There truly never, ever has been a time. In AMERICAN HISTORY. Where its citzienry could — and SHOULD come together and embrace one another. There really has never been a MORE unifyin notion than all of these goings on today.

I know how crazy that thought may very weel sound. With the political division. Both sides being — well beyond ridiculous.

Maybe. Maybe it’s just because, so far, President Trump hasn’t done much of anything that I disagree with. Aside from the obvious, which is, you know, his liveral use of executive orders. IU wasn’t happy tjat W. did more executive orders than any other President combined. I obviously wasn’t a fan of Obama’s coming in a close second to W. And I’m not a fan that Trump is, at this ratie, going to do more executive orders than both of them. But. By an large. The policies put forht aren’t things that I disagree with.

And maybe. Just maybe. That’s the only reason why I’m saying these sorts of things. Maybe.

But man.

Being a small government-minded libertarian person. thing. That I am. I can tell you. Without any regrets or anything. I was totally worried about presoident Obama becoming a dictatr. A communist dictator at that.

With that starting point, all it should take is someone intellectually honesty that is “on the left,” to say, “Alright. I understand your viewpoint. I don’t agree with it. But I can now understand it because ‘we’ are feeling the same thing under this president.”

From there. We should be able to talk about the fundamentals of the American Constitution. The bill of rights. Everything that makes America. America. ERight? Because. I mean…


I really. Really. REALLY. Do not want this to be a sort of “I told you so”moment. But like. Dude.

If you’re al of a sudden worried about the power wielded by an American President. You shouldn’t have spent the past eight years ignoring the power an American preseident has wielded. I’ve been saying for years: You can’t allow this (at the time, Obama) president to cobble up power. To ignore or excuse things that happened under the Obama administration is just… wrong. And the same can, of course, be said under a Trump administration.

Look, man, one of the people that I nominated for Batmman of All Time, or whatever it was during The Final Week of Drunken Radio, Penn JKillette said it perfectly.

I do not care about which “team” won.

I do not care about which “team” lost.

No. I’m not on about this sort of thing.

All that I care about is keeping out Republic in tact.

Because man. If we do not come together. As citizens. As people. As Americans. As human-fucking-beings. We are goint to INEVITABLY tear ourselvesĀ  apart beyond repir.

The reapers are coming. it’s up to the citizens to get the counsel in line and act.

For a moment. Let’s get some FACTS out in the open. Not for the purpose of me appearing to be “right.” I just wantto state this for the record.


  1. Journalists were jailed and spied on. Hell. A whole news organization WAS deemed unfactual and deemed “fake.” There were even, practically, White house driven boycotss against the same news organization
  2. The IRS LITERALY targetted organizations that opposed and protested the President. Refer to the previous meme.

These two things alone should be enough fo “those on the left” to take pause, become intellectually curious, and reflect on things they may or may not have excused. But there ar so many more examples.

To all of those wearing “Pussy hats,” that are now awakening to the existence of the American Constitution. I say: I’m with you.

To all of those, that are INTELLECTUALLY supporting President Trump.

We all should be coming together. We all should be talking these things out. We should not be name calling. We should not be trying to be “right.”

We should be having a conversation. We swhould be searhing for common ground. We should LISTEN to each other. Not condemn. Not belittle. Not be angry. We ALL need to recognize. That we’re all Americans.

We’re not always fgoing to afgree. But in the free market of ideas. We all are right. We all have a voice.

Stop trying to tear that voice down.

It should be that simple. Right?

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