The Three Things A Bartender Shouldn’t Talk About (Part Three)


First and foremost… you may want to read these in order. Start with Part One and work your way up to this one.

Tonight, I’m semi-celebrating my “gradutation” from bartending school. How am I doing this? Drinking a bottle of Brunnette’s by myself. Sure, it sounds like the loser/alcoholic/pathetic thing to do. But… I’ve learned that drinking alone is the BEST time imaginable. Anyways. This three part series of blogs are what I learned to be the three things a bartender should never discuss with their customers. Since I’m not bartending at the moment, I figure I might as well discuss them here.

The third being social issues.

The way “social issues” were described to me in the class I took was simply being as personal issues. “OH NOZ~! MY WYF LEFTED MEZ~!” and what not.

But… I don’t want to jump head first into the depth of my own personal life quite yet. Thusly… I’m going to explore some of the “cultural” personal lives. I’m sure this doesn’t make too much sense. But hopefully, upon reading the entirety of this blog, you’ll understand.

1.  Women are no longer the ,minority

Seriously. If you think about it. In today’s society, women have complete and total control. I mean, I’m all for EQUAL rights. But… complete control isn’t EQUAL. Again, I don’;t want to jump into too many person subjects of mine. But… I’ve seen the ugliest portion imaginable of the other side of the whole, “child support,” thing. It is not a pretty sight. When a father loves and WANTS to support his kids, he is a modern day slave. Whatever the government deems you to pay, you MUST pay. No matter what.
The whole, “control” thing as mentioned above obviously delves deeper than just this issue.  Think about this… when was the last time a MAN was in control of sex? As in… “Hey baby, wanna do it?” That is ENTIRELY up to the modern day woman. Again, on the surface (and deeper than that) there isn’t much, if anything wrong with this. At all. The problem (if you want to call it that) that I have with this is, when you see it constantly… good, decent guys being shunned by overyly shallow, uptight girls, it gets kinda… I dunno… Old? Sure. The same could EASILY be said if the situation were reverse (and I’m fully aware of how it is/has been). But… I dunno. To me at least, it’s FAR too much. As in FAR too much power has been given to one side.

2. Racism is null and void.
OK. Sure.. you still have your KKK and neo-Nazi’s. Sure. But generally speaking, to the vast majority of the (normal) public, the color of your skin is a COMPLETE non-issue. The way your portray yourself, that is a totally different story. The way you handle your attitude, that is a totally different story. I won’t go into much detail. I’m simply going to say, think about it.

3. Give me ONE Mexican over 100 members of the general American public.
OK… this may fall in the center of being a political statement. But still. I’d say that most of today’s Americans are just… (for the lack of a better word) lazy. We want/”need” the WORLD… RIGHT NOW. Or else we go crying to whoever will tollerate listening to us. We have forgotten the days of hard work and EARNING your life. Mexicans haven’t. They still know that America is the promised land. They understand that Mexico is bullshit. They’ve lived the hard “ghettoo” life that some of us only dream that we’ve come from.
By all means, secure our border. No one should get a free ride under our current federal laws. However, I do believe that these laws need altering. There shouldn’t be ANY need for syuch a thing as an imigration attorney. None. Whatsoever. I don’t care how many jobs this may cost us.

4. Speaking of jobs…
Again this may be a bit of a political banter but…

The governement NEEDS to stop spending. Regulations NEED to be decreased. Taxes against the wealthy NEED to go the fuck away.

I don’t know about you but… no poor person has ever employed me. In fact, when they’ve started losing money, I’ve lost my job. The LAST thing we need to do is tax the shit out of our employers if we want to TRY to compete with the rest of the world.  The decinling U.S. dollar. The rise of China and other Asian countries. We’re heading towards being a second Russia or Germany or… shit… I don’t even know what. Rome?

And…I know there’s TONS more I wanted to say. But I’m on the phone now. So… Deuces. Until next time.

This is beein your drunken rambler from afar.

Take it easy, world.

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