I’ma be real wigth you, dear, random, loyal reader of, I mentioned previously, that my own PC decided to kill itselfs  a number of weeks ago. Right? Well. Since then, I haven’t been writing shit on my phone. I mean. I cojuldn’t I POSSIBLY do up those 2000ish wrods last week. On a phone. Right? Basically. All I’m saying here is. I’ve got limited, personal access to a PC. Why am I bringing this up? Because. Dude. This was a rambling that I was SO GOD DAMNED pumped up for. As I ay my head to sleep last Friday morning. Right? But. Alas, I couldn’t arise from my slumber and do a rambling. Because. You know. I have no PERSONAL. C. Right?

See what I ddi there? No? Oh wells.

Basically. I’ma try and wing it. Yeah? I’m NO WHERE NEaR as pu ped fro this rambling as I was last week (especially considering the relevency of it all or whatever). But hey. It should still be a good time.

So. Lets start offwith the less obvious of this whole thing.

Oops. I did it again.

¡~Alejandría el Grande~! is basically. You know. THE ntithesis of dumb ass victimhood. There are numerous examples of her claiming bictimhood. When she’s challenged, she retorts with, “Oh! It’s just cause I’m hispanic!” “Oh1 You hate me because I’m a woman!” “Oh! You hate me because I’m Jewish!”

Highly edited video. But. Best I could find. Sorry.

“Oh! You hate me because facts aren’t important!”


Highly Edited video. Apologies. Wait. No. That’s EXACTLY what aired on 60 Minutes. Hrmph.

Post-modern. ALL nonsense world we live in.

Nevermind her, obvious dumbness. Nevermind the fact that she doesn’t know how the country works. Nevermind the fact that she’s just. You know. Factually inaccurate. Consistantly.

Hrmph. Sounds like… you know… A certain… person. That. Won an electiom a view years ago. An election that Ive swrond to never talk about anymore. But. Be that as it may.

THE thing that set me off about ¡~Alejandría el Grande~! was. Particularly. Moreso than usual. Bullshit.

Dear. Reader. Person. Thing. That you are. You watch that 49 second clip. Watch it. For the sanctatity of not only MY santiy. But for yours. right. Forreals I don’t care about anything I’m about to reamble about (even though, what’s coming up is what I’m more passionate about at the moment) you stop reading EVERYTHINg and you watch that Ben Shapiro 49 second clip there. Do it.

Do it.

Do it.


Forreals. I’m not continueing until you watch that clip.

I’ma wait dude.


Watched it?



You’re a dumb huan being. You’re like. A trumprtard’s trumptard. You’re THaT low. Basically.

But I mean. If you did watch it. Then. i mean. You’re awesome. Right?

And. If you did watch it. then. You should be able to see how ludicrous thi dumbness is. Right?

Here. Let’s make this instresting.

How Did ¡~Alejandría el Grande~! Respond to Shapiro's Debate Request?

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Answer is? None of the above. ALTHOUgH. The fourth answer is basically the correct one. You know. IN the grand scheme of things. You know. In this post-modern. All-nonsense, World that we live in.


We live in a world where. You know.

¡~Alejandría~! legit. Accused. Ben Shapiro up thwre. Of. Catcalling.


She’s equating. Debating. To. Catcalling. Because. She’s such a victim.

I mean. thi s is FAR worse than those that accused of Louis C.K. of “sexual assault,” because. He asked them to do things. That they agreed to. Right?

¡~Alejandría el Grande~!. Equates an interviewy, debatey, request. To catcalling.

One of these.

Because. She’s such a victim. She was so victimized by being offered $10,000 for a debare. She might as well have ben raped. Beaten. And fucking accused of being a witch in the 1600’s. Tht’s hw big of a victim she was just then. After. You know. Being given am interbiew request. Holy hell. Right? such Power dynamic. Much Patriarchy. Dude. Come off it. Ben Shapiro offering her $10,000 is like. You know. Prostitution. That’s EXACWTLY what Ben Shapiro was looking for. He wanted AOC. To You know. Strip herself and fujck him. Live on his show.

Cause. Catcalling.

Cause. Powerdynamic.

Anf. Fuck all of this. Dude.

I’ve ben, mostly silent about all of this. But forreals.

I mean. I MAY be some sort of “fanboy” or whagtever. I don’t give a shit. What’s right is right. Whatg’s wrong is wrong. So.

Let’s start off wigth this ABSOLUTE FACYT:


Louis C.K. did nothing wrong.

The worst. “CRIME” he ALLEDGEDLY committed was being “creepy” on the phone. Talking to someone. Whilst he allegedly masturbated. Thagt’s THE WORST thing he did.

Other than that? He asked to masturbate. Whilst someone watched. That someone agreed to watch.




If your BOSS is asking you, “Hey, I’ll give you a pay raise if you watch me jack off in front of you!” That shit is wrong. That shit. Is basically a crime. No matter what? Thhat shit is fucking wrong. On a human being. Human decency level. Legit. 1—%. Legit. Fuck that boss. Obviously. Like. Mosy Obviously thing ever. Right?


If you’re in a situation. Where there’s a dude, who’s more popular than you in your chosen profession. Whom has no, direct controll, of your career trajectory, and they ask, “Hey,  wanna watch me jack off?” You CAN say no. Right? You’re not, at all, a victim of ANYTHINg if yu chose to answer that question with, “Yes.” At that point, watching the dude jack off, evn though, you know, you don’t want to. It’s on you.

He didn’t try to leverage anything againsg you.

Nor did he have any sort of leverage in the first place. Apparently. Nor was “leverage” even a factor in even YOUR OWN accusation. He just aasked if he could do something secual. In front of you. You agreed. Becausw YOU thought it would help your carreer.


Aww… poor Shawn Michaels…?

Basically, dude?

Anyone can claim victimhood these days.

As semi-facetious as this ramblinghas brrn. Lrgit. Man.I ccan complain that Senor Blanco didn’t likr me enough. At all. It’s all because I didn’t express a love of Audi Vehichles. If I had onnly told him that I loved the Audi 1600, merhaps I coudld have gotten that promotion! Damn you Senor Blanco! Damn you to hell! Muich patriarchy! Such victimization!

Or. I mean.

I could go a sgtep further.

Because dde.

Legit. I belong to a sexual category thaat no one will EVER understand. I AM a member of the male lesbian community. and. Again. As facetious as I’ve been thourhgout this rambling. I’m forreals. No one. will EVER undersstand how much of a victim I am as being a ember of the male lesbian community.

No sarcasm. No “drunken rambling comedy.” Legit.

I am. A male lesbian.

I mean. I’m no where near that. But. Nor does his description on “male lesbianism” represent the male lesbian community of me. At all. I’M OFFENDED!

Given all that.

No one cares.


I can post on Facebook:

And. I can acchieve victimhood.


The worl is dumb.

Elon Musk can be considered a washed up hack. Here in year of our lod. 2019.

I can be considered a rasict piece of shit.

Donald Trump can be considered a racist piece of shit for doing the same things his administration did like the Obama adminiatration did. No. Legit. Trump “gassed people at the border.” Meanwhile Obama “gassed people at the border even more.(even Snopes couldn’t make deny this fact)”


I’m so offended.

Bhy this world.

That makes so sense.



You making no sense has affected my health. Shit. You, world, almost killed me in 2018. So. Stop that. Before I become so offended by your post-modern. All nonsense shit. that it actually kills me. Right?

Because. I meant to include this. A lot. In. Whatever this rambling was SUPPOSED to be.

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