The Amazing Podcasty Things Coming…


My boy, Dave, and I just recorded what could be accurately called our, “pilot” podcast. And man. Our chemistry, our back and forth, it’ seems to be pretty God damn awesome. Lemme just say. I’ma put out a few “episodes” based on this session in it of itself.

What did we talk about?

Comic book movies. Specifically. The Snyder Cut of Justice League. I did a deep dive into what, at least, I KNOW, about this elusive, “Snyder Cut,” shared my thoughts about it and stuffs. And things. And words. Dave and I discussed how toxic fandom can be when it comes to Hollywood castings. And… I mean… we never directly SPOKE THESE WORDS, we went over how stupid toxic fandom is in general.

And. I mean.

For the first time, ever…

Dave Googled my Batman experty-knowledge and discovered something that I never knew before about that character in which I proclaim to be an expert. So. That’s instresting. Rgith?


Sjht up, Batman. Yes we do.

Because Dave and I also did some parody Youtube “sponship” spots.


I mean…

We also discussed about the time we created the, once infamous, PTC Mal-Ass “Fancast” “radio show.” That happened around two decades ago. To be specific, PTC Mal-Ass happened around this time, legit. It was early-summer, late-spring of 2002. And. I mean. I touched on it in my “E-Wrestling” series of ramblings. But. I mean. It’sa DEFINITELY well worth a listen to the two purpotrators discuss the “incident” for the first time ever. Right?

That’s on it’s way.

“That’s on it’s way…” Right?

Bro. I promise. If you wanna listen to some shit? It’s coming. This week. And it’s gonna be fun. As fuck. That much I can guarantee you.

Take care. Stay safe. And keep your eyes pealed for some awesome times. Forreals.

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