Weiner. Holder. 2020.


I mean.

I KINDA… called this shit. Back in like… 2013 orso. Back when THe Drunken Radio Show was just kiking off and shit. Iwas watching an episode of Pat & Stu on The Blaze when… all of a sudden.. the duo brought upf the subject of Anthony Weinr becoing a potental 2016 presidential candidate. He’d have the running mate of Eric Holder.

On that Pat & Stu show… they showed an image… similar to that shown above. Right? Obviously. It was 2016 and not 2020.

But yeah. The Drunken Radio Show was kinda athing. Rich was still co-hosting things with me. And. Eventually. We ran out f things to talk about. And. All of a sudden. I remembered. Hey, dude. Pat Grey and. Stu…. person… were tallking about Weiner/Holder. So. LEt’s tak about it. Right?

And. Boom. A “movement” )lol_ was spawned from there.

But. I mean. Nowe. Here we are. Some six years later.

And. I mean. The Democrats find themselves in a VERY procaruous positions. Where. Like. Dude. Biden sucks. A lot. THe dude. OBVIOUSLY created this whole “Ukrainian” scandal. Unless… you know… you want to throw in some George Soros stuffs in there. Biden, the, apparently, obvious frontrunnner (who… legitimately wouldv’ve been a contender in 2016) is melting down faster than a Ukrainian nuclear plant.

But uh… I guess I’m a conspiracy theorist now.


THen there’s Elizabeth Warren. WHo. Is like. A woman. YAY! A socialist! YAYA! And then she has all of the charisma of  pet rock. PLUS she has the tax policy of Prince John. So… YAY?! No…?

Uh… Pete Buttigieg is spiking in the polls. But. It appears he’s too busy being so gay that he loves himself the Salvation Army. What a queer! Amirite? Or… You know… Whatever the progressive gymnastic-lingo is to make Mayor Pete a homosexual homophobe… AMIRITE?!

Bernie is old as fuck.

Kamalla dropped out of the race. God willing, Spartacus himself… Booker… Eric? Booker? Somegtig with an E… God willing hes about to drop oout next. And. YUou know. God willing. HE fucks off forever.

Beto fucked back off to find himself. Again. Thankfully.

Eric Swallwell farted himself into the impeachment hearing? I think? Something like that anyways.

Two representatives from Colorado, you know, where I reside were a part of this mess. One took his mom to see Deepthroat. Because he thought it was a documentary about Watergate, I guess. LOLz.

The other person from Colorado. His name was Bennet. At least he didn’t ban birth control, unlike that asshole, Corey Gardner.

Yeah. Messummentum was a thing that raised $5 a couple of months ago.


Well… I present to you…

The Democratic Primary. 2020. Basically. I know. Last time. I kinda said the same thing about the Republicans. But I had a Superman and Batman hidden in there. Obviously. But this time? Wit hthe Dems? Nah dude.

I mean. At best. You could said Andrew Yang is Brainiac. But. Generally speaking, Brainiac has, basically always, played a part in Krypton’s destruction. So. I dunno dude.

The point is. The Democrats know they’re about to be demolished in 2020. They’ve got NO good candidate. FFS. Hillary is still like, “I dunno dude. I might run again.”

Mike Bllomberg has the warchest to run ads on EVERY FUCKING YOUTUBE VIDEO I HAD THE AUDACICITY TO CLICK ON. But has has the charisma of a bathroom fungus.

And. I mean.

Forrreals dude.

I know. I know. I know. I said… SOMETHING similar in 2015 or so. But. Come on guys.

Left-leaning readers of mine that, kinda exists.

Ya’ll know… your party has got NOTHING in this presidential race. Right? If you don’t KNOW that… you’re in denial. OR.. you’re just protected by your algorithmed bbble that you’re blind to it all. And hell… I could be just the same but… you know… in reverse.. ((although… I’m bombarded by most all of my “social media friends” being left-leaning but… whatever…)

The point is. Trump’s going to win again. That;s why, even though she didn’t do her vocal exdrcixes, Nancy Pelosi is urging the House to move forward with I’m Peach Mint.

So. LEt’s do this. Dems.

I don’t give a shit about the policies. Hell. I’m not even sure if a convicted felon (whih, I’m pretty sure Mr. Weiner is classified as… you know… given the whole convicted pedofilia situation) can run for president. And I mean. Eric Holder is obviously impeachable immediately – given the whole Fast and Furious type of situations of it all –  if impeaching a Veep is a thing, I dunno. But. Dude.

Ya’ll have got nothing to lose.

And. As I said in 2013. Or however many times I said it leading up to the… thing that happened three years ago that I’m not allowed to mention agin (even though I’m pretty sure I mentione it previously in this rambling… ugh… I gotta chug a drink Drunken Radio Network style! And… I promise I’ll take that punishment tonight)… Dems.

If you run Anthony Weiner and Eric Holder? I’ll vote for you. I wouldn’t admit to it afterwards. Because. That’d be illegal in Colorado. But I’d put my name on that vote. Easily.

Because. Dude.

We ALL need a hand.

Weiner. Holder. 2020.

Stay firm.

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