Speech and Why it Matters

You could title this rambling many-a thing.

Art and Why it Matters.
Comedy and Why it Matters.
Expression and Why it Matters.
Hate Speech and Why it Matters.

Whatever sort of term you’d like to throw ou t there that all booild down to the same thing, right?

This video tok pl;ace…. nearly a year ago. Right?

Again. Even my “conservative pal,” Pat Gray went mental about how evil Mr. Meechan is. because, he’s Pat Gray and dumb now.

All of those things I mewntioned avoe. And why they matter.

Is because. They all matter, dude.

In fact, all of those things, no matter HOW dispicable they may be, are rthe MOST important parts of speech.

NOT SO RANDOM SIDENOTE: Gavin McInnes became a “Trumptard” during the 2016 primary. Someone that I just stopped giving a shit about. Most likely, he’s since become even a Milo-tarded. And loves the fact that we live in a “post-fact world,” where a Trump Presidency can POSSIBLY exist. And. I dunno. There’s definitley many-a fault with Gavin McInnes. But he’s still pretty awesome.

The ONLY speech that’s worth protecting and even dying for is speech that you COMPLETELY disagree with. Especially in this sort of context. All of these contexts. Trumptardism. Obamatardism. Same thing.

If our perspectives are never, EVER challenged. And we all conform to ONE sort of set of ideals or another — there’s no point in humanity any more, right?

The freedom of thought, speech, expression, comedy, hell… pronography. All of it. It’s all TOTALLY needed. If we’re never pushing ourselves to cross boundaries, then we’e left in a consistant state of complacency (HEY THERE, WWE~!)

All of you safespacers. Everyone rthat’s offended by everything. You realize. You’re creating a world of Mormons, right? A world where all we get is inoffensive PG (AT WORST) films. A world where even Big Bang Theory would be considered WAY too edgy for the masses.

You’re creating a world that’s going to suck. Balls. Hard.

Oh and, by the way, Scottland. Ya’ll need an APB. A fucking outstanding warrant for the immediate arrest of Sacha Baren-Cohen. A Jew. Good job, you fascist fucks.

Surely, him inciting a crowd to throw Jews down wells is FAR worse than making a privately owned dog “Sieg heil,” right?

I mean, some 21 years ago, my friend’s older brother taught the family dog to get on his hindlegs and put up a paw when the dog saw a “Hitler salute.”

If I’m not mistaken, this brother, person, would also say, “Hail to the white man!” Or something alone those lines.

From time to time, I’d play along, give a Hitler sault to the dog, give him a treat when he’d preform his trick. And such.


I mean.

I’m here.

I don’t, at all, hate any group of people. Hell, I’m probably too much of a “Jewish apologist” for most Libertarians. And I mean.

It was all shits and giggles.

But I guess, if I lived in Scottland. I’d, probably be dead by now. Having been murdered in prison.

Or soemthing?


Throw Jews down wells! Make Great Brittain som moneys!

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