering me, tell you a tell about my time in the Illinois Department of Corrections (…prison) or even when I traveled around the Mid-West region of the US, as an Independent Professional Wrestler.

Today though, I’m on another tangent.

Today I’d like to come here and complain about the lack of support and use of AOL Instant Messenger, better known as AIM. To further prove my point that AIM is now dead (and I hate that it is), let me show you something that Ryan himself just sent me through Facebook IM, something I’ll get to momentarily.

“You can start the #WeWantAIMBack movement there.”

So, two things are wrong about this. First, I’m talking to Ryan on Facebook IM and not AOL IM, which I have open and running. He, does not. Second thing wrong is that he wants me to use a Hashtag to garner support for the return of AIM to prominence. Uh, no! Hashtags, Facebook IMs, those are the things I’m angry about and with. Skype. All that Snapchat and Instagram and new fangled stuff that’s taken the place of my beloved AOL Instant Messenger.

I remember back in the late 90s and early 2000s when myself and about 50 friends would be on AOL IM at any given time. AOL IM would give you the ability to create public chat rooms, that you could then give out the address to and anyone could join. AOL IM had this nifty direct connect feature, allowing you and the person you were IM’ing to send files and pictures and anything you wanted back and forth, instantly. Then there was the ability to “warn” a user who was a complete twit. TWIT. Not f’n twitter. Warning users for fun, was a great past time. It would make it so that you couldn’t send messages until your warning level went down. Awesome stuff. You could send your Buddy Lists to other people, easily.

Seriously, in the world of the internet where I come from, AOL IM dominated. Then, I went to Prison. 3 years passed. Now everyone is using Skype or Twitter or Facebook or some other crazy new social networking fad. Meanwhile, I sit here with AOL IM open and running, no one sending messages on it, only two people on my list logged in. Neither of them have said a word to me through AIM, in the past 22 days that I’ve been a free man.

This… is bullshit.

Because of this, tomorrow night, I’m going to get drunk and blog some more. Because I’m mad. I’m angry. I’m disappointed. Oh, I’m not drunk tonight. Tomorrow, I will be though so I can live up to the reputation that our fearless leader of this website has set for us.

Tomorrow, becomes, for ONE NIGHT ONLY!

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