Watching of… Veep Debate…

I mean. I wasn’t. At all. Planning to do this. Legit.

Then. Dave was like, “Hey dude! 6pm EST!” And “You gotta drink!” I mean. That’s basically a verbatim quote! So it’s 4pm local time. And I’m drinking. Today. Year of our Lord. 2020. October seventh. Jesusy O’clock on the nose! Stuffs. THings. Words. So. I did a blibbedy blah on the ole’ television recoing device! And KABLOWY! I’ma watch the Veep Debate now.

RANDOM SIDENOTE: Arby’s “prime rib cheesesteak” is basically Monica’s “carne asada fries” heaven in your mouth kinda good. I’m just sayin.

NOT SO RANDOM SIDENOTE: Remember back in the good ole’ days when the left’s biggest fear was a Sarah Palin Vice3 Presidency? Or, dare I say, presidency?! So much so that some bored Hollywood writers made an entire show about it that lastest like six years? Remember how “CUH-RAZY~!” the left was back then?

Good times.

But whatever man. I’m not doing a drinking game this time. Cause. Lefit… the Presidential Debacle damn near cleard me out. So. Uh… Yeah/// I’ll just watch as much of this as I can stomache.

Join me. Shall you?!

  2. Thus far, with this first question? Pence is, OBVIOUSLY, the more boring of the two.
  3. And I mean… Pence keeps going on about “the American people.” And I’m sick of it. Already. Even though, as an anarcho-capitalist, I agree. But his delivery is just terrible.
  4. Karen Harris, the anti-vaxer, on the other hand, keeps harponing back to, “January 28th~!” Which, I mean, this is the first time I’ve heard this date, but I’ll let that slide and give it to her, that the Trump administration knew how bad it was and knew… blahbiddy shit. Biden did the same shit in the first Presidential Debacle. Harris even brings up toilet paper. Dude. Trump did the “evil ting” and didn’t tell anyone to panic. Yet. The public was already panicing. ABOUT TOILET PAPER. Because of some dumb ass rumor. That Started in Australia.
  5. And here I was, the noob, thinking that the toilet paper meme started because of the hacker known as 4chan.
  6. Fuck man. I’m like 90 minutes deep into this rambling. And I’m only on the second question. I think.
  7. Pence crushes Karen on the vaccine. I’m sorry.
  8. RANDOM SIDENOTE: Pence is on about Trump’s health after getting Corona and all that. But. Lemme just say. Trump doing a full 360 (NOTE: not 180) on an economic relief bill in the last 48 hours is… just… mindnumbingly stupid. The fact that he called on Mitch McConnel to halt negotiations in the first place was BEYOND moronic. So. Take that. Anyone that thinks I’m some sort of Trumptard~!
  9. Ugh man. This is why this political system is so fucking terrible. I mean. Trump did this sort of shit plenty in the first Presidential Debacle. But like. Pence just spent most of his time… I dunno what the question was now (mostly due to the constant pausing that I’m doing) and he was like, “Dude, it’s awesome you’re here, Kamala Harris! And it’s an honor to be on the stage with you!” Harris is mouthing and saying, “Thank you” the entire time, nodding, and shit. And. Two seconds later… just attacks. Attempts to go for the throat type of attacks. Again. THis isn’t a microcausum of like THIS debate. THIS election cycle. THIS… anything. The fucking House of Cardsian style of Washington politics is bullshit. Periuod. And it was just put on display IN PLAIN VIEW due to Harris’s answer/reaction just there.
  10. I will say, it’s dumb how Pence CONSTANTLY goes over his time. And goes over his time. And goes over his time.
  11. Bruh. Democrats have no room to discuss “deficits.” Legit. Nor due Republicans, obviously. But. I mean. Legit?

    Now. According to (as you move your cursor across the chart, it started at 9/30 of each year)… in 2008, the national debt was $10T. By 2012? The national debt was $16T. In 2016 the national debt was $19.5T. As of 9/30 of 2019 it was at 22.6T. And. As you can see, the debt has been raised by $3.4T due to a little thing called “2020.” I dunno if you heard of it. But…I didn’t at the time, but I concede, Obama was under unprecedented times economically. I get it bro. Just. KNOW. You, dear left, have no leg to stand on when it comes to “raising the debt.”
  12. Apparently I’m a maths wiz. lol
  13. This debate has been way more informative than the first Presidential Debacle. So. That’s good? Merhaps?
  14. Lemme be a debater for a second here. As they’re all on about climate change.
  15. Lemme pivot and just say. No matter what YOU think is or isn’t true. Al Gore is THE BIGGEST piece of shit liar about it. Full stop. The end. Bar. FUCKING. None.
  16. Yet Trey Parker and Matt Stone have lived in California for so long that they used their satirist South Park show to, essentially, beg for Al Gore’s forgiveness because… EVERYTHING… EVER…Y…THING… he ever said or says is right. That was THE point of their two-part “Cereal” episodes in 2018. THE “worst” criticism they had of him during those two episodes was Kyle saying, “But not everything you said was accurate.” Followed by Al Gore being EXACTLY right about whatever they were talking about… summoning Satan, if I’m not mistaken.
  17. Pence pivotted. Terribly. I did a better job at pivoting about climate change than Pence just did.
  18. Then. He sounds sane. So.
  19. And goes over his time. Like he has this whole time.
  20. No idea where Harris is comiong up with this “manufacturing recession.” I mean. I could be wrong and in a bubble. But.
  21. We’re all in our own bubbles. THANKS FACEBOOK!
  22. Ugh. Shut up Pence!
  23. “Isolationism” sucks. Ask Sweden.
  24. Bro. Trump. Legit. Calmed down North Korea’s tits. I mean. Merhaps it’s not much. But it’s better than giving $2,000,000,000 to Iran. To calm down their tits. The global situation sucks. Undoubtedly. But ugh.
  25. And. ugh. SHUT UP PENCE!
  26. John McCain was a great American hero. But a piece of shit politician.
  27. “Joe Biden would (make sure Russia pays!) or whatever Harris is saying. But. Uh… I mean. I HATE whataboutism but…

    Whataboutit?! Right? Or shit… even better…

  28. WHATABOUTIT?! Right?
  29. No one on the left has ever been held responsible for this shit. And fuck. I won’t even touch the recently declassified shit. Cause. That’s all just right-wing propaganda too? Fake news? I mean… FAUX NEWS LIES~! (If it’s faux… and lies… wouldn’t it, then, be truth?) And shit. Right? Jesus Christ. We all need to get out of our social media induced bubbles. Fuck off.
  30. Jesus Christ. I’m not sure if I’m even half-way through with this.
  32. Or…. here you go, left, I’ll throw you a bone because I REALLY wanna rewatch this movie but cant.
  33. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh.
  34. I’m so sick of this “racist” bullshit.
  35. I don’t care if I’m “white privleged.” I don’t give a shit. I’m so sick of this bullshit of dividing by race that progressive leaning American peoples keep doing. I’M SUICK AND FUCKING TIRED OF IT. FFS,. JESUS FUCKING CHRIST.
  40. FUCK OFF.
  41. John Kasich. LMAO.
  42. We’re on the precipice of civil war, again. Man. Legit this time. It’s fucking terrifying.
  43. Fine, I don’t agree, (especially with the bullshit racist claims) but I’ll just concede Trump, as a whole, adds the to division. Fine. But to be ignorant (in the truest sense of the word, not derogatory) of the fact that the left has added to the division is pure blindness. Period.
  44. I’m fucking terrified of November 4th. That’s all I’m saying.
  45. Oof. Pence nails Brooklyn, the eighth grader’s, question out of the park. “We love a debate. We love an argument. But at the end we come together as Americans.” Loved that.
  46. Awaiting Harris’s response.
  47. Harris’s answer falls flat. Immediately. She makes the question abgout Joe.
  48. Well…
  49. At least it wasn’t the first Presidential Debacle. And. I mean. It was much better.

Who won?

For me?


It was 50/50. Leaning Pence. But only slightly.

But again. I’m just your humble drunkard from afar. And I know nothing. So.

Take care everybody. Love you.

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