The Great, “ECW Binge Watch of 2018” pt. 1

So. Along with my renewed love of wrestling, thanks… Asuka? Merhaps? Came a willingness to easily purchase the WWE Netowkr. Monthly. Right? And asfter watching January’s Royal rumble, catching up on a documentary or two, and finally having decent wifi, I began… what I called…

The Great ECW Binge Watch of 2018

And. I mean. A lot of these things? A LOT of them/? I already glossed over in. You know. That previous thing abut Asulka. And such. BUT. I’m gonna go in to FAR more depth and stuffs. Right/?

First. let’s set the paramaters. And such. The binge watch began with Hardcore TV. Around a month or so before Barely Legal. And it ended with Guilty as Charged in January pof 2001. Right? Now. yes. there’s PLENTY of stuffs for me to watch. Even “supershows” type of things available to me on the ready om the WWE Network. But that’s What we’re going with. All of the Hardcore TV episodoe s, all of the ECW Wrestling on TNN shows, which, you know, weren’t many, and all of the pay-per-views. I’m going to talk about all of them. In MUCH greater detail than I did in that afore mentioned ramvlingf. That was “about” Asuka. Right?


FIRSt anfd FOREMOSt. let’s knock off a couple of things. Just to get them outof the way. Right?

Joel Gertner

Gertner’s work in ECW is one of the most overlooked treasures in wrestling history. Mostl. His brilliance came in the frm of being The Dudley Boyz’s ring announcer. And. hate me. Slay me. I’m sure there’s WAY more backstory to this that I don’t know. But. As far as I know, he just randomly appeared as such. Merhaps, he was called, “Studley Dudley?” I don’t know. He’s just Joel Gertner

Thiks ISN’T his BEST work. But. It’s proven to be the most handy over the years.

Dude. GHertner would BELIEVABLY seel D-Vond Dudley as wieghintg in at 150 pounds. Even though. You know. It ewasn’t the truth. But. D-Von would…

Weighing in at a slim, trim, buff, chizzled and JAAAAAAACKED, two hundred *gets slap;ed* ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY-SIX POUNDS~!

Gertner got it over. The fans, obviouslty knew D-Von didn’t weight that little and such. And it was just such an awesome touch of brilliance that ECW created. A extra bit of heat on the Duleys that wouldn’t have existed had Gertner not gotten it over. Just. Bits of awesomeness, that’s easily seen there in the Heatwav e bit (RANDOM SIDENOTE: Notice the Arn Anderson looking dad in the front row, man. I’m just saying. ESPECIALLY considering the Dudleyz’z other antics of the night/) but if you Binge watch EXW. You get it all dude. Heatwave is JUST a taster. Forreals. Gertner. Was. Brilliuant.

NO WHERE NEAR Number Two on a “Greatest Mic Workers of All Time” Top 10 List (that DOESN’T include Mick Foley), as you jknow, Dave suggested. But still. Gertner’s awesome. Period. Binge watch ECW. Or e;se/ And such.


I want to touch on something that’s gone… damn near COMPLETELY unnotices and such. Even though, you know, I mentioned it in that Asuka thing. And such.

IO mean. This is unflattering as ALL hell. But.

In 1999. ECW. The little enginge promotion that could. Thing that it was. They hired Sid. the Psycho. The Justice. The Vicsiously. Persony thing that he is. Anfd ssuch. And Stuffs. Rght?

And. I mean. The Goldberg’d the shit out of him. He’d come in. Destroy somebody in a couple of minutes. And leave. And you’d love EVERY second ofg it. “Judge” Jeff Jones didn’t need to send Sid’s justce out there., BUT. for the glimps and ONLY toime Jeff Jones was instresting, (including his random bit with Mike Awesome), when you’d hear Jeff Jones come on the mic. Randomly. You knew Sid was about to kill somebody. And that was fuckign awesome. Right?

No one previously (and I mean… WWF booked him in TWO main events at WrestleMania at that point), or ever since (as far as I know) booked Sid so awesomely.

Then. You know. Kinda sorta. Immediatley after he left ECW…


He created this debacle.

And. I mean. Arguably. The thing that Sid’s become most known for. In the history of evewr. Is.

You know.

Breaking his leg and all that. But still. ECW made Sid one of the most awesome things. Ever. Goldberg level awesome. Legit. In a post-Goldberg streak world. Still awesome. And such. I dunnol.

But man.

One thing I need to do. Is set the stafge for you guys. This is MERELY the “part one.” Of this rambling. Hopefully, it’ll end in part two. But I’lll probably ramvle too much like I have already.


THE thing. Or… y know… PERSON. That NEEDs more recognition than has EVER been given to him, and, MORE THAN LIKELY, he’ll never, tragically, receive, IS Tommy Dreamer.

Tommy held the crowd in the palm of his hands ANY tiome he worked. SAnd. sure. You could say the same for Hulk Hogan. But Hogan only knew one style of wrestling. And that style was working a Hulk Hogan match.

Tommy Dreamer? That moterr fucker could brawl wih the best of them. He’d make a New Jack or Sandman match watchable. He could put on some comedy gold if need be. He could fgo hold-for-hold chain wrestlinginess with RVD. And execute it DaMN NEar perfectly. (Watch the “WWF vs. ECW” feud, dude. Dreamer worked with RVD a bunch. And he’s CLOSEW to Jerry Lynn style chemistry and follow-throughs and such.

Chairshot-heard-round-the-world does Dreamer NO justice.

Forreals. Man. You’ve ot the WWE Network? Watch the “Not WWF” invasion of ECW. I’m talking the Doug Furnas/Brakkus bits. Right? The ONLY highlight of ANY of that garbaes was the awesome RVD/Dreamer matches. And Dreamers. LEGIT holds his own. Chain style and such.

I’m drunk right now.

But I know I’ve seent it.


Dreamer NEVER deserved to drink Undertaker’s spit. GTFO.

Ans. Jesus. Vince McMahon is a horrible, horrible… fucking DISGUSTING human being (just watched that Undertaker/Dreamer shit for the first time since it aired). And fucking. Fuck you. Vinnie, mac. How Dreamer can still humble himself to attend ANYTHING you promote is beydond me. Fuclk you, dude.


Next time? In Part 2? of this ECW thing? I’ll go over my favoritey ECW match. My favority ECW event (you know, that I’ve watched), and… given ALL of this… I’ll explain my MOST underrated ECW wrestler (fuck. I could do a series on that… shit) And… merhaps.. oit’s “WrestlerS.” R9ight?

But that happens. Next time. On “The Great ECW Binge Watch of 2018.”

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