QUICK RAMBLING: The 2020 Democrat Primary or How None of These Candidates Will Win


One of the many-a ramblings I had planned for tonight. One was “The Watching of…” whatever Democratic debate happened. In retrospect, I probably shoul’ve gone with that/ Especially if I could’ve found the debate on Youtube or whatevr. Like I could’e done for most of the previous debates. Whaever.

the point is. The field has come down to…

These guys.

Basically. I mean. Tthere’s a lot less than those guys. But. Uh. The premise is still the same. THere’s not an ACTUAL Batman or superman to be found here, dude. THese are all just BAD options. Obviously.

Because. All of their slogans are basically, “Hey dude, let’s make America Communist now!” Because. YEAH DUDE! You went to college. tht’s what your professors told you is a good idea. So. Come on, ya’ll. We’re Democrats. And let’s make it happen.


Uh oh.

I guess this makes me a goose-stepping supporter of the current President.


If so. Then.

Heil Hitler, Bitch!

I guess. I guess, Supporting Capitalism makes me a goose-stepping supporter of the current President of the Unitides States. Who. You know. Hasn’t ever attempted tp TAKE government control over… anything… unlike the current Democratic party that wants to TAKE GOVERNMENT control over health care, gun sales, education… just to name the few that I give a shit about.

I mean. Even those three. I’m like, “Yeah dude, Dems want control over them,” Meanwhile ya’ll will be like, “Nah dude. we just want to help everyone! Or whatever!”

And it’s all such a bullshit lie. On both sides.

So like.

Heil Hitler, Bitch!

Yes. I know. I’m now such a homophobic, racist, Islamophobic sexist that ever existed and stuffs. Sorry.

the end.

Oh. And like. THe WHOLE point of this rambling was somegthing like:


And my response is:

If they’re smart? Pete Buttigieg has the best chance but he’ll probably get slaughtered, just like all of the other candidates will in the general. Buty at like Mayor Pete IS the “opposite end of the pendulum” and stuffs. So. He’s got a chance. Either way. It’s going to be the biggest landslide since Monddale. So.

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