The reason you clicked on this rambling? More than likely, it had something to do with the fact that you understand the meaning behind an “upside-down flag.” More than likely, you have a good head on your shoulders. Hopefully, you’ll also recognize that there are serious, terrible problems in the United States of America. And that we, as a country, are TRULY under distress. Hopefully.

Even more hopeful, you will realize that these problems have nothing to do with the Federal government attacking us on 9/11. Nor do you believe that the current President is actually a Kenyan native that is truly a homosexual that has covered his college records and is actually vacationing away from his wife to screw the brains out of Beyonce. If we’ve established those things. Then I also hope that you don’t believe that all of America’s politicians are meeting out in the woods to sacrifice children and babies to the god, Molach, at Bohemian Grove.

All of those things aside. I hope that you realize that there are true, terrible things happening in this country. Hell, things are even worse in the world in general. The world aside, let’s stick to America.

We live in an America where the NSA can hold onto and store your every text, Tweet, Facebook status, etc. Just because.

We live in an America where Fox News plays positive advertisements about Common Core Education.

We live in an America where the Federal government can, potentially, shut down a nation-wide business because of the owners’ religious beliefs.

We live in an America where the President shrugs off the potential of World War III… Constantly.

We live in an America where one of the supporters of the Bill of Rights to the Constitution was told to “Go fuck yourself” by a State Senator.

We live in an America where most of her citizens receive their news from The Daily Show.

We live in an America where slogans are the determining factor of Presidential elections.

We live in an America where a completely conceptual idea of a “war on women,” can lead to  a Presidential victory.

On that note, we live in an America where Sandra Fluke can make ANY sort of name for herself. Let alone be a speaker at the Democratic National Convention. For. Some reason.

RANDOM SIDENOTE: Watching that video… just… Jesus Christ.

But most importantly, above all of these, we live in an America where your children can be taken from you. Just because.

Seriously. That last one is something that needs to be taken into account. Above all of the stories mentioned before, and those I’m about to mention, this is by far the most terrifying. Look into it.

I know. I know. I know. I’m right-wing! I’m a zealot! All of that. Hell… for those of you that get your news from The Daily Show, and… by the off chance you’ve also heard many episodes of The Drunken Radio Show, I’m racist too!

I get it.

I understand that we live in a nation that is so very polarized. And it’s so much deeper than “left vs. right.” We live in a nation where it is plausible that its citizens can believe all of the nonsense that I mentioned at the beginning of this rambling.

And I hope, especially by now, that I’ve made myself perfectly clear. All of those things mentioned at the beginning. ALL OF THEM. Are nonsense.

But gradually, we, as citizens of this great country allowed ourselves to become complacent. Apathetic. And in all sense of the word. Docile.

We are docile to our bosses. We are docile to our college professors. We are docile to our anchormen (WAR ON WOMENZ~!). We are docile to our politicians.

The biggest problem with that? Our anchormen (WAR ON WOMENZ~!) are even FURTHER docile to our politicians. More than likely, a “bail out” of our “papers of record” is coming. The writing’s on the wall here. And this can ONLY make our “anchormen” (WAR ON WOMENZ~!) even more docile.

And don’t get me wrong. As “RIGHT WINGZ~!/ZEALOUS~!” as you can claim I am, the problem isn’t as deep as the current President. Nor is his political party to blame.

Let’s not forget. One of the leaders of the “opposition” party, has said numerous outrageous things. Like. Here’s this great gem.

“And when they say, ‘I want my lawyer,’ you tell them, ‘Shut up, you don’t get a lawyer!'”
-Lindsey Graham (R) Senator South Carolina.

Bare in mind, he’s not talking about your “average,” “typical,” “every day,” terrorist. He’s speaking. Directly. About American citizens. (And for more of these gems from Mr. Graham, click here.)

But hey… we also live in an America where it’s totally plausible that the President of the United States can (and has) kill(ed) an American citizen with a drone strike. 

But what can you, an “average,” “typical,” “every day,” American citizen do to combat these things? Honestly? Not much. You can join a “TEA Party.” If you want to. You can do you’re absolute BEST to vote for politicians that you believe represent you the MOST. But that doesn’t always pan out. (HI JEFF FLAKE!)

And I mean you’re told time and time again by your current President. You can’t make it on your own anymore. You need government assistance. YOU DIDN’T BUILD THAT!

And yet… you… “average,” “typical,” “every day,” American citizen? (Around) 60% of you believe that there was a conspiracy behind the JFK assassination. Around 30% of you believe that 9/11 was an inside job. Hell, 20% of you believe that the moon landing was staged.

The point with that is — you don’t trust your government. 

So… what are you to do?

Honestly, I have no idea anymore.

But the thing I know would be the WORST thing for citizens to do? The WORST thing you could do is resort to violence. The WORST thing would be to actively seek a “revolution.” Those things do NOT end well. At all.

But the solution to all of this?

One of the BIGGEST things that is completely legal (by ALL sense of the word) would be to go to the governor of your state and pressure them to agree to a convention of states.

I’m not sure. The convention could, by all means, fix MANY problems. Especially if we were to gain Congressional and Senatorial term limits out of the convention.

But I guess, one main focus that I HOPE to stress to you is — you should be more concerned about a “new world order,” with China, Russia and North Korea at the helm more than you should be concerned with this “new world order.”

[youtube id=”txukr5zgHnw” width=”620″ height=”360″]

Ah hell. Now I’m a neo-con!


Just for YOUR sake…

Take care,
Your humble servant.

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