This. Just. Sucks. Doc Thompson’s Drunken Memoriam

Honestly, I was just gutted today. And honestly, I’m not sure why. Michael “Doc” Thompson was a conservatarian radio show host/podcaster things. Back in lke, October or November, he left TheBlaze to start up Mojo5.0 on his own, akin to what Glenn Beck had done in starting TheBlaze in the first place.

Then today happpened. And I found out, whilst watching The Glenn Beck Radio Program, that he had been struck by an Amtrak train whilst jogging. Something, I recall him talking about on an episode of The Morning Blaze. How he goes out and jogs. And how much he hates it, but knowshe has to do it. Hed have much rather gone out wby eating a plate full of Chic-fil-a or something, you know?

I’m just saying, the Kris Cruz bit here really is what tears me up.

I was gutted by finding out he had died. I’m gutted now just thinking about it. And wathing that news clip again. And still, I’m internally puzzled by: Why?

Obviously, I never knew Doc THompson. And to be honest, I wasn’t even THAT bg of a supporter of his. I mean, yeah. I watched The Morning Blaxe once it became available on Dish. I watched him fill in for Glenn and, I think I first saw him and Skim Lacombe fill in on Pat & Stu. And with any sort of political pundit/radio talk show host/podcaster/thing. I didn’t agree wit him 1000% of the time. If we all agree on everything, ever, we’re closed minded zombies. But I definitely enjoyed his humor. His antics. His voice. His laugh. His. You know. Everytghing.

Really, dude, this hurts more than even the passing of Stan Lee. For me.

And. I’m not entirely sure why.

Obviously, I never knew Doc THompson. But that’s the thing with the medium of talk radio/poscasting. Why people, myself included, can feel what a Doc Thompson or a Glenn Beck or a Rush Limbaugh or a whoever — because it’s such a personal medium. It’s why millions of people, millions of people (myself included to an extrent) have become so invested in Joe Rogan. Talk radio/podcasting/wahtever has such a human-tohuman connection that’s felt through sound, by and large. I feel like I’ve met Doc Thompson. Hell, I’ve had dreams where I’m just hanging out at TheBlaze studios and everybody already knows me. Merhaps, I was working at TheBlaze in the dreams or something, I don’t know.

Doc Thompson being serious, which wasn’t — at all — his strong suit, about North Korea in 2017.

It was something, I’m pretty sure I said numerous times during my tenor doing The Drunken Radio Network, thing, doing podcasgts/whatever the hell your wanna call it these days, is such a theraputic thing. Doc Thompson was the first “profrssional” podcaster, thing, that I have ever heard, admit thaat. Merhaps, that’s why I’m taking this so hard?

I don’t know. All I know is that this is the first “celebrity” death that, again, gutted me since, I dunno, Robin Williams? But hell, even ISIS members were gutted when Robin Williams died. Learning Stan Lee died was crushing, yes. But I wasn’t gutted. Thompson’s eath was so out of left-field, it’s like an immaculate reception (See what I did there? I barely do either, sorry).

ALl-in-all, life is precious. We NEED to cherish every moment we have together. We NEED to stop this divisive crap already. Forreals, man.

I’m Ryan. Your humble drunkard from afar.

And I’ll leave you with a bit of some somwhat subltle funny business to give you some yuck-yucks, jackholes.

Michael “Doc” Thompson
May 6, 1969-February 5, 2019

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