Uniting America. The Rambling.

In all honesty? As far as this rambling goes? I (like most of America, in general, I’m pretty sure) was prepared for a Hillary victory. I was prepared to do… whatever MINUSCULE bit I could to try and unify America. With words I wrote. After such victory.

But. That’s all out the window. And. In all honesty, I have no idea what to say to those that voted for Hillary Clinton. I don’t know what you’d need to hear (or read, in this case) in order to heal the wounds of this… Legit. Worst. Election. Ever.

So. I guess. I’ll wing it?

And. Here goes.

As has been made perfectly clear over the last year and a half or so. On this website. In the podcasts that I once did. On my Youtube channel. Whatever.

I have been. And am. A firm. “Never Trump-er.”

I’m not. At all. Happy with the result of this election. But. Let’s get real. I wasn’t going to be happy no matter what. Much like most of the country, honestly. Right? I mean. Those of you reading this. There wasn’t a great number of… ANYONE that LOVED the candidates offered up. Right?

By and large. No matter who you voted for. You did so “because the other candidate is horrible.” Maybe. You voted because BOTH candidates are horrible.



I have no words man.


I truly expected Hillary would win. I thought I’d have to calm down people that I agree with 20% of the time (essentially, the Trump supporter). But I’m, by NO means surprised by this Trump victory. over the last year and a half or so, I’ve learned to accept that Trump. Just wins. Just. Because.

BECAUSE TRUMP! Was the first argument.

And that lasted. For nearly a year. Until Trump won the Republican Primary. And then. The ULTIMATE trump card appeared.





RANDOM(ish) SIDENOTE: Google’s not helping me. Legit. I NEED to change my party affiliation in Colorado. But anyways.

The biggest piece of advice I can give to Hillary supporters? Or people that are Never Trump? Or just. People? I don’t know who, exactly. But the biggest thing I can say. Right now. As I write this. It is 6:00am Mountain time of “election night.” Sorry. I guess I like tangents.

All I can say. As a VERY fearful “libertarian/conservative/person/thing” that I was in 2008. AND ESPECIALLY 2012. I was COMPLETELY convinced that America wouldn’t. And couldn’t. Survive four more years of Barack Obama’s policies.



Here we are. Nearing 2017.

Plus man.

If you’re a DIE HARD progressive/liberal whatever you want to call yourself. Donald Trump IS your candidate. Legit. Off the top of my head. Here’s a list of Trump’s progessive/liberal policies. The things he’s stood for. AND WON A REPUBLICAN PRIMARY OVER.

  • Continual Federal funding of Planned Parenthood.
  • A BRAND NEW Federal Government program for Maternity Leave.
  • A TRILLION DOLLAR STIMULUS PLAN to rebuild roads and bridges (You know. The thing Hillary and Obama have been spouting the last eight years).
  • No imminent world war involving Russia. Come on, guys. Hillary was about to be ALL over that.
    And. Lest we forget…
  • Single payer. Universal. Health care.

AT MOST. You, dear progressives. Liberals. “Democratic Socialists.” However you wish to define yourselves these days. Off the top of my head. You’ve got. LEGIT. These two “conservative” things you disagree with. As far as Trump goes.

  • Immigration (OH NO~! HE’S GOING TO BE MEAN TO PEOPLE THAT BROKE THE LAWS OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA~! WHAT EVER WILL WE DO?! [And. He’s. LEGIT. Calmed down about deportations. AND EVEN BUILDING THE WALL over the last few months]).
  • Guns. (OH NO~! OVER THE LAST TWO-ISH YEARS HE’S SAID THAT HE SUPPORTS ONE OF THE AMENDMENTS OF THE UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION~! WHAT EVER WILL WE DO?! [Even though. In the past. He constantly said that he believes in, as Hillary or Barack would call, “common sense” gun control.])

So. Yes. Liberals. Progressives. “Democratic Socialists.” However you wish to define yourselves these days.



This is NOT the end of the world. Because. Just like John Kennedy. Or. You know. Bill Clinton. This upcoming president likes to grab women by the pussy every now and again.

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