Sean Hannity vs. Anthony Weiner

Check out this great clip from last night’s episode of Fox News’ Hannity program. Sean Hannity invited disgraced congressman and failed mayoral candidate, Anthony Weiner. And if you’ve been paying attention to over the past year or so, you should know:

I love Weiner.

This guy, he MUSTN’T go ANYWHERE from the public eye. Ever. And in fact, I believe he HAS to run for president in 2016. You can show your support for the next President of the United States by clicking here.

Here’s the segment from last night:

Say what you will about Hannity, I’m no fan of his either, but Weiner is the star of this segment. And it’s an amazing watch.

What are your thoughts on the former New York Congressman? Would you vote for Weiner/Holder in 2016? Let me know with a comment below!

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