Zen End of 2020, I Think

Worker bees can leave
Even drones can fly away
The queen is their slave

The year started fine
Then, oops, a covid took place
Oof with these lockdowns

Toilet paper gone?
I wondered, the fuck happened?
Well, thanks, Australia

Took place with no audience
Here comes Thunderdome

Stimulus check, nice
Got myself a new PC
Pelosi hates Trump

Last of Us Part II
Whoops Abby is killing Joel
Arguments ensue

Basically is kinda dead
Need to make 10 years

Biden wins the race
Cheating? Don’t you ever look
Freedom of thought dies

I never liked Trump
Whoops, I’m a Trumptard now, though?
I’ll still go to camp

The left are Nazi’s
Forreals this time though my dude
Whoops I’m now censored

America’s not
A democracy at all
Never, ever was

Flashpoint Movie, cool
Keaton, Batfleck, E.T.C.
Batinson? Wait, what?

Spider-verse 3, too
ALL the rouges coming back too
Before new Goblin?

HBO Max huh?
Tryna kill movie theaters
Don’t mind T.B.H.

Zodiac message
Now decoded finally
Still, no killer found

Just to top it off
Cyberpunk gets its release
It’s a disaster

2020 sucked
For more reasons than all this
Here’s to 21?

Oh no, The Office
Gets removed from Netflix now
At the start of year

I’m still sure that I’ll
Head back to 1890
Because what’s the point?

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