OK Boomer, Journalism Edition!

So. I mean. I haven’t watched the segment in it’s entirety. I’ve only seent and heard tidbits here and there. But. From what I know. I know that this is easily the worst piece of propaganda… i meand… Journalism… This side of Joseph Goebbels. Full stip. Legitimately. Yes. News media was terrible to George W. Bush. Most liely, I fed into it when I was in high school. Yes. News media has gone ape shit over the presidency of Donald Trump. But this. This 14+ minute video should scare the shit out of you. Legitimately. If THIS is the place that Journalism finds itself? The free world? Freedom of speech? THe marketplace of ideas?

All of that is not even a generation away from being extinct. Legitimately.

So. I mean. What I’m going to do here is something¬† a bit different. I’m going to give the full link to watch this piece of EXTREMELY progressive propaganda you watch it in its entirety if you would like. Afterwards, I’ll be sharing snippets (from the full video) and commenting from there on out.

Hopefully that makes enough sense for you to continue reading. Because.

Here is the full video:


And now. Just a bit of bckground. I’m sure I’ve seen and, most likely, fully watched some 60 Minutes reports from Lesley Stahl. I’m no expert or anything. But she always seemed to be decently fair. And everything else. Right? So. I mean. Before hearing the rumblings about this piece of propaganda, I hadn’t a thought of questioning Lesley’s journalistic credibility. Right? So let’s start there.

The segment opens with her decribing YouTube’s popularity. The factthat it’s the most used “social networking” website. Then she goes into the scrutiny that YouTube is under. How it’s, apparently, a platform for spreading conspiracy theories, white supremism, and everything like such as. Which. I mean. Fine. It’s a fair point to make. Totallyt.

The segment is… essentially a detailed piece of an interview with Susan Wojicicki, the current CEO of YouTube.

I mean… I’m sure this isn’t ho the interview started. But. Immediately, the segment jumpcuts to an extremely hostile question. About whether or not Susan allows her children to watch YouTube. Which. I mean. Come on.

RANDOM SIDENOTE: It’s just a split second there. But the first thing you see here is a video clip from Cocomelon. A VERY kid-friendly channel that my 2-year-old niece is obsessed with. But I mean… rhe “dad” character in their videos is such a pedo looking creep. It’s horrible. And obviously. No. I don’t want Cocomelon cancelled or anyting. He’s just animated DEEP in the uncanny valley that that’s how he comes accross to me.




Immediatly. Not even two and a half minutes into this propaganda hit piece. 60 Minutes/Lesley Stahl/legacy media TOTALLY exposes itself. After, apparently, (because jumpcuts all over the place) Susan responded to that dumb, hostile question, Susan pivoted to how great of a tool YouTube can be. She gave the example of cooking. Essentially stating, YouTube is a great tool to leanr how to cook. Immediatley afterwards?

60 Minutes editors decide to cut too a cli[ of this:

The propaganda doesn’t get any more blatant than this.


I mean. It just gets. Worse. And scary. And evil. From there.

Here’s, probably the most contested bit from the propaganda piece.

I mean. For the purposes here… you’ve got to watch about a minute and a half of the video from where it starts here when Lesley says, “But not completely,” you can stop and red on.

The accusation here is that Biden used his political influence to fire the Ukrainian attorney general. Which. You know. He admitted her did. “Snopes” me all you want, dude. Dude admitted that he did it. That’s not a conspiracy theory. This “allegation” hasn’t been debunked. NNo matter how many times Adam Shift or legacy media says so. But whatever. YouTube’s a piece of shit because they allow freedom of speech to exist. Politically.

Dude. Kinda.

RANDOM SIDENOTE: I HATE… HATE… HATE… WHATABOUTISM… But if Barack Obama were held to the standards Donald Trump has been. If legacy media gave a quarter of a shit back gthen… Obamaba would’ve been completely impeached in both the House and Senate within his first term. GTFO you dipshits.

Lesley had the AUDACITY to aske the question, “Can a politician lie on YouTube?” Bitch. You’ve, apparently, journalistically, covered politicians since. Like. prohibition. How the fuck do you not know that politicians lie in their ads?

FFS. CBS News. Ran a “News Story.” Showcasing a Barrack Obama ad. The fuck dude? Politicians lie? Apparently. Politics don’t matter to your edia outlet, Lesley. Runn advertisements under the guise of journalism more often plz.

Batman facepalms all-round.

Ms. Stahl goes on to describe that YouTuve didn’t FULLY erradicate the “Nancy Pelosi is drunk” meme video thhat bomers fell for on Facebook, my mom included. Because. Uh. Troll uploaders will always exist. Obviously. You hack.

Lesley then goes on to berrate YouTube because there’s a lot of videos stating the apparent, Eric Ciaramella, I mean… White House whistle blower’s name. You know. The name that CBS News wouldn’t, EVER know. Because. You know. Eric Ciaramella’s name has been so protected, Adam Shift doesn’t even know the dude’s name. “Dude’s” in the 90’s sense of course.

Right? You know what I mean here, yes?

YouTube hasn’t protected Eric Ciaramella’s name. Shit. In you’re searchbarness. Write. “Eric C.” Ciaramell’s the first thing you’re going to see. so. Google’s easily far more evil than YouTube. Right? I could be trying to search for Eric Clapton songs. But. Instead… Google isists that I know the name f the Trumpp whislteblower, Eric Ciaramella. So.

According t this report by the boomer, Lesley Stahl, the fact that YouTube can’t. Her words here: “CLEANSE” the site… about the whistleblower… that should speak VOLUMES. Why should YouTuble “CLEANSE” anything? Right? Jews neeced to be “CLEANSED.” THat one time. RIght?

Lesley Stahl goes n to describe how YouTube failed to detect Russian trolls during an event that I’ve said I’m not allowed to talk abot anym0re. But. Dude.

Legitimately. A billionish dollars later. And like. The Democratic party that’s been on about impeaching the WWE Hall of Famer has found out that the DNC and/or the Hillary Clinton camp, if anyone, did some Russian colluding. Has anyone given a micro-shit? Nopes. Of course not. But. WAITAMINUTE! Donald Trump said, “Biden,” and “You should look into,” within the same conversation. Jesus Christ. He’s such a criminal. THat mofo might as well have broken into a hotel, on his own, bare handed. What a maroon!

Anyways. Back to Lesley’s propaganda.




So Uh Lesley just said that Russians tred to influence Affrican Americans. During that event that happened three years ago.

Dude.Lesley’s boomerisms are happening kinda rapid fire here. So. Uh.

In the sake of fairness. Which. You knw. “Legacy Media” would NEVER give to me or ANYNE resembkng me. I’m including like… PewDiePie here. Not because I’m Pewds or something. But legit. That’s what this boomer dumb ass is going after.


Let’s start this clip here…

From this selection of the segment, you’ve got to watch about one minute. When Lesley says, “Tens of thosands of times,” You can stop.

Yeah dude. YouTube is. A PLATFORm. In theory. Meaning. You. You dumb assholes. Have obviously used this platform to spread your propaganda about how bad YouTube is. On YouTUbe. You idiots. But hey. Yeah dude. In theory. YouTube is a PLATFORM. If it were a publisher, they’d need to fined or have legal actions take n against them. A lot. I’d argue they’re ACTIVELY becoming a publisher under Susan Wojcicki’s watch. Because. YouTube’s constantly censoring material that. You know. Lesley Stahl disagrees with. But. Hey. It’s not enough for Lesley Stahl.


And. I mean. Since Lesley and 60 Minutes decided to bring it up. This is the first time, ever, me…. an avid YouTuve viewing person, ever knew that the Christ Church shooter did a live stream of it. And. I mean. Obviously, I didn’t know that those live streams made it to YouTube. So. Thanks, Lesley! I’ll kindly check them out now! Or… something.

And now. We’re tightening policies on “hate speech.” What I’m commenting on takes place from the beginning of this clip. Till abot when Lesley said, “It’s hard worl” or something similar.


Lesley’s a boomer. I mean. Susan’s a gen x’er. But. Like. At leeast Gen X’ers had the gall to say, “Suck a dicK!” right? It’s a TOTAL shame that Susan isnt, hasnt, and wont take that type of a stand. Because. Latter day millenias and early gen-z’ers have demanded safe spaces and everything like such as.


Hold up.

This isnt worth a full clip or anything. But. Lesley’s being a bitch about YouTube giving counselors to people that have to physially view the most vile stuffs uploaded on the channel. Lesley’s question is presenting this as a bad thig. So. Uh. Why? Right? the fuck’s the point in demonizing YouTube for this? Right?

Oof. Again. Going off of that. The reviewers. Peoples. Peoples that ACTUALLY, PHYSICALLY review YouTube vidoes… they, apparently, accoring to Lesley Stahl, “begin to buy into conpriracy theories” (I’m editorializeing here by adding this non-quote) that Joe Biden ACTUALLY told Ukraine’s,,,, whoever to to remove that attoryney genraly type person. Or else we wouldn’t give them moneys. SUCH CONSPIRACIES! MUCH DEBUNKED! SOMEHOWS!

This is so very much debunked, though. LOLz! Probably by Politifact.

Ugh dude.


I said befoe that we hit on the most contested part of the video. Clip. Propagands thing that this 60 Minutes video is. But. Uh. No. This is probably even worse than all of that.

I mean. You can start there where this clip starts. And you can. I dunno. Watch the remainder of it? it’s this is where the REAL bullshit begins.

From here. We see. Legacy media DECICIVELY ickng and choosing what forms of peoples are allowed to be heard. Right? I mean. Shit. Withing a few seconds. Steven Crowder is labeled a Nazi sympathizer by proxy. Basically. Which is just. Utter. Complete bullshit, boomer. Ugh. I never, ever wanted to go this route. Legit. I never, ever wanted to play the “OK, Boomer” meme card (yes, the title of this rambling may suggest otherwise… but legit… I hate memes for the sake of memes…)

But. OK Boomer. Tell me more about how yesteryear’s journalistic practices were MUCH better because Walter Cronkite, essentially, controlled the NATIONAL narritive.


Dude. I mean. I’mm 11+ mminutes in. And nio dude. I’m don.

THis is all I’ve needed to watch. In that split second, they painted Steven Crowder as a homophobe by play .25 seconds of a clip.

I’m done.

Legacy media? CBS News? You know you’re done. THat’s the whole reason that this piece of propaganda exists. And much like AOC questioning Mark Zuckerberg. Ya’ll have SOMEHOW managed to make Susan Wojcicki a sympathetic member of the “1%” that yu demonize so damn much.

Dude. This piece of propaganda. Masking itself under the cloak of journalism is nothing but legacy media trying to do dammage control. Boomer. Millienial. Gen Z’er. Lilly Sighn, Superwoman person, could’ve conducted THAT interview piece of propaganda. And I’d sgtill be here saying the same thing.

THis piece of progaganda only exists. BEcause. Legacy media. CBS news, in this case, hates the fact that regular, orginary people are doing their jobs in a much easier fassuon,

Shit dude.

I hate new media myself.

Sme random gaming YouTuber did this rambling FAR better than I could. And did.

Legacy media is scared shitless.

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