Now look. Because we live in this safe space, “triggered happy” bullshit society these days. I probably need to preface all of this. With. You know. A statement that should be widely accessable tyhrough al of my various writings.

I am not. Nor have I ever been a fan of Bill ‘Oreilly, The O’Reilly Factor or anything else. The only bit of “fandom” i’d ever have for Mr. “WE’LL DO IT LIVE~!” came from his weekly segment he’d do with Dennis Miller. I’d like to check that out whenever I remembered to do so. That’s… about it.

Outside of that, no. I’m no fan of Bill O’Reilly.

But dude. I can’t take this shit.

What happened to the guy is 100% wrong.

We’re living in a society where feelings mean more than facts. Where Twitter campaigns can be the desctruving of a human being’s complete livilodd. All because one person — that has enough followers on Twitter or any other asocial media outlet — gets a hair up their ass about someone.

Now, I’m not saying that’s what happened to O’Reilly, but there’s definitely an aspect of that in there. Sure, about 10 years ago or whatever it was, Bill paid off someone he was having relations with. Does that automattically ake him a sexual predator?

I mean. It shouldn’t. Right?

Honestly man, I couldn’t tell you who has recently come out to file sexual harassment charges against Bill. THAT’S HOW LTTLE INFORMATION AND EVIDENCE THERE IS IN THIS SITUATION.

I mean. The biggest piece of “evidence” for sexual harassment that I’ve heard about is this:


Like. Forreals. Not even the Batman Facepalm is going to satisfy this shit.

So how about…


From USAToday.com.

ALLL OF THIS. Stems from. Someone. Kirsten. Powers. That. Dated. Anthony. Fucking. Weiner.

One of these. I mean. There’s AT LEAST one of them. Right?

Now. Again. O’Reilly. He could be. The biggest. Piece of shit sexist asshole ever. And he could’ve always hit on every hot woman ever (Even though, as big a-cunt as she was, Ms. Powers even admitted that he didn’t hit on her in that Anderson Cooper interview). MAYBE all of every. Single. Allegation. Is. True. In fact. I’m now going to live in a world. In this rambling. Where. O’Reilly is guilty. As sin.

O’reilly sexually harassed. Every. Womean. He ever met.

Under the United States Constitution. He has a legal right. To face his accusers. The totally. Completely honest accusers. He has a right. To be innocent until proven guilty. Such assholism. Much sexual harassment.

Amd. Under the United States Constitution. The accuser has a rgiht. To be taken serieously. And the situation. SHOULD be investigated. The accuser. DOES NOT. However, have a RIGHT… to be…


This situation belongs to an unbiased jurry of the defense’s peers.



We’re al just holding a court. Of public opinion. In pretty much every situation.

A couple of years ago. There was a woman. That worked for a PR company. She, herself (if I’m not mistaken), was a progressive/.liveral/whatever you want to say. She once boarded a flight. To Afirica. before getting on that flight. She Tweeted something along the lines of, “I’m going to Africa!~ Hope I don’t get AIDS, JK, I won’t cause I’m white!”



Twitter fucking exploded. Before she landed. She had already been fired from the job in which she was hired to go to the continent (if I’m not mistaken, about the jobness). SHE WAS MAKING A FUCKING “WHITE PRIVLEGE JOKE” you absolute piece of shit cunts.

Then. Just this week. There’s a story. ABout a gay dude. That outed a transdude. On national television’s Survivor. “Reality TCV” nonsense. And… THAT DUDE. That gay dude. Just lost his job.

The woman bawling her eyes out there. GTFO. Jesus Christ.

Well… at least. One argument’s been settled…

In the…


Transgender wins this round agains t the gay.

A;; of you assholes that can’t take a joke. That can’t accept reality. All of you assholes that NEED “safe spaces” in order to deal with our feelings. And all of you. That think that “bullying is one of the most severe forms of terrorism~! EVER~!” Just… Ugh. Man.

Bill O’Reilly. ISN’T. Some sort of EXTREME right-wing cook. Hee’s a MODERATE Repuubclian. Period. He’s NO Sean Hannity (as if Sean Hannity is even Sean Hannity at this point). He’s NO Glenn Beck. He’s NO… I don’t know. Tomi Lahren. For cunt’s sake. The DUDE BELIEVES IN PRETTY RESTRICTIVE GUN RESTRICTIONS.

Bill O’Reilly. IS NOT. The fucking Boogeyman.

Who is?

Well. I am.

Pretty much.

In order to combat this “fake news” phenomena… anyone that talks about/reports/whatevees the news. Is going to HAVE to be LEGALLY required to have some sort of Federal giovernment issued “license.” IN the VERY near future. Mark my words.

O’Reilly? He’s just the start.

The freedom of speech? You’re next. Period.

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