Then They Came for Steven Crowder…

…but I wasn’t Steven Crowder. So I did not speak out.

You know. like las time.

And. Man. I’ve been saying this. Like. THis whole time. As far as is concerned, right? From. You know. The ole’ Drunken Radio Network. To… you know… when I first heard that some random dude named “dankula,” apparently, had been jailed for teeching his dog to hail Hitler. And made a meme about it. That was the dude’s only crime. And he got arrested for it.

Alexus Jones. WHom, I agreew with basically nothing (as Crowder is about to say, if you’ve got the attention span), has the unalienable right to spew whatever the hell he wants to say. Period. “Dankula,” person. Although, he lives in the UK. And Jesus Christ have the… left-leaning in that country gone insane…. has the unailenable right to teach his dog to hail Hitler. Dude. This is common. Fucking. Sense. Period.

This comedian, Steven Crowder, who does a comedic news broadcast, has every right commentate freely. That’s what freedom of expression is. THat’s THE WHOLE THING… “liberals” like Bill Mahaer (who, you know, got fired by Disneyy/ABC by saying something that was controversail about 9/11 on a show titled Politically Incorrect) fought against. DUde.

OH NOEZ~! TWO OF THE MOST HATEFUL PEOPLE IN HUMAN HISTORY~! BOTH OF THEM ARE WORSE THAN HITLER AND sTALIN COMBINED`1.. according to my proffesssor. But. That clip up there is just the abridged version of this whole mess.

In complete terms, I’m not a conservative. I’ve never, EVER, classified myself as such. I’m a classic liberal. Dude. More and more. That “classic” status is like… 10 years ago. 20 years ago. And such. Because the modern, “HEY WE NEED TO RID OURSELVES OF CAPITALISM/FREE THOUGHT/ANYONE THAT DISAGREES WITH US NEEDS TO BE OUR SLAVES~!” Mob is growing more and more momentum. Rigfht?

This Steven Cfowder, “#VoxAdpocalypse,” situation. Dude. This is.. almost worse than what happened to Alex Jones. Almost. Becaue. What happenede to Alex Jones? It was like… pretty muchj a coordinated attack on the guy. Like. The dude got banned from EVERYTHING. INCLUDING LINKEDIN. You know. THe “social mdedia” site that EVERYONE hates cause they send NONSTOP emails about nothing. Most of its userbase probably WANTS to be banned from LinkedIN. bUT HEY. Alex Jones got banned from them and everything else.

Steven Crower just got totally demonatived. by YouTube. He’s still allowed to use the platform. Which. You know. Isn’t good enough for the billion-dollar funded Vox-NBC-UnIversal-Comcast employee. Gee. Remember when. You know. Two days ago. When corporations… ESPECIALLY the biggest “conglonorate” corporations were the biggest evil of the world. Buy. Hey. Some dude named, “Gay Wonk,” says Steven Crowder is… somehow… a white supremecist, homophobic, Islamophobe. Cause. “Gay Wonk,” with his billion-dollar support says so. So. Hrmph. I wonder who gets punished?

Dude. Just. One of these…

The @gaywonk has said shit like, “assassinate people I hate on Twitter.” Legit.

But. As seen above. I couldn’t find that via a google search. Not at alll. Just a bunch of headlines calling Steven Crodwer a racist, homophobic, Islamophobe. Because. You know. Group think!

And dude.That “purple headline” you know. That google link I clicked on? It gets… SO MUCH WORSE.

You know. From a source I once said, “dide a great job” on the collusion/Russia/Trump situation. And now. They’re pulling this shit.


How the fuck can this be ANY more obvious to you? Right? Like. How in the literal hell can this not speak vollumes to you, the left-leaning, “oh, I think I like socialism cause it’s cool in Finland and Denmark, (and that’s the DEEPEST your thought process goes… most… peopld in general, the VASGT MAJORITY of people, believe ‘socialism’ is using soocial mdedia,’ or, ‘socializing witgh people’)” kinda people. Bro. We’re not talking about thaat. AT ALL. In Denmark, Norway, Sweden, etc. They’re still under a Capitalist system, dude. But it’s an EXTREMLY high wellfare state. In States that are… you know… FAR more homogenized than America.

But. In America. We’re (and I’m on about the Bernie Sanders, as much as that one aide just made a video about denying it… meanwhile EVERYONE that is ANYONE in his campaign has been preeching this shit for years) talking FULL-BLOWN Venuezuella. Period. We’re talking full-blown NATIONAL-SOCIALISM. Waitaminute. Did you know that Nazi’s weren’t actually socialist? Hitler sure wasn’t! THANK YOU! GOD KING, VOX-NBC-UNIVERSAL! AOL-TIME-WARNER-PEPSICO-VIACOM-HALLIBURTON-SKYNET-TOYOTA-TRADER JOE’S! Thank you Godd King cpororations for protectinging “the community!” OH MY JESUS! tHANK GOD FOR YOU!” Alphabet. Right?


Because. Those voicies. Alex Jones, Steven Crowder, Glenn Beck, Jake Tapper (because… you know… he’s the ONLY host on CNN that was credible in the Obama administration and Trump administration alike… so… he’s gotta go…) No one is allowed to praise them. Ever. No one can say that they are right. We ALL… MUST… conform under a single, totalitarian though. Cause. Like. AOC’s handlers said so. this one time. And Illan Omar’s script writers told her to say so. This one time.


THE point is. Steven Crowder, (again, not someone I agree with 1000% of the time or anything) has been demonetized. By YouTube. For NOT violating their community guidelines. But. Instead. By (this isn’t the DIRECT quote but) “by harming the community as a whole.” Something lke such as.

Which. Apparently. Means…

Yeah, dude. I didn’t like what you said. When? Oh, that doesn’t matter. I didn’t like it though. So. Since you did it. And, even though, you know, you didn’t break any of my rules, you’re still one of those people. One of those perverts whom I think should be punished by death. YOu know. Cause. I’m your kinf1!

You know. Like tis guy. the guy that was the worst thing to ever happen to television, apparently. That’s how evil he was. And. I mean. Ya’ll have become him. Legit.

…and then they came for me.

But there was no one left to speak out. For me.

More. Voices. Not. Less. The. End.


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