So. Hello, World War III!

I mean, that really got out of hand fast.

Like. Legit. Just this afternoon… it was ONLY BEING DISCUSSED that America would form a coalition to strike Syria. Then. Like. Around 9:00pmEST. Things. Boom. America struck Syria.




You know.

On November 9th of 2016…

I wrote this thing to attempt to “heal” America. Or something. Because. I mean. It’s clear now. This shit’s broken. And there’s NO true fixing it at this point. But either way. WAY back then. I wrote this thing. Right?

And on of the points I made to try and like “calm down liberals/progressives/whatevers,” I said that, thanks to Trumps’ win, there’d be no imminent war with Russia.

And then. Now hapened.

And unfer Commanderr in Chief Donald Trump. The American Navy sent cruise missiles and attacked Syria.

And like. I don’t know. “Fans” of The Druken Radio Show. You may remember HOW MUCH I criticized the Ovama Administration. And their “red line,” in Syria. And I warned. If you attack Assad, you’re going to start WWIII. And things.

I argued that there’s NOTHING to gain if you attack Syria. There’s NO point in dragging America into ANOTHER war. As a matter of fact, I said, if you go into war against Assad, Mr. President Obama, you’re going to be causing World War III. But. You know. This was a yearish after the Obama/Romney election WAY back when… You kno… the 80’s called. Or… whatever.

But like. Dude.


In the GENERAL context of ALL of this shit?

Russia. Is militarily aligned with Assad. Right? As big of a cunt as Bashar al-Assad is. Chemical attacks. Things. He’s got his big brother, Russia. Protecting him. Literally. Russians have also been dropping bomings on Syrian rebels. Under the Obama administration, America was supplying Syrian rebels with weapons and such. And. You know. Engagining in like. A… luke-warm war with Russia?

But now?

Now that Trump’s bombed Syrian shit?

Yeah dude.

It’s time to call it a day.

Plus, like… FUCKING PLUS…

The Trump admionistration this week was all ike, “Yeah dude. As far as North Korea goes? We’ve got no comment. Because all comments have been made already.”

Essentially saying…

The only option left is something militiristic. Now. Maybe since Trump met with Chinese President Xi today… MAYBE something happened to attempt to calm down the crazy asshole that LEGIT is Kim Jong Un (the dude’s killing his own fucking brothers for fuck’s sake man… the dude’s a crazy dictator… WITH nuclear weapons. Legit this time.) But if there wasn’t anything to calm down the North KLorea situation.

World War III is nowt only here.

We’re WAY beyond an “Arch Duke Ferdanand” moment. Or even a “Germany invades Polland” moment.

We’re fucked.


I mean. One of these is even worthless at this point.


The nly solace I can find is that. Legit. The American military can…. EASILY obliterate China’s.It can EASILY obliterate Syria and even Iran (who’s DEFINITELY going to jiump on board with this new war with Syria) combined. North Korea? America can obliterate their military in like a blink. Legit. Russia would put up a fight. But we’d still annilate them.

But… like…

With their powers combined… or whatever…

Yeah dude. We’re fucked.

And I mean. Considering that… MAYBE outside of Isreal… the ENTIRE Western world considers America a COMPLETE joke (not ONLY because of Trump… but financial… and like… they al once gave us their gold to store in Fort Knox.. only to be denied their gold’s return… and fucking SO MUCH COMPLICATED SHIT)… the Western world’s going to ignore us. Completely.

So yeah.

Essentially. It’s what Blackie Lawless wrote. In 1995.

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