The Worst Thing That Could Ever Happen. Happened.


I don’t know if you know this or not.

But like.

The worst thing humanly imaginable happened. To a person. Ever.

Once upon a time. There was this dude. Rigt? And this dude. He purchased an airplane ticxket. This ticket guaranteed that he’d be allowed to fly from a specific location. To another. Tis person spent ghis monies. And mafge a legit purchase for a seat on the airline in which he chose.

Low and behold. This airline. As dumb as they are. Ovewrbooked this specific flighjt. Thus. Those responsible asked peoples that were flying to get off of the plane. The airline, United Airlines, Essentially, held the flighjt hostage untyil people left the plane.

But. Low and behold. There were still a few peoples that didn’t want to leave the plane. Thius. A lottery was held. Essentially. The airleines. Peoples. Like. Picked a name out of a hat. And. You know. This dude. Dr. Dao. Was chosen. To leave the plane.

Sigh. I’m trying to insert THE video here. But. I can’t find it. As dumb as that mauy sound. I legit can’t find a good sourche of THE video that’s made its rounds this past week.

But. I mean. If you’re reading this.

You’ve seent it.

And basically. This is the sitch.

Ugly. Obviously.

But man.

There’s NO winners here.

EVERYONE involved in the situation. THey’re one of the dumbest people that ever lived. Be it United Airlines’ CEO. Or Dr. Dao himself. Or… you know. Especially. The woman that’s yellingh the whole time in THE video. She’s like,”Oh my goooooooood! What are you doingggggggg?!” Or whatever. Fuck her. She’s blonde. RTh’ats not some sort of “ethnic” (becasue “blonde” = ethnice, possibly) joke. I’m just saying. Pointing out the fact. She’s blonde.

NO ONE is winning this situation. At all.

Dr., FDao? The dude’s SCREAMING LIKE A THREE YOEAR OLD GIRL as he’s being touched by the people that ar forciblty removing him from the plane. Like. Dude. Calm the fuck down. Right? Jesus.

Then there’s the cunt’s that are forcibly remvoing him from the plane that he fucking purchased a ticket towards. And. Ugh. Just. Dumbness. Obviously.

Then there’s the United Airlines CEO that’s all like, “Fuck Dr. Dao.” Or whatever.

And then…


RThere’s John Cho.

Ugh. This dude.

And he’s all like, “This is Trump’s America. Because… because… RACISM~!” Or something. I don’t even know. Nor do I even give the remotest of a shit. Other than. You know. Mentioning his nonsense here.

Because. THat IS allthat it is. Is nonsense.

UI nean, It’s TRUMP’s fault that some Chinese (legit “ethnic things” happening. I’m not a racist, safe spacers) dude refused to eave his seat after his name was called due to a random lottery? Yeah man. TOTALLTY Trump’s America right there. You stupid piece of shit.

But ugh man. That’s just it. YES. United hadnled it terrible. Yes. They are still handlig it terribly. But dude. Like.
When the time came. And no one wanted to leave the plane. EVERYONE that boarded took the risk. Right? EVERYONE gambled that their seat/name/whatever wouldn’t be called. BUT. Dr.Chao’s name/seat/whateverWAS called. HE took part in that gamble. And he was a piece of shit for not giving up. Period.

Add on the fact that he screams like a three year old girl after being touched. And he only stops after he’s knocked out? Yeah. Dude. Fuck that guy.

But. OBVIOUSLY. Fuck the airleine too.

Ugh man.

There’s NO winners here.

It’s just. You know.


One of those things.

That. Like, was EASILY resolved by the greatest philosopher of all time.

Louis C.K. Who tells a lecture about flying. And white people problems. And how the Wright Brothers should have just called it a day becasuse, “They make you wait for a bit.” Watch the lecture on Netflix. I believe it’s entitled, “Hilarious.” Take care.

Or not at all.

FuckĀ  all of you. Basically?

But not really?

I have no idea anymore.

And. This meme. Because. Obviously. Right? Althought, I SERIOUSLY don’t get the “volunteer” bit. But whatever.

Meanwhile. Russia’s still baccking up their little brother, Syria. China’s moved 100,000iush tropps to the North Korean border to say, “Hye, fuck you, America.” And. I mean. One of the WORST things that could ever happen to America. Happened.

Alex Jones is NO LONGER on the Trump train. This is a sad time for humanity. Indeed.

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