The Final Word

THE final word?

THE last word that needs saying on this topic?



The potential for good that it has had. The potential to have an individual rule themselves without the oversight of a governing body. The idea that the founding fathers of the country set out to create in 1791 after the ratification of the Bill of Rights, “Can man rule himself?!”

He can not.

The small government, liberty-minded movement.


On Tuesday.

Good job, GOP!
Good job, GOP!

I mean, there’s not much else I can say about this topic. I’ve basically said it all. Or at least, I’ve said everything I can think of. Repeatedly. I’ve said these things here on I’ve said them time and again on Harms’ Way. And I mean there’s also these two bits of evidence. And such. You know?

There’s nothing else that I can say about this. However. Unlike this written rambling. Unlike any other thing that I have done whilst trying to “conquer” this “drunken empire” that I’ve attempted to build over the last five years, tonight, I’m going to give you a sober rambling.

At 9:00e/6:00p, I’ll be giving my final thoughts on politics. AT LEAST as far as The Drunken Radio Network is concerned. At the top of the hour, I’ll make this historic (as far as and this Drunken Media “empire,” thing is concerned), final episode of Harms’ Way to feature politics. Soberly.

In other words. My final word on this whole election cycle, on politics in general can be heard on my talk show/podcast/thing that it is.

Immediately after, I’ll be taking a drink every minute for 100 minutes whilst discussing Captain America: Civil War.

No matter what. Be sure to tune in to this one.

Harms' Way Ep. 70: Civil War Century Club! TONIGHT! 5/6/16 9e/6p!
Harms’ Way Ep. 70: Civil War Century Club!
TONIGHT! 5/6/16 9e/6p!

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