So. Abortion. II…

…obligitory “Electric Boogaloo” phrase.

After that?

I mean. Yeah dude. Alabama’s law. Georgia’s law. Everything like such as? Yeah. They’re all pretty dumb.

BUT. I mean. Not at all, really.

Don’t get me wrong. I DO NOT agree with these laws. I DO NOT think they should exist. Alabama’s in particular. But. I mean. Abortion… is (NOT)… you know… defined by the U.S. Constitution a state’s right issue first and foremost. And. I mean. Yeah, dude. States should be allowed to make these sorts of laws. Full stop. Just like, shit. The city of Denver should be ble to decriminalize magic mushrooms… LET ALONE… the state of Colorado (which, you know, hasn’t yet… but whatever)

Any law that isn’t specified in the Constitution (which… har-har, pro-abortionists, Roe v. Wade has NOTHING to do with the constitution…) falls under the 10th amendment. Or. You know. States rights. So.


These states, as dumb as they, by my estimation, are being… are all allowed to do these things. And. I’d argue, they should be allowed to do so. Because. Again. You know. State’s rights. Just like this governor from California, who’s here in COlorado is about to completely ruin the state… and is just… ugh… so many random sidenotes…

He should be allowed to do so. Under the state of Colorado’s Constitution and. yadda. Yadda.

Dude. The fact that we all CARE SO DEEPLY.


Speacks VOLLUMES abougt how stupid and “oppressed” this society has become. Right?


I’m so woke that, hey, Alabama. You know the law you just passed? You shouldn’t have done that. Ever. You racist, homophobic, sexist, asshole, Alabama. We should make your thoughts completely illegal forever.

Then.. blah… even writing that sentence, up there, I’m thinking in my head, “Dude, Ryan, by that logic Alabama should still be able to have ‘black,’ human being slaves.”

To which, Ryan, I say: Yeah dude.

That’s kinda the whole point. Even the whole point of this Alabama law, which, again, I SWEAR ON THE LIFE OF THE BANAYNERD, I do not agree with.

But. I mean. Basically… the WHOLE point of this DUMB ASS Alabama law is for it to go to the Supreme Court.

Which… Ugh… automatically… again… makes me throw up…

One of these.

Because the Supreme Court is NOT supposed to be ANY sort of “legislative body.” At all. And. Just.


I hate all of this.

Why the hell can we not go back to a time, BOTTOM LINE…. where Roe v. Wade was “the law.” Right?

You know. Roe v. Wade said that abortions were legal during the first trimester. WHy is this such a hard thing? Oh? Becuse progressives continually go past that “first trimester” guideline?

And this is where I, kindly say: Shut the fuck up.


Margaret Sanger. The beloved, statue-erected feministy, equal-rightsy womanly woman person that loved ALL women. Just. You know. She created the concept of “planned parenthood” in order to exterminate black people. And the imbocile and… yeah dude. Let’s love us some Maragaret Sanger. So much. You know. Hillary Clinton was “so very proud” to recieve the “Margaret Sanger” award… for… something.

And yet.

You know.

It’s the pro-life movement that “hates starving black and homeless children.”


According to that “political(?) cartoon.”


Jesus Christ.

How hard is this, people?

Apparntly, too hard, for democrats these days. But I digest.

If the fetus you’re carrying has a heart beat… that DOES NOT 1000% signify life.

If the fetus you’re carrying can ffeel pain… that… DEFINITELY 1000% signifies life.

If the fetus can feel pain, you can’t abort it. that would be murder.

Why is this so fucking hard, dude?

And so… I leave you with this:

Watch threeish minutes from this clip’s starting point. Or. You know. Watch the full, 2017 special on Neclix. Like a decent human being.

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