Of Kneelings and Protests… This Time in Minneapolis!

This isn’t funny. It’s not joke worthy. Anything. The title here… is just a response to what I wrote last week. That’s it. That’s all.

Dude. As drunk as I am or may be.

A couple of hours ago (because… dude… time is working in my favor less and less these days) I watched the raw George Floyd video. And. I mean. I was absolutely disgusted. I mean. Who wouldn’t be? It’s akin to saying, “Yeah dude, Hitler was an evil guy.” Unless you’re some “edgy” troll person. There’s no doubt about this. You know?

And… I mean…

If you haven’t seen the video. And you can stomach watching a man being suffocated to death… here’s the video I watched.

It’s so disgusting that I’m, literally, FORCING myself to watch it again.

RANDOM SIDENOTE: YouTube is so dumb and broken that there was this silly, dumb ad that played at the end of the video. Ugh.

Dude. I’m fucking angry watching this shit again. I’m fucking pissed. The four police officers that were dispatched in this situation should be disgusted with themselves. The dude with his knee on George’s neck should be charged with… IF FUCKING NOTHING ELSE some sort of defgree of manslaughter. And the three other police officers dispatched and involved should be charged with accessory to manslaughter (which, I’m not positive is a thing but, it definitely needs to be in this case… if nothing else the Asian cop that was there the whole time, in the video, needs an accessory charge). There’s 1000% no doubt or question about this.

After doing a little bit of research (reading the wikipedia) about this situation… I thought I had a devil’s advocate argument for the officer that killed George Floyd but nah man. I can’t. I can’t even pretend to defend the dude. Not even for argument’s sake. And. While no one on his soon to be arranged defense team will, undoubtedly, EVER read this. I don’t want the .000001% chance to happen that they read this and discover my lame, dumb ass defense. Beecause the dude, visually, deserves none.

I’m a staunch believer that in America, we have the best Justice System the world has ever seen. Is it perfect? of course noet. But it’s still the best the world has to offer. Im talking about the PROCESS not the sentencing. The PROCESS..,. and I know this is cliche, kinda, these days “innocent until proven guilty” is the correct one. Period. And that piece of shit that had is knee on Floyd’s neck deserves his day in court. But. I mean. Unquestionably. The dude commited muyrder.

The ONLY thing I have to compare this tp os what happened to Eric Garner in New York.

Evem this is raw video, most likely, doesn’t do the situation justice. But.

At the VERY least. The justice system was put into process. A grand jury of New York citizens… NEW YORK… CITIZENS… looked at ALL of the evidence. Whatever evidence there was in favor of the police, (as far as I know, that evidence has never been publically released) they looked at it all. Amd they, the CITIZENS decided that there wasn’t enough evidence to charge the police officers.

That’s not me saying the police that killed Eric Garner had the right to do so. That’s not me saying that what they did was justified. That’s me saying, I don’t know the 1000% facts of the situation. Nor does anyone that wasn’t on that grand jury. That was comprised of, again, NEW YORK, citizens. Right?

What I am saying is… it took the grand jury process in New York to not proceed with charges for the city to start riot-ish protests.

What’s going on in Minneapolis? No dude. Just no.

HEY! I’m a white guy! I have police priveledges somehow! Even though, statistically, I’m more likely to be shot by a police officer, but… NO! I’m not allowed to have an opinion! Ever!

But fuck it.

Minneapolis protestors? You aren’t doing your arguements any favors by burning shit and rioting or looting. So much so that that Minneapolis police had to retreat and shit. You’re notgoing about this the right way.

RANDOM SIDENOTE: I mean… I was born in Minnesota. You could say Minneapolis. And I mean, I’ve ben to Minneapolis recently enough. And I’m wondering… did this, ANY of this, happen IN Minneapolis? Because… legit… Minneapolis (I’m doing NONE% research) is like a… AT MOST… 50×50 square mile piece of metropolis that exists off a beaten path of highway surrounded by farmland and nothingness. Literally you’re drriving down the highway and there’s farmland and/or nothingness then BAM. You’re s,acked in the face with traffic lights and skyscrapers all around you. Meh… I’m not sure what point I had here. But. Whatever.

The context of this protest doesn’t exactly have any corralation to what’s going on in Minneapolis. But…

This was a peaceful protest. And although. I’m sure. It doesn’t feel as though this is true. This. This was the message that won. These people protesting, locking arm and arm, were SCARED TO DEATH (and it’s a travesty that they felt that way, but its the reality of the time) they protested. Peacefully.

What’s going on in Minnesota…


You know…

Not the same thing…

I dunno.

I’m your humble drunkard from afar.

That’s just what I think. I guess.

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