Travis Beaven’s Definitive History of FWO

If you haven’t heard about this already, I highly recommend that you check out Travis Beaven’s latest writing over at Kayfabe.comIf you were anyone that was anyone in the eWrestling scene throughout “the glory years,” you heard of FWO. Travis’s contributions to the hobby could never be understated.

And, well, not to sound too conceited or anything, but… well…

You can thank me later, America.
You can thank me later, America.

But no. In all sincerity, those messages were basically the most flattering I have ever received. And, as I told Travis, I couldn’t think of a higher compliment. It goes to show how funny a thing inspiration can be. All those years ago I was greatly inspired by the things Travis had accomplished in the eWrestling hobby. And suddenly, he found inspiration from my random, drunken ramblings.

But the bottom line is: The series that Travis began with this initial post, will be a much a much more enjoyable read than that eight-part mess that I fumbled around with. It will also be MUCH more interesting, I’m sure.

So. Stop reading and check out The Definitive history of the FWO. Really. Do it now.

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