Batman Drunken Ramblings

Counting Down Doomsday #1: Better Late than Never

So. For the first time in my life, I decided I wanted to coollect an entire series of a comic book story arc, before it’s [more…]

Batman Drunken Ramblings

Rapid Fire Reviews — BATMAN EDITION!

So… here we are. The final piece of th puzzle for my celebration of what was Batman;s 80hth anniversary. I’ve kinda been teasing this all [more…]

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My Take on Joker

First and foremost, thanks, dear reader. All two-to-three of you, tops that decided that my little, dumb, drunken ramblings of art things of blogs things [more…]

Batman Drunken Ramblings

Batman: Hush — Why It’s the Best Batman Story

Just the other day, when I wrote My Top 10 Batman Villains, I said I’d be doing a couple a’ things here on to [more…]

Batman Drunken Ramblings

Top 10 Batman Stories

Batman. i am. And will always proclaim to be. A Batman expert. Thus far. I’ve had no challengers to take me on. So. I’ll keep [more…]

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America’s Greatest Cultural Achievement

With all of the ABSOLUTE great things that America has accomplished. Because there’s ABSOLUTELY plenty. And all of the ABSOLUTE worste things that America has [more…]


Drunken Watching of… Spider-Man 3

Simply bput. This is the worst of the Spider-Man movies. The sam Raimi movies trilogy things anyways. I still contend that this movieis far superiour [more…]