Politically Correct: The End Game

Look dude. From time to time, I still, occasionally partake in a Facebook political argument or two. Or three.

Because man. Sometimes. You NEED to let off some steam, right?

But like.

Truly dude.

The only way, this shit ends. Is with concentration camps. AT BEST.

America’s political differences are at such a polarized high, that there’s damn near no coming back from any of it. One side of this argument will, ultimately, “win.” And seize power. To the point where there will be nothing left to do with people that think differently than to jail them.


Left-leaning readers. Just click on this guy. You know. One of your progressive heroes. Person. Thing.

Seriously. Click on his face. Come back here when you’re done with all that.

So. Yeah. Got that?

This awesome-y. “Science Guy.” Whom is such a darling. On the left. Is pretty much saying, “Yeah, dude. If you disagree with me, you’re worse than Hitler and should be arrested!” Hyperbole. Yes. But I mean. I’m not THAT far off, man.

Let’s use our noodle and think this one out a bit. Right?

Ultimately, what’s brought this out of me was this week’s episode of South Park. Which, is a show I haven’t talked about in the RyansDrunk.com sense as much as I probably should. But either way. Season 21. Episode nine. “Super Hard PCness.”

This episode focused on many-a thing. PC Principal falling in love with a new co-worker, Vice Principal Strong Woman. Heidi and Cartman continuing their story arc. Call-backs to South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut. But generally, what I’m about to discus is the very end. Which is — beautifully complex as most any episode of South Park these days.


Sorry, dude.

Throughout the episode, Kyle has become his mom from SP:BLU, having found the new group, Millennials Against Canada. He wants to shut down the new Terrance and Phillip Netflix show and make Canada pay. Things escalate between Canada and America. President Garrison calls Kyle and asks, “What do you want?”

Kyle replies:

“What do I want? I want a world where laughter doesn’t come at someone else’s expense. Where people can live freely, without fear of being farted on! I want a world where you aren’t ridiculed for trying to help! A world where a nice girl, that I liked, isn’t TURNED INTO ANOTHER ERIC CARTMAN! These Canadians are in the way of that word! And everything they do and everything they have done NEEDS TO BE ERASED FROM THE EARTH!

Garrison responds, “Jeez, I got a little chubbed.”

And, given that he’s South Park’s answer to President Trump…

President Garrison nukes Toronto.

Leaving Kyle horrified as he watches the nuke on the news.


Kyle, being a “Millennial Against Canada” got exactly what he asked for, but was horrified by it.

Does that not speak volumes of this “end game?” Come on guys. Not just liberals/SJW’s whatever. I know the whole titling of this being “politically correct,” might make you think otherwise, but I’m asking true, DIE HARD~! Trump fans too. What’s the end game here?

Are we going to have to eradicate everyone that disagrees with us? Put them in concentration camps? What? What is the answer? What is the end game?

We disagree with one another so very, very much and are fed headlines and memes and everything else that has been algorithm-ed to the absolute “T” that we only see things that will generate the best possible response.

Is there a way to fix this?

I have no idea anymore. I’m merely your humble drunkard from afar. I used to think that the best way to fix America was to fix ourselves first. But. That’s long gone, dude.

What’s the end game?

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