Opening an e-Fed


And here’s a word from our sponsor. But. No. Not really. honestly.

I sweart to god.

sigh. None of this sounds legit. But, I promise. that “intro” here. You know. About the “sonsorship” is a joke. A joke based in reality. But a joke nonetheless.

Ben. Fucking. Halkum.

As much as I’m, currently, pissed at him for loving some sort of destroyal of my childhood. I could never, ever hate the guy. And. No. It, TRULY, has NOTHING to do with the fact that I pretty much owe all of’s success, or, lackthereof, to him. It all has to do wth the fact that we once stumbled on each other. Once upon a time.

Seruiysky, It’s pretty much a heto-version of James Cameron’s Titanic with like. MUCH less death. And you. Know.MUCH LESS.  Loenardo DiCaprio involved.

Ben and I just stumbled upon each other. Pretty much. If I’m not mistaken, it was around the time that SHOW was just getting its start. And so, I was writing strictly anfgle fed shows. For the first time ever. And stuffs. I was around 13-yeards0-old at the time. And I mean. I had NO idea what the cunt I was doing as far as running an e-fed was concerned.

Syre U had backup from my former partner-in-crime whome, The Drunken Diaries Volume II is dedicated towards. But foir the most part, it was all left on me to control the ef-ed. SHOW. I, pretty much, was the only person working on it. Aside from. You know. Ideas. A random mathc writer. And poser art at the begininning. I had no idea how to accomplish the “big time” I had been looking for (as described in “My E-Wrestling Story.”

Had I been a lover of reading books. You know. WAY back when I was FIRST running SHOWrestling. And like. You know. When I was 13-years-old, and stuffs. I could have learned many-a thing from Ben Halkum. Especially if his 2013-ish self existed back in 2001. And. You know. He was willing to share his secrets to running a fantasy, internet, wrestling, promotion, thing.

I could have learned.

So. God. Damn. Much. Period.

Whjch is why I come to you, dear fan of wrestling. Dear fan of writing. I come to you and I drop some knowledge on you. Rght here. Right now.

bens cover

For those of you interested in getting involved in the hobby. ESPECIALLY if you’d like to run you’re own “fanstasy wrestling” promotion on the internet’s writing-based, wrestling hobby. This will be WELLS worth the $3 you could spend to pre-order t now.

Hell. Even if you could give a shitless about running your own fed. Because. Obviously. Wrestling is the lamest thing in the history of ever! This is going to be an awesome book on dedication. The dedication it takes to TRULY put your effort into something you care about. Seriously. No matter your vision on this book. It will be WELL worth your time and the $2.99 you’d spend to read it.

Bottom line?

Check out Secrets to Opening a New Fed, and Succeeding by Ben Halkum. Available now for pre-order. Released on June 1st, 2015.

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