The Total Destruction of… Donald Trump

This rambling? It deserves something deeper than a typo-filled, comical… thing. It needs to be as perfect as I can make it. It needs to be the voice of reason that  Donald Trump — just isn’t. This needs to be the voice of all common sense in which my fellow conservatives seem to be lacking.

With the recent situation. Speaker of the House. John Boenher resigning. The Kevin McCarthy debacle. The, apparent, necessity of Paul Ryan to do his best Andy Kaufman impression.  All the while, Paul Ryan’s demands prior to making his House Speaker bid, essentially deemed him to be King of Congress. Even to go so far as to add, “You can’t vote me out if you don’t like me.” You know. Something Thomas Jefferson made sure was included in our American Republic.

And. Well.

Politicians being assholes. Politicians are lame. You know. For the last 7-11… or… hell… 100 years. All of these sorts of things go on. Establishment, “political class,” peoples, in America, continue the “business as usual.” For decades upon decades. Generation upon generation.

Then… along comes this guy.

And he says, “ALL MEXICANS ARE CRIMINALS AND RAPISTS~!” (obviously, no, that’s not what he said)

He goes on to say, “I am God’s gift to the American Presidency.” (again, he didn’t directly say that, but it’s close)

He reaffirms, “We’re going to win so much that you’re going to be sick of winning!” (No… that one is a direct quote)

Another ACTUAL Donald Trump quote.
Another ACTUAL Donald Trump quote. For the hell of it.

It makes sense.

“We the people” are sick and tired of both parties. “We the people” are looking for someone to shake up the very foundation of how Washington works. “We the people” are angry, and we’re seeking vengeance. “We the people.” Are looking for — Donald Trump.

We are.

We are looking for a no-nonsense person to sift through all of the BS that’s going on in the world. From SJW’s, to feminists and all points in between (although that’s a fairly thin spectrum), to the corrupt politicians that just want to Frank Underwood their way through Washington. The American people are sick and tired of it. All of it. This is, exactly, why somewhere near only 50% of the population decides to cast their political vote.

“We the people” don’t matter.


Donald Trump. A man that’s been a part of the American psyche for the better part of 30+ years — a man that has also teased a potential Presidential bid for the past 15-ish years — finally decides to actually make good on his teasing. After a few years of bashing and attempting to delegitimize the current administration, the Donald threw his hat into the ring for the opposition party.

All the while, that “opposition party” holds VASTLY different political views than the Donald has admitted to being his own. Even in the very first Republican debate, the Donald STILL admits that a single-payer health care system works better than a privatized system. All the while, still claiming to support a privatized system.

I see that smile!

Donald Trump has used his money to buy political favors. He admits this, quite openlym on the the campaign trail and in debates. He uses this fact as a badge of honor. He says that he paid politicians, by donating to their campaigns, in order to “get things done,” for his business acquiesce.

He admits to being a part of the problem. He wears it as a badge of honor. And, my fellow conservatives, gobble it all up.


Donald Trump has also used his, bought and paid for political favor  to do something that is not only anti-capitalist. It isn’t even JUST anti-conservative. It really is anti-American. It’s pretty much anti-human, when it all boils down to it.

Donald Trump has used governmental eminent domain. To seize and steal land. From the private owners. For his, private, business gain. A large chunk of his billions of dollars have been made. After stealing owned land from Americans. People. Human beings.

His current economic policy? Nevermind the fact that his tax plan continues a progressive system. Nevermind the fact that he’s just going to start imposing tariffs on every other country that imports anything, ever, into the U.S. (again, not a direct quote, but who cares at this point) Nevermind the fact that he, also, wants to allow politics to get muddled in with the free market.

But really. Don’t. Don’t nevermind any of that. Keep all of that in your mind. Keep it fresh.



Damn near every Donald Trump policy, especially on the economy, would bring America closer to and closer to resembling State-capitalism. You know, the phrase that’s often given to China these days.


But back in the 1930’s through the 1940’s… hell… probably up until somewhere in the 1990’s… this sort of economic system would have been called something else. If a country’s national government were to take control of private business in this sort of manner it had a very, very different name than the current, “white-washed,” State-capitalism. No. We used to call this something much, MUCH different.

We would call it.


You know.

That little system that Germany tried that one time? It ended up in a world war, I think. It all ended up with the entire globe being like, “Whoa, we need to eradicate this evil from our planet!” And there was a little dash of genocide involved. I don’t know.

But hey! At least we’re going to win so much that we’re going to be sick of winning!


It’s your choice, America.

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