Womanizing Womenly?

I nmean. Man. It’s GOT to be WELL documentaed at this point. Right? Like. I don’t know why I should ever needto make this clarification. But like. I know that my political views are to the right off 80% or so of the internet. So it kinda always needs to be remdinged ? Or something. But man. Just take a little look around RyansDrunk.com a bit and stuffs, right? Then I wouldn’t need to write this before I a say anything about the current politcal structure in America currently.

All that said. Let me remind you.

I wasn’t a fan of Donald Trump during the Republican primary. I wasn’t a fan of Donald Trump during the feneral election (nor was I a fan of Hillary’s, because, that actually needs to be said these days). But once he won the nomination — I gave him a clean slate. The same would have been given to Hillary Clinton. The same that I gave to Obama.

But let me be clear here.

If you shareD this sort of meme in the past seven days:

Please. Just know that you’re 100% wrong.


The executive order that President Trump signed. WAS anti-aborttion. Yes. 100%. Legit. it was.

The order, essentially states, that America will not be funding abortions. IN OTHER COUNTRIES.

I don’t know if you know this or not. But like. America? Righrt noiw? We’re around $20,000,000,000,000 in debt. Legitimately? We SHOULD be cuting all funding to EVERY country that we give money towards. Because. We can’t afford our own shit. Like. At all.

So. I ask you, dear woman-y person, POSSIBLY reading this…

WHY in the LIVING CUNT… should we be paying for abortions overseas? Sure. Have the Planned Parenthood debate all you want. But. Seriously dude. Why?

This was a policy first enacted by Reagan. Continued under the first Bush. Discontinued under Clinton. Reenactied again under the second Bush. Discontinued again by Obama. And now. Trump is just, seemingly toting the party line and continuing this practice.

Womenly Womanizing people marching and stuffs? This Executive Order had NONE% effect on you.  Seriously.

Other than Donald Trump being a TOTAL dick towards women. Like. With his words. You know. Grabbing them by the pussy and whatnot. The dude trusts and relies on the consel, damn near more than anyone, of his daughter. And I mean. You know. But. Legit man.

Ivanka IS one of his TOP advisors. She IS a New Yorker. And a registered democrat. She’s not even a New York Republican. FFS.

During the general election. Donald Trump put forth a near $1,000,000,000,000 plan to federally fund mandatory maternity leave. Across the board. And yet. There were a million or so protesters for the inaugaration weekend.


Or whatever.
But like. Dude.

We ALL know the kind of vindictive asshole that Donald Trump is. Right? I mean. The dude is so ego-maniacal that he sent Sean Spicer out for his first press conference to lie to the press about how Trump’s inauaration was the most attended in Amercan history. Which. It obviously wasn’t. But it obviously also wasn’t the least attended either. Trump’s just an ego-centric asshole that he had to “PROVE” that he was amazing.

That’s hw petty this guy is.

Now. The dude was planning on doing LOADS of shit for women. Policy-wise. The maternity leave thing was just one of them. But now. That’s you’ve protested. Over… something… How much do ou think he’s going to give a shit about your issues now?

I mean. Common sense, right?

And. I mean. Obviously. It’s a horrific thing that we now live in an America that such a thing is possible from this Presiden. But. Just.

I don’t know man.

All of this shit. All of it. Is dumb.

Every which side of this issue. Is. Dumb.


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    Good to see your still writing and keeping up your blog. Email me sometime when you get a chance.


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