There’s like. 10009;s of different directions I could go with this rambling. I could focus on the inconsistencies of the mainstream media. How they treated this recent assassination attempt of nearl 10% of Congressional Republicans (including my favorite politician, Rando Paul). Abd their coverage of the Gavvy Giffords assassintion attempt.

I could digest into the analasys. “WHO’S TO BLAME?!” Although. I mean. That’s precislety what I’m about to do. But like. I could get a hard on about it. Or something. Like everyone has.



#1. It’s a Drunken Radio Network policy to NEVER nanem or show the picture of peoples that do sgiitings. That’s just. Right off the bat. Something you HAVE to know.
#2. I still DO NOT want to keep talking to this echo chamber of poilitics. We’re all just reading/watching/listening to the things we wanna here. And honestly, it’s going to lead to more of these assassination attempts. Eventually.


Fiorst and foremost.

The title of this ramboling.


Right off the bat. It should have some sort of DEEp, political ramification-y meaning. Right. I mean. “Responsiliberty.” Come off it. Obviousness is obvious. Right?

But. Forreals.

It’s just something that was once said by…

…this guy.

I’m pretty sure. “Responsiliberty” was something he said in one of his opening monologues of the HBO series, Da Ali G Show. Could be wrong. But oh wells. None of this has anything to do with anything. Obviously.

Wednesday morning somebody approached two Congressional Republicans as they were about to leave a ball part in which they had just been practicing. This person asked one of the two, “Who’s practicing, Republicand or Democrats.” He was informed that the Republicans were playing ball. And what have you.

That same man proceded to walke towards the baseball field and minutes later, he began opening fire, with his semi-auotmatic rifle upon Congressional Republicans. The House Majority Whip, Steve Scakise was shot in the hip and remains in somewhat critical condition to this day. Two Congressional stagfgers were injured. As well as the two Capitol Police officers that were on duty. Those two police officers wrre the only security at the park due to the status of Steve Scalise.

The shooter. A 66-year-old man. Whom, apparently, worked on the Bernie Sanders campaign in Iowa. Attempted this assassination due to political reasons. Unquestionably.

Now. The question remainds:


Judging by the shotters’ social media accounts. The finger could be pointed in many-a direction. Merhaps. This shooter was incited by rhetoric put forth by the likes of Christ Mathews and Rachel Maddow. Surely, their words should be held accountable. Right?


Tghen again. It was President Trump that first incited all of this hateful rhetoric. “If you see one of those people, I’ll give you permission to knock their lights out. I’ll pay for the legal fees! Believe me!” “Take him out! Take his coat! Let him be in the cold! Failing!” Whatever.

Or. NO! It was the “Antifa”: movement! They’re causing riots in Berkley and shit!

Oh wait.



Not at all!

It’s the arts!

There’s been artistic portrayals of the killing of President Trump happening. First with. You know. That one person.

Ten. Just. This week. There was a telling of “Julius Cesar” in New York’s Central Park, which depicted Cesar as a Trump-like character! They included the assassination and everything! So much so that Bank of America chose to remove their funding of the project. Unsolicited.

Yeah! It was these guys! They’re to blame!

Wait. No.

Something still doesn’t sit right with this.

Responsilibertuy hasn’t been taken.

Oh. I know. THE KEY WORD inf the title o this rambling. “Liberty.”


The second ammandement.




We need to get rid of all of the guns. Ever. IN America. No one would ever, EVER die then. There would never, EVER bee assassination attempts. Nothing. Goddamn NRA. Lobyists. Globalist. Bastards. Want Americans to die and shit. Assholes.


Not even that seems appropriate right now.

Alr9ight. Forreals.

Who’s to blame?

The lizard people.

Damn it.

The point of all of this is.

Fucking stop it.

Left. You guys shouldn’t have used your “Jump to Conclusions” mat about the Gavby Giffords shooting. And you’re such a piece of shit that you can barely even admit how wrong you were about that whole situation. And like “Sarah Palin caused the Gaffy Giffords shoorting because crosshairs, tartgetting districst, Tea Party.” You guys can’t admit how wrong you werre about all of that. You can’t even acknowledge that there was nothing even REMOTELY violent during major “Tea Party” gatherings. Yet. All of those people were the worst, most racisty racists in the history of racists.

Left. You can’t admit that you were wrong.

Right. You can’t admiot that you played a MAJOR role in creating this divide in America. You’be BY AND FUCKING LARGE played into the Alex Jones/Roger Stone handbook in believing everything that’s spoonfed to you without researching the other side (although, the left is just as guilty on that last part too but…). You believe that House of Cards is a biographical tale of the Clintons. There WERE dumb asses proclaiming Obama to be the antichrist. And a good portion of you ate ALL of that shit up. Hell. You voted for a man that believes Barack Obama wasn’t born in this country.

Mother fuckers.

You both are to blame.


Not at all.


THE BLAME. Falls on one individual.

And ONE individual only.

And that person is.

Alex Jones.

All kidding aside.

I said the same thing for every shooting.  So. Nothing’s going to change now. Because. I try my best to be consistent as possible.

“Who’s to blame?”

“Who takes ‘Responsiliberty?'”

The shooter. And the shooter alone. They are the only person to blame here. Not Bernie Sanders. Not MSNBC/CNN/NPR/whatever. Not Donald Trump. Not artistic portrayals of assassination. Not the gun. Nobody.

The shooter was the person responsible.

The end.

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