Quanrantine Thoughts Vol. V

Dude. This one might end up like #5. But a bit more intelligible. But. Ultimately, much more pointless. Because. Honestly, there’s not a lot of thoughts to have at themmkmrnt. And such.



    1. Dude. I just rewatched Internet Historian’s “Harry Potter Skirmishes.” Riggt? And. I just recallrd to a time… Sometime in like 2006 or 2097. When. I had just been on the drive home from seeing the film, 30 Days if Night, for free, cause, you know, I worked at a movie theater at the time. And ih had the thouggt…
    2. “Dude, I’ma make THE NEXT horror icon!”
    3. I.e. The “next” zombi3, or vampire, or wherewolf l. You onow? I was so inspired, at that screening of that Vampirr movie,becaue it was “so origibal and awesome-a take” on vampires. I wanted to create that something bspecial. You know?
    4. Don’t get me wrong. There’s a few, artists willing, BAD ASS ideas in me that ive only shared with a select few. But. Whatever.
    5. I’m positive I’ve saidthis in one of these quarantine Thoughts. AT THE VERY LEAST. But. Forreals. Come at me.
    6. 5he Glorious Sons are the modern day Beetles. There’s zeri percent debate on this. They’re HARD rpck. But then they’re pop. Then 5heyve got DEEP meaningful lyrics. But rheyre xatchy.
  1. Oof. Already, we’re dealing with a coding got fucked up situatio . BOO{OOOO!
  2. UHH…
  3. See… I wanna add so much more. But I can’t on my ohone. That’s the catch-22 of rambling on the phone. Ugh. .. in the next two weeks that won’t be a proble. Basically..
  4. So… Uh… Cyberpunk 2077 is a th8eng. ,ANI4IGHT?
  5. And like. Nex5 to Last of Us II. .  Cybrlu k is the only gaming thing I give a shit about. So. And. Therrs instresting news happened8bg. About it. Like… The ratings of the game. Obs… It’s gonna get an “M’ for mature here In Amrrixa.Brazil’s ratings wrte a thing that happened.
  6. But now, there’s more infor because ESRB in America. A d. I won’t spoil this GS if you haven’t seebt them. I’ma just say. No wonder Brazil bumped this up to 17 plussness. Because. Nauls. Amiright? Awords about that statue. Thing. In Brazil… I think. Lol. Uh oh. I guess this makes me a racist.
  7. Dude. I’d consider voting for Bid3n. If. You kbow. Michael Scott was o. tge ticket. Forreals. We’d have to viya from Scranton. Representing ‘Merica.
  8. Scranton! What?!
  9. Hollywoof.  .   This “Limited series,” (lol,) in Netclix… So far, I’ve liked it .. a lot. It’s, ibviously dumb and liveral and SJWish TOO God damn much. But it’s an enjoyable watxh.. so long as you like an “HBI” TYPE if Netclix show. As in. You know. You don’t have virgin ears or eyes.
  10. Uhh..
  11. Dude.
  12. Oof.
  13. “WACO” is a “show” that’s now on Netcliz and. Oof. Dude. Loved it A LOT. And lime. Surprisingly, the show’s NOT about, “Hey dude! The government NEEDED to do this to the Branch Davidians!” If anything, the show painstakingly goes out of its way to display how big of apiece of shit the gocernment is in this situation.
  14. 2hich…. Ugh…. I needa do a rambling about protests when I get my PC next week-ish.
  15. Sruffs. Things. Words.
  16. Oh yeah. And. Editing the size, shape, and the like? Of your genitalia and vooba and details? Yeah. It’s gonna be an awesome addition to Cyberpunk 2077.
  17. Kbye? I think?

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