The Total Destruction of… Alex Jones


I dunno how long I can keep this up. So, I’ll try to keep this as quick as I can. It’s late/early. I’m starting to sober up (so I’ll have another drink momentarily). And things. But it’s time for us all to sit down and have a discussion.
So.. let’s just jump right into it, shall we?

Just... stop it. Right?
Just… stop it. Right?

Alex Jones is a media personality person, thing. He hosts The Alex Jones Show on… Yeah. That’s probably not right. But either way. he’s constantly brought on to liike CNN. To like… argue a from a “conservbative ” perspective. Maybe he shows up on MSNBC as well? I dunno. The point is. He’s the CRAZY… RIGHT WINGEWR~! that the left-wing media goes to to prove their point.

Should be enough said right there, right?

But no.

Waitaminute. Let me just get some thing clear here. There are some thing in which I agree with Alex Jones. There are.s Some of those things include hun control. Freedom of speech. Freedo,m of religion (the first admendment in general, apparently). Things that are common sense.

But then.


Alex Jones is a 9/11 truther. He is one of the biggest conspiracy nuts out there. Becayse. “Ocult” and things. And the globalists aere all run by Satanists at Bohemian Grove! Because. OWLS! Or… whatever. I’lll allow him to explain himself. I guess.

Just… why?

Man? Do I even need to ecpalin ANYTHING here? Seirous;ty? Like. Does ANYTHING about this need “debunking” Sure. When Alex Jones recorded some ceremony thing of some secret society called, “Bohemian Grove,” what he filmed was creepy. But he’s since gone on to exoplain how ALL world leaders attend this ceremony. And EVERYTHING~! BOOM! Yet… the only person he could interview about it was… the… I quote, “Karl Rove of four Presidents.” …?



Stop it.

Then there’s this.

Apparently, while I’m admittedly not well-versed, Alex Joes tends to cry a lot on his radio whow. Thing. A lot. Maybe? I don’t know. Nor do I care, truly. I don’t care if he actually is so passionate about something that he breaks down and cries about it.

I guess, I’m just asking for a SLIGHT sense of… I don’t know? Realness? Maybe? Maybe tghat’s the only “layman’s” ter I can think of. But seriously. There’s not one thing. NOT ONE. That was genuine ou of that cryfest you, dear reader, hopefully just watched.

Nothing. There was NOTHING genuine about it.

Basically. Alex Jones. TRULY IS. The guy that leftists… basically ANYONE “left-of-center” tries to paint Gelnn Back as being. Jones IS the conspiracy nutcase that fake cries all over the place. Because. MERICA~! Alex Jones is the guy that does these things. And tries to make a buck out of it. Meanwhile. Glenn…. just… obviously. Isn’t.

Basically man.

As much as Mr. Jones has seen my hernyia…

Everything that I can. Or COULD. say about this moron. This pathertic piece of… pundicy? It’s barely worth it. At all.

Thus. I’ll just let this last video speak for itself.

Becayse, It’s all you really, TRULY need to destroy the idiocy that is Alex Jones. Circa 2007.

Basically… Alex Jones is Donald Trump. Speaking of…

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