Of Protests and Kneelings


Let’s start with the obvious…

I’m no doctor. Nor jhave I ever p[retended to be one on TV or the internet or anuythjing. So… I mean. Basilly. Anything I say here, should be taken with the largest of salt grains eveer. Because dude. I’m just spouting opff my opinions. Which, are obviously not worth very much at all. So. Whatever.

During this whole “Covid” thing, I’ve… apparently lost the ability to count, Roman Numerically, anyways…

I promise. You may easter egg search yourself to death, but, you’ll find no missing rambling. I was just dumb.

There’s NO Vol. VIII. I promise.

Obviously. None of this matters because.

Basically, me being the STAUNCH “libertarian/classic liberal” I’ve YET to give my thoughts about lockdowns, quarantines, safety vs. privacy. You know. All of the typical, “political” fodder that’s been going ‘roung the world over therse past few quarantining weeks. Again. I did a series, “Quarantine Thoughts,” and never once did I describe what I thought about being quarantined, as it were. So… Uh. Let’s do that. Right?

First and fiormost: I absolutely think that being under “governmental controlled” quarantine/liockdown was the right and smart thing to do. The personal freedom aspect in me be damned. But. There’s ZEROPERCENT argument that the quarantine/lockdown thing that happened DIDN’T save lives. In fact, just locally in Colorado, eveb MORE locally, in Colorado Springs, there’s been a spike in COVID-19 infections after Colorado’s governemtn loosened up on “stay at home” restrictions. I mean, it’s (to my knowledge) not at the scale it was before “#FlattenTheCurve” was a thing. But, it;s definitely a noticab;e increase since restrictions loosened.

Does that mean the COVID-19 second wave is DEFINITELY real? I mean. No dude. Does this mean that Colorado, or even more locally, Colorado Springs should be under an even HARSHER  “STAY AT HOME~! OR ELSE~!” treatment, I mean… my gut reaction is, “Yeah dude, obviously,” But my mind goes all like, “Dude… the you’re an anarcho-capitalist. How the fuck are you supporting goverment shut downs due to safety. Bruh… did you not hear the famous Franklin quote?!”

“Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither Liberty nor safety.”
-Benjamin Franklin

Come on now~! That’s just a rich, white man from the 1700’s that owned slaves and shit! You cis, white male asshol@!

Oh. Wait… He never owned slaves? Hrmph… Well… HE’S STILL A PATRIARCHAL ASSHOLE THAT HATED WOMEN… CAUSE… MISTRESSES! “Hated women,” is a stretch. But. Yes, he held mistresses. He also invented electricity. And the bifocals… and never made a dime off of his inventions you asshols. Even that link, most likely doesn’t do him the justice he deserves. For being a pioneer of patent law. Which. Ooof. Blah blah blah blah blah.

Razorfist describes, better than I could ever dream of, why the “public domain” is bullshit.

FFS. I’ve spewed so much shit without saying what I think.

So. Let’s do this.


Your humble drunkard from afar.

What the fuck do I think? Right?

The answe is…

I’ve no fucking idea dude.

Government control is bullshit. Allowing everyone to potentially spread this virus is bullshit.

MY opinion? I know it’s a cop-out but… it’s legit…



The reason you shoudld be here…


Let’s do this.

FFS. Here I was thinking that this meeme that showed up in my Facebook feed had something to do with Covid. So. Uh… let me re-assess things.

I mean… this is… Uh… dude. Fuck.

I’m totally off my game now. Legit. I thougt the protests in the meme had to do with Covid and shit. So. Hekk with it. Let’s go with it.

Let’s compare Covid, stay at home protests, to Colin Kaepernick kneeling. Let’s do this.

One is a piece of shit protesting because of  supposed injustice, tje others are Covid protestors. Because dude. I mean. From Michigan State University, there’s no “police injustice” bias, things happening. On a national lever.

Come on dude. Colin Kaepernick was a shitty quarterback that GOT BENCHED in favor of BLAINE FUCKING GABBERT. That’s how much this guy sucked under center. Let’s be real dude. The sitting/kneeling thing was the ONLY way this dude could stay MODERATELY relevant. Period. Shut the fck up about Colin Kaepernick already. Forreals. “Should a team sign Colin Kaepernick,” FUCK NO! The dude, basically, went OUT OF HIS WAY to ENSURE that an NFL team didn’t sign him for the 2019 season. That way, he can market it as “obvious racism!” When… you know… the NFL scouts were prepared to analyze his workout… 60 FUCKING MILES AWAY from where he did the workout on social media. So… Yeah dude. NFL. Obvious racists. DID YOU KNOW THAT “REDSKINS” ARE STILL A THING IN THE NFL?! LMAO! (Ugh…. “Redskins” if I didn’t do that rambling, I did it on the podcasts… somewhere… long sotry short… this too is such utter bullshit faux “racism” claims but whatever)

Jesus Christ.

Fuck Colin. Period.

THe “protests” that errupted due to his dumb ass… I mean, while they’re dumb and misguided (by the MSU’s findings if noting else) they’re perfectly fine. They’re obviously an awesome example of freedom of speech. Except. You know. NFL. Is a privately owned  organization. They can dictate what sort of “freedom of speech” is allowed. Most, if not all owners and such allowed for these protests. Some, merhaps, (off the top of mh head, I don’t think any NFL owner flat out said, “YOU CAN’T KNEEL!” but) said, “DIB;T YOU DARE KNEEL! YOU FUCKING SLAVES!” Or. YTou know. SOmething similar.


That’s the “Kneeling” side of things.

An awesome form of freedom of speech (allowed by a private organization) that was, historically, by my estimation, misguided.


There’s this…

And. I mean.


72 people that attended protests of lockdown in Wisconsin tested positive for Covid-19.



Aww… poor Shawn Michaels…

Bro. I’m me.

I’m you’re humble drunkard from afar.

I’ve got no answers for this. Obviously. Again. Damned if you do. Damned if you don’t. That’s the edge that THE FUCKING PLANET sits on right now. I understand and “support” the coronavirus protestors. Whilst not agreeing with them. Whilst agreeing with then, This situation has no wrong or right answers.

And for the record. Colin’s “kneeling” protests had no “wrong” or “right” answers either. Other than. He is a shitty quarterback. Period. NONE% of NFL teams should EVER sign the guy.

The end.

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