Vaporizing Vaping

Guys. I’ve got to tell you. Ass soon as I heard the news that Donald Trump is proposing a band on all of the vapes. I was overjoyed. I loved this so damn much. It just goes to show how far the President is going to go to Keep America Great, hyou know? It’s so refreshing to have this great, Christian man follow his heart and do the right thing to keep e-cigarrettes out of the hands of everyone. Barron Trump, included! Because. You know. Vaping jas been linked to SIX deaths… JUST THIS MONTH! So.

Good on you, Mr. President!

GTFO, Sean Hannity.

Sorry guys. Sean Hannity, or merhaps it was Lou Dobbs, (RANDOM SIDENOTE: There is. NO BIgGER Donald Trump sychophant than Lou Dobbs. Period.) they just hacked my mind. And otok control of me for a second there. Sorry about that. Sorry I became one of those Trump sycophants.

But I mean. Let’s be real here guys. Sorry I abused your point of personal privledge and used gendered language. If you’re “conservative,” or small government-minded… AT ALL… then you… DO NOT support Donald Trump’s proposed “ban on all flavored fapes.” Period. Full stop.

RANDOM SIDENOTE: Watching that last video linked there. Jesus. ude. So many Trumpisms in less than 60 seconds. Drives me crazy.

Dude. Obviously, this is one of the dumbest things Donald trump has done as President. Obviously, this isn’t ANYTHIng an American President shoud do. Or should EVER do. Or come REMOTELY close to doing. All of this is umb. Comepltely the end. If this does happened, then… yeah dude. We’ve got a precedent set that can’t be undone, you know? A lot of like… a couple other things Trump has done that I can’t think of. They’re setting a dumn. Dare I say, dangerous prescedent and all that. You know?

Let me just sayi. I’ve smoke cigarettes (still do… although… tonight’s probably my last due to finances or something). I’ve smoked e-cigarrettes. I’ve smoked cigars (even inhaled cigars which… isn’t how you’re supposed to smoke them). I’ve smoked marijuana. I’ve smoked marijuana vapes. And. Uh. Lemme just say.

Vapes are WAY more harsh. Like. Physically. You know? Would I say vaping is more unhealthy? I have no idea. I’m no scientist. Obviously. Because I think man-made climate change isn’t a proven FACT~!, LOLZ.. And. You know. Other reasons why I’m not a scientist.

Alls I know is:

Dude. I know. I abused personal privlege again. But dude. If you’re small-governemnt minded. You CAN NOT support Donald Trump on this. At all. Period. The end. Full stop. Does that mean you CAN NOT support Donald Trump? Absolutely not. But. Come on. Even if you HATE vaping/vapers/whatever. Your principle of being against government control should AUTOMATICALLY kick in. And tell you:

No dude. You can’t support Donald Trump’s vaping ban.

Period. The end. Full stop.


One of these. For good measure.

I guess.

Oh yeah. And I should have made one of these jokes in here… somewheres.

Pussy stick, vapes. All that.

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