The MERICA~! Edition — The Rambling

Keep in mind, to me, I’m writing this while it’s still July Fourth. I mean, it’s technically not, but I haven’t slept yet. Obviously. So. Sue me? I don’t know.

Six years ago. I began a tradition that ran the entire lifespan of what was The Drunken Radio Network. Six years ago, it was a Thursday, July 4th, much like tonight. And it was around the beginning of when I’d just start doing those radio shows/podcasts/watever all by myhself and such. So. Yeah Of course I’ma do some ‘Merica stuffs on July Fourth, innit?


I couldn’t tell you a thing I talked about during that first show. At all. The only thing I know for sure… was this.

I was planning  on listening to this, again. But. Nah dude. Either I’m not drunk enough yeat, or just, the audio quality is such shit that I can’t bring myself to do it. Merhaps I’ll try later when I’m drunken enough.

Basically, the point of the thing was, “In order to fix America, we have to fix ourselves.” And. I mean. Yeah, right? Sounds simple enough. But I mmean. At the time, we were fresh0ish off the reelection of Barack Obama. So, yeah, I’m kinda not loving the direction America was going at the time, right? Not at all. So, by the end of that clip of there, I was damn near crying. Glenn Beck styl. For some reason.

One, two, skip a few, ninety-nine… 2019. July Fourht. Thursday. “Thirsty Thursday,” as I use to call it.

And. Where the hell are we?

Socialism/Marxism/whateverism is still on the rise at an even more alarming rate in the country. With (not even the “radical”) left being pissed off that Barack Obama didn’t go far enough. Division in America is at an all-time high. “Milkshaking” is considered to be perfectly fine. Anti-fa is considered a peace loving organization by the mainstream media. And we’re all “reading” the same stories… but getting COMPLETELY different results. Mostly thanks to algorithsm.s

What would I say about MERICA~! today? Like, if I were to have held The Druenen Radio Show/Harms’ Way tonight, what would I say? Would I cry, Glenn Bec style? Would I be like, “I’m sorry, Mr. Franklin, we failed you.” Or however that clips up there ended?

I mean, I’d probably startt with how the Democratic field are tryig to out Marx each other.

And then.

I re-red a couple of ramblings I wrote. Post… uh… thing I’m not allowed to mention anymore. I read the immediate rambling that followed the rambling where I covered the thing I’m not supposed to mention anymore. I read the immediate few ramblings. But then. I came across.

This here.

And yet.

We’re STILL just…

Batman facepalms, right?

But. You know…


I don’t get this. Like at all. Re-reading my post-thing-that-shall-not-be-named ramblings, I just… don’t get it. If Democrat politicians only “bend the knee” to Donald Trump… he wouldve done ANYTGING they’d want. He’d, essentially, done ANYTHING you’d want, dear left-leaning reader. If, instead of attacking him, they (the Democrat politicians) lved him, he’d love them too. That’s who Trump is. If Nancy Pelosi, Chucky Schumer, and the like would’ve been like, “Yeah dude, I don’t agree wigth evertything aqbout Donald Trump, but I do believe he’s one of the smartest businessmen in the world,” or SOMETHING along those lines… he’d fall in line with the Democrats. Or if CNN had done something similar. They wouldn’t be the focus of his “fake news” attacks. He’d be ALL on board with your progessive policies.

Dude. Trump’s said… OVER AND OVER that he agrees with single-payer health care, for example.

HE’S THE ONLY PRESIDENT IN U.S. HISTORY TO BE PRO-GAY MARRIAGE UPON TAKING OFFICE. Yet the “LGBTQIA+” community is so hateful oof him… for… some reason…

Sure, he, apparently, “grabs women by the pussy” every now and again, or whatever. But like. By and large. The left-leaning VITRIOLIC HATE against the guy over the last two years, in particular (you know, when his Presidency began), has been mind-numbingly insane, dude.

The dude’s been equal to, if not LESS, harsh on the border than Obama was. FFS. This whole, “separating children from their mothers at the border,” strted under Obama. NONE% of you left-leaning readers gave a shit then. FFS. Snopes, which isby-and-large left-leaning even admits this.

NONE% of you gave a shit then.

Who did? Glenn Beck and Ted Cruz. DUN DUN DUNNNNNN…~! So…

And. FFS.

As this headline reads. Let’s Stop Pretending the Obama Administration was Scaldal-Free, It Wasn’t. And. No dude. This isn’t just RIGHT WING~! nonsense. These are things. That ACTUALLY happened under the Obama administration. Ya’ll just didn’t care. And/or. Your algorithims hid them from you. Whatever. I don’t blame you dude. But don’t jhust SHRUG these things away, “becaue they come from a right0leaning source.” I do my best to not shrug things “hating” Trump from left0leaning sources.

Do yourself the intellectual honesty. And research dude.

Don’t be like, “OMG~! This is problematic~!”

Just cause.




Did “America end,” because Obama was re-allected? Obviously not.

Has “America ended” because Trump is currently in power? Obviously not.

Although, you cunts that want to end the ellectoral college because Trump won… are DAMN near making America end. FFS. This Californian, Colorado Governor has pledged to end the ellectoral cllege. Which. I mean… makes ALL the claims I made about “not affiliating myself with the Republican party” null and boid.

In all seriouslyness? I couldn’t find a way to do it nline. When I cared. WHen I was drunk three-ish years ago. Now. Thanks to NEW DEMOCRATIC LAW~! it doesn’t matter anyways. In COlorado, you can vote in primaries no matter your affiliated party. So. YAY!’


One of these.

And. While.. it’s still illegal to disclose the person that recieved my vote in Colorado in the event that shall not be named, I will confirm… once again )as if it needs it at this point) I did not vote for Donald Trump. Nor did I vote for Hillary Clinton.

I can say. Hpwever. Right now? Given that. You know. 4.17% of Democratic primary candidates are someone that I like… I MOST LIKELYT will not vote for a Democrat. And. I mean. I’m NO WHERE NEAR throwing my support towards a Donald Trump re-election. But I mean. I’m not THAT far away from it either. ESPECIALLY considering, once again, that this is a field of Democrats that are trying to out-max one another.




Held today.

I’d play the 2015 Halloween Harms’ Way Intro. It was this bit. Where I played a bunc of clips from “horror movies” and such. And it eded with “I am officially running… for President of the United Stated…” You know. Trump’s announement quote.

And I’d go from there.


It’d be for MUCH different reasons.

Because dude. You. On the left.

Have become. IMPOSSIBLY horrific. BEcaue of that quote. “I am officially running… for President of the United States…” Only horror followed this. And really. It’s from both sides. Not just the left.


I never even went into how “The right,” became “the left” and just followed a cult of personality in Trump. Just like the left did under Obama.

And. Blah.







Through the veil of intelligence…

Due to algorithims and what have yous…

We’ve becomee FAR more ignorant. Because. We’ve chose to be. Myself included, I’m sure. I’m 1000% positive.

Even though. You know. NONE% og you, on the left would EVER have the intellectual honesty to admit it yourself. You’ve just grwon smarter and smarter. Because. Your professr once told you so. And now. Your newws outlet is telling you so. The memes you find are telling yu… YOU’RE SO SMART~! YOU’RE CLEVER, LITTLE DIGS AT TRUMPTARDS ARE THE WAY OF THE FUTURE~!

Meanwhile. Dude.


NOT because I want it. But. Dude. Trump’s going to win in an even bigger landslide next year. And. Ya’ll are going to be like…



And. You’ll blame it on racist, homophobic, xenophobic, Nazi (somehow), sexist, white privledged America that doesn’t exist.

Dude. The thing that made me “fall in love” with the rambling post-the-thing-that-shall-not-be-mentioned, Unification is how it ended.

I made a DAMN good case for the marketplce of ideas.

And now. Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, they’re all shutting down tht marketplace.

And dude.

This is where America ends.

When there IS no platform for the marketplace of ideas. This is where America ends. Period.

If there was no place for the marketplace of ideas, America is never born. If there was no markeyplace of ides, Abraham Lincoln doesn’t make his Presidency and the Civil War itself about the abolishment of slavery. Without the marketplace of ideas, especially THE HORRIBLE ideas, FDR doesn’t ennact The New Deal. Without the free marketplace of ideas… even the HORRIBLE ideas, LBJ doesn’t form The Great Society.

Without a free marketplace of ideas… even the HORRIBLE ideas…

We’d NEVER get “A government of the people by the people for the people,” doesn’t exist.

Sure. You could be a progressive cunt and be like…

Eww… Founding Farhers were rich, white men that owned slaves and didn’t want to pay taxes~!



Fuck you, dude.

America isn’t that. Do research. Original sources.

Stop it.

ANYONE. Living in America that considers themselves depressed. In 2019. NEEDS to make sure they know the definition of oppression.

And. I write this. The last… I don’t know… two hundredish words. Alll whilst listenig to “Amerika” by Ramstieng. Becaause.

I LOVE to “listen” to this song via this video.

Dude. Amerika. WE’ve all become WAY too dumb. This song’s all about anti-capitalism and dumbness. And rightfully protesting against war. Cause. You know. It was released during the… near… height of the Iraq War and whatnot. But still. Anti-capitalism is dumb. Because dude. We’re going to need us some free market capitalism to survive this robogt age. The AI age. Forreals. But hey.


FFS. I meant to end this rambling. Like… forrever ago.

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