There’ s plenty I could say about the lost art of stitting down. I’m pretty proud to admit that I’ve pretty much perfecte sitting down over the last 10 years or so. Or, you know, all of my life. It’s all about whether or not you’re able to put your feet up with your legs arched at the percise angle. The lost art of sitting is a great, wonderous thing. Believe me, folks. It’s true.

I guess I haven’t completely washed off the Donald Trump from my writing. Apologies.

As much as i could go on and on about sitting, I promise there’s a point to this here rambling. Like. One of the biggest water cooler discussions going around this past week. You know. About sitting. And it all has to do with…

This guy.
This guy.

Obviously. Colin Kaepernic has every right in the world to choose to sit down whislt his team stands during the plahying ofg the national anthem. Obviously. That in it of itself is perfectly fine. Totally. Completely. The dude is guaranteed this right under the first ammendment of the constitituoation. Obviously.

SOme people are pissed off because. VETERANS~! REASONS~! Whils t othr Veterans ar all like, “You get ‘ewm Colin~!”

The “problem” here is…

This whole notion of “Black Lives Matter.”

Whilst… at the same time. That’s not th problem.


For the first time since all of these things started coming to the forefront some threeish years ago. I, truly, believe I’m starting to understand the UNDERLINING argument about “Black Lives Matter.” In the past, I’ve been on the conversational side – being – “Of course black ives matter. Why do you think the democrats/progressives have been on the foreferont of installing Planned Partenthoods in predominantly black neighborgoods?”

And. You know. Other arguments against this whole, “BLMvALM” thing.

But, about a month or so ago. I finally understood where the argument that “ONLY black lives matter” is coming from (that sounds more racist than it is, apologies for trigger warnings). THE heart and THE soul of the “BLM” movement IS about voices being heard. The heart and soul of “BLM” also agrees that all lives matter. The problem is, no one giving a voice of concern about black death.

To which, I argue. What black death are are you talking about? Black death due to police officer is so rare that… hey… it might make national news!

Just do the research, innit?
Just do the research, innit?



Colin kaepernick Has every right. Under this, current, pre-safe space America. To sit in protest whilst the national anthem plays prior to a 49’ers football game. That’s all well and good. It’s totally fine.,

Does he come across as an idiot? Basically.

Especially considering that hje’s one of the worst quarterbacks that tyhe 40-fucking-niners have to offer.

So. There’s that.

It’s still brave of him to take a stand. By sitting. Of course.

Here’s a couple of quick things.

#1. The “Black Lives Matter” movement has become a funded entity. Thanks, in large part, t George Soros and his groups. Thus, BLM has transformed into this idiocracy.

#2. Stephen A. Smith pretty much summed it all up when he made these comments.

But then…

This happened.
This happened.


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