Quarantine Thoughts Vol. III

So. I gotta do this quick before my buzz wears off and such. Cause. Like. I’ve had all the drinks I’m gonna have tonight. So if I’m not keeping typos. Or keeping too many. Sue me. Cause like. Yeah dude. This has got to get out there. Or whayever..

  1. Dude. OK. Qiock scroll through on IMDB… Better Cail Sail hasn’t won any major awards. And. FFS. i don’t care. Bob Odenkirk andochael McCea. Should’ve wpn plenty of times. Jonathan Banks should’ve had Emmys and Golden Globes spewed on him for both Breaking Bad and Better Call Sail. Bukkake style. Se for… Giancarlo…. Person. You k ow… Gus. He deserves the same.
  2. But. Fucking forreals.
  3. How in the living cunt does Rhea Seahorn not have an Emmy or Golden Globe for her portraual as Kim Wexler in Better Call Sail? This is a travesty. Forreals. This is called in front of Congrress for crimes against humantiytu kinda insanity. Like my initial reaction to Batfleck. Kinda thing.
  4. Bad Choice Rd., indeed.
  5. Kim Welxler is the glue that holds the show together. Without her, and Rhea Seahorn”s portrayal, in particular, and… If nothing else… The mystique of “what happens to Kim?”… Just. Ugh bro. I learned last night that she hasn’t won any major awards. And I’m pissed. Alroghtm?
  6. Kim Jong In is dying or some thing?
  7. So I said that’s good…
  8. Uh… Forwhatever reason… I’ve been watching these memes videos things posted on YouTube by Cowbellu? Something. Soeti.es they can be fun. But they’re obviously done by some zoomer that had no idea how the world works or whatever. Lolz. You dn kids!
  9. Uh…
  10. I’m considering buying the Cyberpunk XBOX ONE X bundle thing when my stimulusness kicks in. But like. There’s virtually NO game on the ole’ XBONE that I NEED to play, you know?
  11. One of the ooggest reasons I wanna get the ole XBONE is to be able to replay the Mass Effect Trilogoy. But. Then I think… Why don’t I just put more money towatds a better PC/LAPTOP? I’m already setting moneys asside for one. So… Throw in a hundred or so. And boom.
  12. Bro… I literally. Can’t. Understand. The. Trump. VITRIOLIC. Hate. Lemme explain.
  13. Dude. A friend, and prrtty big RyansDrunk.com supporter friend on Facebook. Right? He rrplied to some meme, thing (the meme aaid somethkng close to, “When can we start thanking Trump for all the bad shit that happrns? Like the cThanks Onama’ thong?” And he was like, not sarcastically, “Nah. I don’t even want to thanks hom sarcastically.”
  14. One of these.
  15. Which brings me to… Literally… The most eorthless person on 5he planet. Myself included here.
  16. That person is. Of course.
  17. Trevor Noah.
  18. Since quanrantine has started. I’ve had Comedy Central on my TV like… Nonstop. Almost. So. Every fucking commerciAl. They e got to run some dumb ass Trevor Noah promo.
  19. Ugh man. Apparently, the geniuses have had the smarts to not post those tv spots onlne. Cause. Bro. It’s seriously the worst depiction of “comedy.” Ever.
  20. Still waiting in that stimulusness.
  21. Which reminds me…
  22. If any of y’all have interest in being a part of a “Monday Night War,” podcast. Hit me up. I’m looking for anyone that lived through that time period amd anyone that wants to live throuh it today. If you know what the “Monday Night War” is and have an interest in being a part of a podcast. Hit me up. Period. Gonna need MANY dofferent, diverse opinions for somethkng that will, undoubtedyly be pretty awesome. So.
  23. That’s probably a for now. Especially since I’m basically sober at this oojt. Despite what the typoso may suggest.

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