12DoDM: Day 11 – Home Alone 2


Finally, we wrapp this all up in a bow with the sequel to, what is probably my favorite Christmas movie. Because. Why not, right?


I can’t think of any sort of better intro thatn that. So. Let’s do this.

  1. Daniel Stern got the raw end of the stic man.
  2. So did Kevin’s dad.
  3. Drink Coca Cola
  4. Chrstmas with outa Christmas tree.Indeed. I feel your pain, bro.
  5. Dick joke.
  6. Why would Kevin need his tie if he’s just going to take it off for his choir robe. Thingus?
  7. My bad. nevermind. Or. There could’ve been a bad editing job. I dunno.
  8. Mevin and Buzz Aldrin still hate each other. That’s good?
  9. However, Kevin’s tie is red now, not black. Sorry I wouldn’t be on about this had it not been a plot point.
  10. Kevin hates his family again.
  11. Eh. I should a joke about getting separeated from groups. Because I did in Rome that one time. And yeah. It’s not a good time. I wqouln’t reccoment it.
  12. If only cell pohones existed. In 1992.
  13. Morew jokes about how lax airplane rules were in the before time. In the long, long ago.
  14. A French dude is being al Frensch.
  15. Where’s the scene with paramedicas and fire fighters sattending to kevin’s mom in the airpoyt?
  16. A shot of Kevin atop of the twin towers?@! ‘Luminati 2012.
  17. Is the New York fishing wherehouse place a popular tourist attraction or something?
  18. Arizonea probably is a foreign country at this point, innit?
  19. That was probably a microafgression. I apologize deeply for my remarks against Arizonians. I love all Arizonianis people.
  20. Donald Trump cameo.
    99.5: The rest of the family shows up out of no wheres after all the trouble Kevin's mom went through.
  21. Lax credit card security as well.
  22. Back 2when Rob Schnieder was relevant. I use the term, “relevant” loosely.
  23. Kevin i obviously suffering from Afluenza.
  24. I still want to watch the se black and white gangster movies.
  25. I hate family photos in movies and tv shows and such. But that’s another, robably boring rant.
  26. I miss Tim Curry,
  27. Peple that eat cheese pizzas piss me off.
  28. No pegiuns were harmed in the making of this film.

    28.4: Mar’vs a slapsticky bandit. FUCK OFF, MARV!
  29. I rmeember being a kid, wathing this movie. Seeing “Duncan’s Toy Chest” and being in awe. I fucking love it.
  30. Tim Curry really makes this movie 10 times better.
  31. I’m really enjoing this. Aside from Marvb’s dumbness.

    31.264: Kevi’s got a private audience with this guy coming. According to Marv.
  32. It’s a Wonderful Life in Spanish now? Uh… I’m just gonna blame Scarface for this.
  33. So many microagressions happening in this “scary” Central Park scene. It’s deplorable!
  34. It’s gotta taje a LOT of work to skip being a crazy cat lady and becoming a creepy pigeon lady.
  35. The power of music. Like always. sigh.
  36. And kevin’s all intellectual and whatnot with the crazy pegieon lady.
  37. [youtube width=”600″ height=”365″ video_id=”JU9Uwhjlog8″]
  38. Did I mention just how much I love Tim Curry in this movie?
  39. Marv’s jewish? Was this ever established?
  40. And so it begins.
    [youtube width=”600″ height=”365″ video_id=”8WKgNyvsNDM”]
  41. Once again. I’m ust enjpoying the movige. I’m not really sure why though.
  42. Kevin’s a master electrician now.
  43. You gotta know that kevin’s a member osf IDIS these days.
  44. Whoever wrote Marv’s lines this movie must’ve been a fan of Mark Calloway’s.

    44.73: I doubt Kevin’s parents gave him one of these for Christmas
  45. Yeah, I really don’t have much more to say.
  46. Pigeon dy comes to save the day. Cause. shovel guy did in the last movie.
  47. There’s an Alfred Hitchcock joke in there somewheres.
  48. Drink Coca Cola.
  49. Drink Coca Cola.
  50. Turtledove happiness.
  51. Whatever.
  52. I’mnot even drunk at this point.
  53. Kevin spent almost $1000 on room service.
  54. And, apparently, Kevin didn’t turn out to be a member of ISIS afterall. Nor did he suffer from Afluenza.
  55. [youtube width=”600″ height=”365″ video_id=”yh7-wAy_8ss”]

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