So. Although the song had been out for, over, like, sixish months… I discovered this song, “S.O.S. )Sawed Off Shotgun)” by The Glorious Songs in the summer of 2018. You know. The summer that brought me back do life. And then… kinda… almost killed me.

But yeah. Man.

I discovered this song.

SOS (Sawed Off Shotgun_) by The glorious Sons

Through the radio. And stuffs. Cause I’m oldschool. Driving a Walter Whitemobile, made in 2003. And shiit. Right?

And then. Blam.

This song is playing on BOTH of my “rock” stations. I mean. It’s on one moreso than the other )even today). And. I mean. Yeah dude. I delve deeper. I discover that “lyrics” video shared up there. And. Just.


This is the best song I’ve heard in the last 10ish years. EASILY. “Still Counting” by Volbeat included.

This song? By Glorious Sons, is so God damned relatable, catchy, awesome and amazing… it’s LITERALLY a modern Beatles song. It relates to anyone that LOVES Donald Trump. It realtes to anyone thate HATES Donald Trump. This is. Forreals. THE perfect song of this day and age.

For further proof of what I just said:



Jesus Christ.

With that last video there? Explaining “S.O.S.?!”

GTFO, dude.

How the hell do we all hate each other and shit, right? We ALL are experiencing THE exact same phenomena. Internally. within ourselves. “Conservatives?” Ya’ll )myself included) were scared to death of Barack Obama becoming a tyrant. “Progressives?” Ya’ll are scared to death (myself included, although on a MUCH lless scale} of Donald Trump becoming a tyrant. And while we excuse each other, “OH YOU’RE SO DUMB CAUSE YOU’RE RACIST~!” Or whatever. Or. “PH YOU’RE SO DUMB CAUSE YOU ONLY BELIEVE WHAT THE MEDIA TELLS YOU`!” Or… whatever the case may be.

Can we NOT at all, come together and recognize… we’re losing our INDIVIDUAL freedom. More and more. Due to this thought of “the collective.”

And. I mean. We live in. Year of Our Lord. 2019. So. No. We can’t find ANY common ground. Ever.


I guess. Me being the dumb ass me that I am.

I’ll be here.



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