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Kanye west has found himelf in hot water. You know. Again. This time. He had the unmitigated gull to support President Donald Trump.

I’ve gheard bits and pieces of the now, “INFAMOUS~!” or whatever since it’s like… you know, two days oldo r whatever now. But the ‘INFAMOUS~!” TMZ interview thing that everyone in the history of ever has googled nowfor the past few days.

And I don’t care enough to comment on it. Because. Why? Right?

Firstly. I just want to take another mental note on how “we all” had to switch sides. Immediately. Because “we all” found out that Kanye West supports Donald Trump. And stuffs. And things. And words.


like. You know. WAY BACK WHEN. In the year. 20176. YEAR OF OUR LORD. When Preendent Trump decided to fire FBI director James Comey. And Stephen Colbert’s audience thought this was a good thing, up until he criticized them for being Trump supporters. Like. What? Right? After the audience was brought up to speed that they now must hate this Trump decision, they act accordingly. So. That’s cool?

Now. You know. “Republicans.” “Conservatives.” “Peoples.” They are now ALL on board with Kanye West. Because he loves hisself soe Donald Trumps~! I mean. You DI NOT hve to go THIS far back to find out how much Kanye hates “Republicans,” “Conservatives,” etc. Niut…


Hell dude. Back int like… 2015/2016. Whenever the hell it was. Wjen Kanye was awarded… whatever… by whatever MTV awarded him with. And he announced he’d run for President in 2020. “Republicans,” “Conservatives,” “Peoples,” ALL… dismissed it dudel. Hell. After Donald Trump’s Presidential win. I, being a by-product of the “conservative mediea” was mocking the potiential Kayne/Trump 2020 Presidential Election. And I DEFINITELY wasn’t the only one.

But then. A couple of months ago. Or. Maybe a year ago. Who knows at this point anymore, right? Kanye starts dropping that he loves himself some Trumprs. Democrats are like, “Yeah dude, Repubs? You can have Kanye!” Repubs are like… well… the narrative… to their credit… ish… wasn’t defined back then. Because. You know.Nothing about Republicans makes sense in the “consistency” sense of things. Anymore. At al.l

So. Hey!~! Dudes. Let’s hold up a guy that’s said this:

AIDS is a man made diseas that was placed in Africa just like crack was placed in the black community to break up the Black Panthers.
-Kanye West.

…as a POSSITIVE rolemodel for the future righrt?!~ YEAH!

And hey there. Lefty leftist that could.

You remember how you praised how brave and genious-like Kanyea was for portraying himself as Jessus? Ovber and ver again? Come one dude. Don’t lie. You know you LOVED that shit. Because it made white Christians upset or whatever. And so you loved it all to death. Because. Art. And genius. And whatever. Because. Art is art. Unless it’s not. Or whatever hipocrysy ya’ll are going through now.

Meanwhile… Kanye West. Is. You know.

Still Kanye West. Right?

Anmd sure. I’ve absolutely loved some of the things Trump has done as President. I’ve absolutely hated other things. But to be SO VOCAL on either side. Wirthout looking at the other. Is totally. Completely. Stup;id.

For instance. CNN giving ZERO credit to Trump during the North/South Korea peace negotiations is fucking stupid. Meanwhile. It’s also moronic to say that Trump’s tough talk was THE ABSOLUTELY END ALL THING that brought upon the peace treaty. Right?

Kanye West. Is. Aways will be. A crazy pewrson. Merhaps this whole “Trump” lovew thing is just a way to… somehow… boost sales for his upcoming album. Although. Come on guys. We ALL know this is going to be Kanye’s MOST criticized album of all time. Right?

I believe it was in the album notes of Eminem’s Recovery, where he says, “I didn’t do any diss tracks. I thought about doing one on Kanye, but he’s doing so great that I couldn’t, you know?” LARGELY paraphrasing. And you know. Making more coherent sense than Mr. Mathers ever could with that previous quote. If it wasn’t in Recovery, then he said it in Relapse. Either way.

The point I’m making here is… Eminem, one of my, personal favorite rappers of all time. Whose lyrics include such awesome quotes such as:

My words are like a dagger with a jagged edge
That will stab you in the head
Whether you’re a fag or les’
Or the homo-sex, hermaph’, or a trans’a’vest’
Pants or dress, hate fags? the answer’s “yes”
Homophobic? Nah, you’re just hetero phobic
Starin’ at my jeans, watchin’ my genitals bulgin’ (ooh!)
That’s my motherfuckin’ balls, you’d better let go of ’em
They belong in my scrotum
You’ll never get hold of ’em
Hey, it’s me, Versace
Whoops, somebody shot me!
And I was just checkin’ the mail
Get it, checkin’ the ‘male’?

But. You know. Eminem would go on to perfrom during the Grammy Awards with ELTON FUCKING JOHN where The Marshall Mathers LP won a fucking Grammy Award for best rap album of the year. MMLP was nominate for ALBUM OF THE YEAR during the fucking grammies. An album. Contraining those lyrics. Was nominated for “Album of the Year” at the fuucking Grammies.

ME?! I love these lyrics. Not because “OMG I hate homosexuals.” Because. They’re violent. They’rte raw. They’re honest. And they’re true to the human being. That Eminem is/was. I don’t listen and love these lyrics and immediately thinkg: “Ogh my jesus. I need to kill me some homosexuals!” Nor do I support the OBVIOUS homophobia of them. I support the raw words spoken. I support Eminem’s freedom of expression.

Just like any sort of “hard rock/heavy metal” typc of song phrasing some sort of lyric, “I WANNA KILL YOU~!” or whatever. Right? If the song’s good enough. I’ll like it. That doesn’t mean I’m about to go kill anyone, at all. It just. “YEAH DUDE!~ THIS SONG PUMPS ME UP! WOW!” Right? These used to be common sense things.


Nevermind. Those Eminem lyrics never happened. We live in 2018. Eminem is only rapping about how orange Donald Trump is these days.

Or something.

Kanye West. is a crazy person. Why “the right” in America. Republicans, conservatives, whoever, want to TOTALLY embrace whim, I’ll never know.

However. Hist rantings about “freedom of thought/why are African Americans supporting Democrats without thinking” types of things? THEY are awesome. THOS comments are something to look at. Right?

I don’t know.

And I still don’t know how to end ramblings.

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