The Western Way of Life

This story.

It is.

pretty much.

The most tragic thing to hit the western world. Since. Legitimately. Adolf Hitler. I mean. 9/11 is up there as far as tragedies is concerned. But man. This story. Trumps it. I mean. Pretty much. ENTIRELY>

9/11. Happened. Some asshole Islamisists (which has NOTHING to do with Muslims) decided to hijack some planes. Crash them in to American buildings. And. As a result. 3,000 or so Americans died. Obviously. 9/11 was a tragedy. There’s like. No denying that. Man. I’m arguing with myself here.


This story.

Charlie Gard’s story.




More tragic.

I mean. Spin it ALL you want. But. The bottom line. NO MATTER THE SPIN. Is simpoly.

The United Kingdom. Their NHS. Has determined that this infant shall no longer live. Period. Spin it. HOWEVER you want. No matter what. That is THE bottom line. Period. The end. Bar none.

The family has raised OVER one milion pounds. In funding. This no longer has to do with, “the child being a drain on society.” Hell. The parents were all like, “OK. Charlie’s going to die. Just release him so he can die in our home.” But The hostpital’s like, “Nope. That’s not gonna happen, mate. Cherio!”

And. I mean. That’s the only “joke” that can be had here, innit?

OK. The worst comes to worse. And. You know. Charlie dies immediatley after he’s transfered to the numerous hospitals that are willing to give him treatment. What’s the problem? Right?

This IS the WORST example of the Western world.


The End.



Look. I have an argument in my head about pro-life/pro-choiuce all the time. For most of my life, I’ve concidered myself to be pro-choice. Now? I’m questioning that judgment. By and large. I believe that aboertion should be used as a contrceptive in the first trimeseter. After? Nah dude. No. You’re comitting murder. Damn near it. Anyways.

I dubno, Again. This is just an argument I keep having in my head. Because. I legitimately see both sides of the argument. Pro-choice/pro-life. Both arguments make sense. And I’m struggling. Hate me. Slay me. Whatever.

Charlie Gard?

There’s NO qestiuon here. AT ALL.

The family should be allowed to remove him from the hospital to recieve medical treatment elsewhere. Period. The end. Bar none. There is NO argument against this. At all. The family’s got the funding. Charlie’s NOT going to bne a “draing” on ANY society in the near future. Financially.

Like most things.

It all pretty much boils down to a South Park argument.

Even though. You know. Trey and Matt weren’t talking about this. At all. But. Forreals. This is where more and more government control leads.


YAY~! OBAMA’S AFFORDABLE CARE ACT!~@ Which… you know… raised pretty much everybody’s heal insurance payments.



Damn it. I’m sorry. I’m playing into this whole “echo chamber” thing that I’ve been, at least, attempting to preach against.

It’s just.

Charlie Gard.

N one. Should be able. To tell a parent. That their child MUST die. OR ELSE. Right? ESPECIALLY if they have the funding to take the child elsewhere. NO ONE. SHOULD. Take “control” over a chi;d. Above itsa parents. Right? I mean. That is common sense. Innit?

It’s wrong for ANY governing body to say so-and-so MUST die. Period. The end. Bar none.

Look man. I’m ALL for Euthanasia. If someone is communicating that they’re suffering and would rather die than contiue living. There SHOULD be a way for them to legally, painlessly carry out their, essential suicide. I’ve no problem with that.


When it comes to a governing body. Of ANY sort. Making THAT decision for THE individual. I’ve got a problem.

And. Man.

That’s THE point.

Individual rights. Not collective. That’s the foundation of what’s made the Western world so amazing. At least in America (BLAH~! SLAVERY~! PATRIARCHY~! dumb arguments… shut up).

If we are to relinquish our indiviual rights. Then. Man.

We’re Butters.

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