The Three Things A Bartender Shouldn’t Talk About (Part One)


Tonight, I’m semi-celebrating my “gradutation” from bartending school. How am I doing this? Drinking a bottle of Brunnette’s by myself. Sure, it sounds like the loser/alcoholic/pathetic thing to do. But… I’ve learned that drinking alone is the BEST time imaginable. Anyways. This three part series of blogs are what I learned to be the three things a bartender should never discuss with their customers. Since I’m not bartending at the moment, I figure I might as well discuss them here.

The first being politics.

When you say the word in today’s America, all you get from most of her citizens is normalls a “who cares?” response. Another portion of that most will immediately think of President Obama.  That’s where we’re going to kick thinkgs off.

That “bumper sticker” is something I made… I think the night of the elections. Possibly before, I’m nto sure. Either way, I made it. And now, upon looking at it for the first time in a while, it looks like I darkened the shit out of him. Maybe I did. But I don’t think so. Who knows? The text there is a quote from a song done by my favorite band, W.A.S.P. The song was made in 1995 so it has nothing to do with Obama (although they’ve done a song that is semi-related to him), but the same could be said either way.

Anyways. I’m sure you’ve heard this be for but I’ll say it here.


Serriously. When the man said change, did anyone stop and ask, “What kind of change?” It’s pretty obvious that he (like the rest of the world) believes that throughout it’s entire 230-some-odd year history, America has been the bane of the world.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll gladly admit to America’s historical faults. But I will never ignore America’s triumphs either.  The bad parts of our past should be there to remind us of the stuff we’ve done wrong (as we’ve been taught in ever history class, ever). However, there hasn’t been ANYWHERE NEAR the amount of focus on the good things we’ve accomplished.

Either way. This is supposed to be about Obama.

1. Someone has admitted that his political career began in the home of Bill Ayers (I think it was Ayers who said this). Ayers being the radical “hippie” from the 60’s who either found or co-found the Weather Underground. Weather Underground being a FAR left terrorist organization (OMG~! I SED TEARRIST! BAMAS A MUSLIMS~!~!~!~!) that had followed through with bombings in New York City (maybe there were other majors cities, I’m not sure), injured quite a few, and killed a police officer (I’m 100% sure on the police officer, not sure if there were any other deaths). This should be enough evidence to have slowed down the hype machine.
2. Seriously. The d00d was a senator for TWO FUCKING YEARS! What the hell man? I get the argument that he’s new blood, thus,this would guarantee us a new Washington. And… how much of his cabinet was filled with Clinton’s cronies? Answer that. Seriously. Clinton herself was appointed.
3. The guy is obviously a socialist. I know. this is the thing that most of the left pokes fun at those criticiszing their messiah. If the criticizers aren’t supposed racists, and they happen to bring up the fact that he is an obvious socialist, the arguement becomes, “LOLZ~! U DOESN’T EVAN NO WAT A SOSHALIST IZ~!” I’ll nip this in the butt quick.
Generally speaking, a socialist believes in their populace as being a collective, not induviduals.  They believe in the redistribution of wealth (taking from the rich and giving to the poor, making eveyone equal… Obama has even admitted this on camers). This is some what of the same concepts already mentioned but… the general gist of a socialist would be someone that believe in society as a whole being one. Individuals be damned.

No. Really. That last sentence nails it. That goes against EVERYTHING America was founded upon. (If you’re entirely too lame and want to go beyond the founders then…) It goes against EVERYTHING that made America great. America was built on two things.
1. The teachings of Jesus Christ. No seriously. You know that “separation of Church and State” thing? Find it somewhere in the Constitution. I dare you. The closest thing you will find is protection of THE CHURCH from THE STATE. This is an argument for another day. And before you go into the whole, “LOLZ YER A JEEZIS FREEK~!” thing… this will be discussed in part two.
2. The freedom of the individual. Life. Liverty. And the perstuiit of happiness. Think about that phrase for a second. Does this sound anything even REMOTELY close to being words spoken of ANY sort fo “collective?” These (and everything in the constitution)  are YOUR individual rights. Not the rights of the enitre populcae.

SIDE NOTE: Lookating at the last few words… man… I’ve drank a lot al ready. ;lol

Honestly… I have NO idea where this train of thought is going. I do know it’s going in good places. Thusly. I suppose I’ll close (for now) with this…

OBVIOUSLY, there is WAY too much wrong with both the democratic and republican parties.  The biggest problem is. There is no true “left and right” anymore. We’re on an up and down system. The right being fascist. The left being communist (right = republican | left = democrat).  Fascism and communism are pretty close to the same thing. Fascism is probably the worse of two evils. However, our republicans seem to be going down a MUCH more slower rate than the dems.

The last thing is: America’s political system needs to focus on prinicples. NOT these “I’ll tell you what you want to hear to get me ellected.” EVERYONE needs to hold true to certain ideals. Certain things that this country was built upon. Certain things that made America THE world power after the second world war (and yes, I’m aware of the problems that FDR causes us). America USED to be a place of truth. America USED to be a place of shelter for the rest of the world.

When did this change? When we decided that we should be the rest of the world.

This is a fact.

Part II is hopefully coming soon.

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