Really, man.

Life is tough at the moment. Hence. I hacen’t rambled in a month or… whatever. I’ve worked on a couple a-arambling. and. Saying, “Worked on,” is a HUGE like… leap of words. Or something. It’s like saying. I worked on a coupe of ramblings. Is about as ewual to I lost 200 poinds. So. Yeah. Point is. I haven’t been able to du shit. So. Yeah.

And really? This rambling?

I’m just. gonna. Try my absolute best. TO be. First of all… real. You know? Like I’ve always tried to do. Second of all… I want to be… fair. Right?

But. Most likely. Since I don’t hate the ground that Donald Trump walks on, nor do I hate and detest the toilet on which he shits whilst writing tweets on his phone after watching¬†Fox and Friends segments. Since I don’t do either of those things. I’m just gonna be labelled a racist, sexist, xenophobic, homophobic, Islamophobic Nazi (somehow). And such.

RANDOM SIDENOTE: Since I started this rambling, I started listening to The Marshall Mathers LP, an almub I haven’t heard in… a LONG time. Right? But. FFS. This WAS my middle school, dude. With some “Black Album” of Metallica’s and Creed thrown in there in the latter years. But still. THE MMLP. Is STILL one of the best albums ever made. Period. But. Dude. Once “Crimminal” starts. Dude. I’m throwing up all ghe “I DON’T GIV A FUCKS ANYMORE.” Because. Forreals. EVERY. SINGLE. DONALD TRUMP. HATING. PERSION. THAT’S ALL LIKE:



Forreals. Listen to “Criminal” by Eminem. Tell me that’s who you want representing your “modern progressive movement.” [/randomsidenote]

RANDOM SIDENOTE: How. In the LIVING HELL does Bernie have supportors, dude? Fine. YAY! Socialism! YAY! Free stuffs! (Yes, I’m being a miserble dick and geralizing. But forreals. Berie is such an unlikable, miserable curmudgeon. Like. Forreals, dude. Millenials LOVE pointing out how miserable and hypocrital and dumb and everything that the boomer generation is/can be/whatever right? But… THIS guy? This guys is the fucking walking, breathing, boomer meme. I don”t get it. I do get that he’s brutally honest and real. It’s the only redeemable quality in him I do like. But. Come on, ya’lll. You CAN’T. SERIOUSlY. Support. Bernie Sanders. WHILST. HATING the curmudgeon boomer stereotype. These things. CANNOT co-exist. Perpd. Right?

And. Shut up now. “The Way I Am” (one of the best songs, ever, by my estimation_ is about to start. [/randomsidenote[

Dude. I VERY much. Sympathize with ANY transgender person. Like. No words I could ever speak or… you know… write in this case, could EVER describe how much I empathize with a transegener person. Forreals. I celebrate your transition totally and completely.


There was going to be a “but” at the end of that sentence/paragraph/thing (because my head’s going 15.6miles per hour as compared to the 12.2, so… I’m all over the place). But nah, dude. Those words worked perfectly fine. No “buts” needed.


I’m abot to be pretty crazy.

And say.

Alex Jones has been the best journalist I’ve seen on this issue (BASICALLLY). Ever.

This WAS a great dispay of journalism. Then. Alex Jones became Alex Jones. And. I mean. If I can waste my near half hour watching this piece of ACTUAL journalism (because. Dude. You hate him. I hate him. Alex Jones. IS being a fucking journalist. Legit. Yes. He adds his spin in the interview. Of course he does. Be he’s WAY MORE FAIR than “fact checkers” are to Donald Trump. This is. Seriously. Again. I HATE Alex Jones. But. This is (again… I was made the Editor-in-Chief of my high school newspaper) a great piece of ACTUAL journalism. Kinda [CAUSE IT IS ALEX FUCKING JONES. UGH.]. If I can watch it. You can too. Period.


Crucify me now. Forreals. Come to my house. And fucking kill me. Now. (Ugh. I’m getting to the end of this thing and he’s being Alex Jones Crazy. Sigh. He started off SOOO ggood. And it ends with like… “Jessice would you give me a bikini wax?!”)

Forreals though, It’s worth a watch.¬† More voices not less.

And. Let me just say. BEFORe I watched this InfoWars thing. I was TOTALLY against Jennifer. Person. Whose last name I can’t quote. Because I saw the headlines, “Jennefer )which was a mall shop in Paris… this one time, I swear) JUST wants her dick waxed~! FUCK HER!” Or whatever. Right. But. Apparently. She’s also on about like, “Dude, I didn’t want my dick waxed. I wanted my armpits waxed.” Or. Like. “Dude, this shop waxes dicks. But. I’m transgender and they wouldn’t wax me.” So. I mean. If all that’s totally true. Then, yeah dude. Fuck this place that won’t wax her. Right?


If she’s just going to a place. All like. Outta nowheres. And is like. “Hey dudes. I’m a woman. Wax me.” And they think they’re wazing a woman. One, two, skip a few, ninety nine, pants come off and. BOOM there’s a dick there? No dude. Fuck off. A WOMAN getting her genitals wazed. IS NOT the same as a trans woman getting her penis waxed. Period. ThIS IS COMMON FUCKINzg SENSE.


All’s I’m going to say at the moment is. “they/them/their/they’re” etc. IS NOY a singular pronoun. GTFO.

But you NEED to be called “xe?” Or something mmade up? GTFO.

There are TWO sexes. Which. OK. “Gender is a social construct or whatever.” And stuffs. That’s fine. But dude. Forreals. But fuck off, dude. You’re male. Or you’re female. ORE… OR… You’re neutral. OK. I’ll agree. THere’s three of these things. gender/sex/whatever. Fine. Male. Femela. Neutral. There ISN’T 20,000. Or whatever number Facebook allows you to choose these days. Or something.

Blag. I’m such a racis, sexist, transphobic, Islamophobe.

Orange is the New Black. This last. The last season. Made the point. Kindq. Something along the lines of, “Hey. You should call me by my pronoun. Because. It’s the nice thing to do. You don’t want to be a dick, do you? And. I mean. No, dude. I don’t. Nor does anyone, ever. Obviously. So. On THIS subject, I’ll leave you with Patton Oswalt.

Such a Cobblepot. Much transphobia.

If being “politically correct” means, “not being mean to people.” EVERY SINGLE PERSON ON PLANET EARTH (even the orange thing in the White House) IS ON BOARD THIS THIS.

But. Being. Politically correct. No dude. Fuck you. Fuck you, Google. Fuck you, Disney. Fuck you, Faceboook. Fuck you, Twitter. No. I WILL NOT conform because it’s “politically” correct.. Motherfuckers. This IS liberalism. THIS. IS. what “art” has always been. What is, Piss Christ? Piss Christ ISN’T “politically correct.” Right? It’s a piece of art, being agressive against the politcal norm.

FORCING EVERYONG to call you ma’am…. just becaue…


This is a form of being politically correct. Right?

And. I mean.

Now here’s the same person being. “politically” correct.

I mean. How is this NOT crystal clear?

As far as this story goes? People suck. A lot.

It doesn’t matter if your straight, cis, trans, or evern… polygendered cis unitarion pansexual. People. Can be horrible human beings. This, Tiffany person, is… by my estimination… a HORRIBLE human being. NOT because she has chosen to transition her gender. But because she decided to act like a fucking animmal. Instead of a human being. Over something so miniscule as a pronoun.

OH NOEZ~! HATE ME~! SLAY ME~! I’M NOTHING NAILED TO YOUR NEON CROSS~! I’m not POLITICALLY correct enough. So. Throw the first stone. And all the stones.


I can’t take this post-modern, all-nonsense world anymore. Frreals.

Borderline NO ONE. Has an issue with transgender people using the bathroom they identify with. Period.

The problem. When hyou’re like Target and say, “I don’t give a fuck who you are, go to the bathroom,” you’re goint to have creepers. right?

Again. “pollitically” correct. VS. POLLITICALLY correct. Right?

And. I mean.

And. OH NOEZ`! This is controversial~!

And like. Dude. If you’re 2-13-year-old child comes to you and says, “Mom, dad, guardaian, person, I’m actually a boy/girl. Uh. I mean. By NO means. Should you IMMEDIATELY give that child hormone therapy, right? Children, ESPECIALLY young children, think they can tie a blanket around their necks, jump off a patio/deck/whatever and fly. Right? Children. AREN’T intellectually Einsteins, right?

I was three-ish years old. And thought I was brilliant because I thought I invented the number, “eighty.” Right?

To be SO fucking insane to thing that a five, six, twelve-year-old child is profoud enough to choose their gender to the extent that they should recieve hormones, gender re-assignment therapy sessions. Or godforbid… gender reassignment surgery… ya’ll DESERVE to have CPS come to your house and eveluataegte your competency to raise childreb. Forreals, dude.

But hey. I might’ve praised Donald Trump once in mhy lufe. So. I’m just a racist, sexist, homophobic, Islamophobic, zenophobic, Nazi (somehow).

Disregard all of my thoughts.

I[m not a human being anymore.

Seriously, dude. Those of you on the left. How do you NOT even TRY to recognize the damage you’re doing? Right?

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