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Diamonds is trump. I took the bid with a 8,000,000,000 bet. So. I’ve got a LOT of tricks to make.

This has nothing to do with Pinochle. GTFO!
This has nothing to do with Pinochle. GTFO!

Seriously thought? I don’t need to bring up the trump card for this. I already called diamonds as trump. So… GTFO with that ace. Or something. Pinochle talk. Kinda. But really. It’s not JUST that guy. You know… THAT diamonds guy. The media? The politicians themselves? Everyone seems to be treating this presidential election like it was a reality TV show.

And hell. Even the person I support the MOST. He’s trying to get as much attention as he can. Mostly because of that diamonds card’s nonsense. But. Even HE had to attempt to make a “viral” video of himself takign a chainsaw to the U.S. Tax Code.

Although. GTFO. That’s pretty awesome.

Then. There’s the case of this weekend. In which. Mr. Diamonds card himself. And all of the nonsense he spews. be it that he, himself, believes that he’s God’s fgift to an American presidency. Or the nonsense in which he’s a TRUE conservative… yet he supports amnesty AND universal health care.

Amongsth all of that shit.

He was called a jackass by a fellow Republican “presidential candidate.”

This time. In he form of…

Lindsey “I Didn’t Know It Was This Bad” Graham.

And thus…

Mr. Diamonds deceides to give Lindsey “I Didn’t Know It Was This Bad” Graham’s phone number to the nation. No. Litterally. LiLindsey “I Didn’t Know It Was This Bad” Graham’s phone number was released to John Q. Public.

Given the fact that Lindsey “I Didn’t Know It Was This Bad” Graham is a pretty terrible human being, let alone U.S. Senator, I generally didn’t have a problem with this. Sure. Questions arised in my head about. You know. Mr. Diamond’s ability to be “presidential.” But… more on that in a bit.

Lindsey “I Didn’t Know It Was This Bad” Graham responded in the only, natural way one could expect. He tried to make a “vbiral” video himesle.f Only this time. He’d be attempting to destroy his “phone.” Although,k you know. Phones is probably more accuracte.

I wonder how many pointers McCain gave him this time.

There’s also the case in which a white, democratic presidential nominee had THE GULL to say, “Black lives matter, white lives matter, all lives matter.” To which, he had to go on his own Jonah Hill Apology Tour. As seen here:

This IS NOT. Something a politician should apologize for. AT ALL.

Then… this leaves us with… Mr. Diamonds himself. One could say, the true cause of all of this “reality TV politics.” And. No matter if he’s giving out politicians’ phone numbers to the nation. Nor does it matter if he’s criticizing a war hero’s record as a veteran…

Mr. Diamonds. Donald Trump. The Donald.

Stop it.

He is NO WHERE NEAR a Republican Presidential nominee. Sure. He’s leading all of Fox News’ polls. HMMMMM… Huh. Hrmph.

But… come on now. He reacts out of emotion. If JoHn McCain calls his supporters crazy, he says John McCain isn’t a war hero (sure… John McCain is a terrible…. well… a word that I won’t say right now… but even I’D admit he’s a war hero). Lindsey “I Didn’t Know It Was This Bad” Graham calls hima jackass? Which, you know… Donald Trump is… in the metaphoric… AND political sense. Donald Trump acts on his emotions and releases Lindsey “I Didn’t Know It Was This Bad” Graham’s phone number to the nation.

In essense.

Donal Trump acts upon his emotuons. Something that EVERY conservative has been activelye fighting against. ESPECIALLY since 2013. Remember how emotions were so high after the Sandy Hook tragedy that MANY politicians were calling for gun control?

Conservatives argued. “Hey, you’ve got to think of this situation logically. NOT emotionally.” And… hey… how much gun control has been gained by the government since December of 2012? Not much, right?


Stop it. Stop all of this. Right now.

For the sake of this argument? Good enough.

Oh yeah. And… Hillary Clinton is struggling to… I don’t know… be human?

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