North Korea

In all actuality? In all seriousliness?

This reamblingh deserves WAY more than the typical, silly, thinguss that is my drunken ramvlings. You know. I mean. In all actualirty, REMOVE THE “nuclear war” part of the discussion. This whole thing. About “North LKoriewa.” Is way, WAY more worthy of a discussion than is, damn near anything else I’ve rambled about for the passed two years. Hell. Probablt moe than that.

wHAGT I’m trying to say is, North Korea? It’s something worth discussing. SERIOUSLY.

But. Like. Legitimately. It’s, continuously, noit. You know? This whole idea of “North Korea” has been NOTHING but a joke to people in America. Forreals (I’ll get into the most recentness in just a minute). But. Man. Does it get ANY more joke-y than this?

Something crazy is, Trey Parker kinda, sorta meant this to be a true, like, DEEP psychological grapevine to Kim Jong Il.

North Korea is nothing. At all. But a joke. Or. At least. oit has been for the passed/… 20-30ish yuears. Right?

HJell, man. North Korea has been so much of a joke, that, not onlyt  could we, Americans, make fun of their leaders in film (as seen above). But. We could ecen make an ENTIRE film based on how silly and shit they are~!!


You know.

In reality.

I mean. Death camps, innit?

Don’t get me wrong. I’m NOT. AT ALL. saying, HEY EVERYBODY!@ LET’S GO TO WARZ!~”

Bu t like.

I just don’t get oit. I guess. Right?

Hitler was the most evilest asshole in the history lf evil assholes. Right? Yet. The Sung/Il/Un family. People. I probably could’ve described them easier as “Kim” or soemthing but whatever. YOu lknow. THe north Korean dictators. They’re CONSTANTLEY considered to bne a joke.


Hitler’s not a joke. Ever. He.ll. If you jokeaabout Hitler. You’re goint to be “crucifed~!” By like… ANIFTA~! Or. You know., Peoples that are offended by comedic free speech in Americah. Year of our Lord. 2017.

RANDOM SIDENOTE: I don’t know why I keep getting hung up on this “Year of our Lord” “joke” thing that it is. Sorry about that?

But. Like. Man.

North Korea, right?

Tjey’ve pretty much, legitimately, have nuclear capabiulities. Nuclear capabilities so much so that they can pretty much be like, “Hey, how’re you doing Los Angeles, California?! BOOM~! ERADICTATED~!’

“Oh, Hey tehere, Dallas, Texas, enjoying your Afternoon?!~”


At least.

That’s the info. “On the ground.” I mean. We’ve got no, actual info. That’s “TRUSTWORTHY.” Released to the public. Because. “ACTUAL” info from North Korea is, legitimately, pretty hard to come by. Ask Otto Warmbier (OBVIOUSLY, the dude wasn’t as spy, he was just an idiot that went to North Korea and… was an idiot…. and… tragically died becausy of idiocy).And yet. His “ifno” was the best we’ve come across in year. Basically.

I mean. Bill Clinton went to North Korea. That one time. About 10 years ago. But. I mean. Bill, was probably asked, “Hey, do you want to go to Pyongyang?!” And he mistoojk thje word for an American slang of a female’s genitallia.

Come on. Bill’s displeased expression would only be trumped if Hillary became President. Right?

But hey. How many people have died under the Kim dynasty dictator-y cunts? An untold amount of millioms? MAYBE? MAYBE I exageted? I don’t know.

But. Hey. They’ve got. You know. LEGIT “concentration camps” in which even family members are forced to pay the price of the inhabitants. You know. Like Batman’s Bane. In real life. Times…. AT LEAST. 1000.

So. That’s cool.


Hey… Trey Parker. Matt Stone… (Two people, that I, legitimately… kinda, sorta idolize…. KINDA). How’s about you do the puppet movie~! AGAIN~! But this time… it’s set inside the… you know… actuyall concentration camps in North Korea?!

I digress. Mormons are WAY more hysterical. So. Continue to do that broadway show.


God damn it.

I’m being such an asshole att  the moment. Forreals.

War with North Korea… OBVIOUSLY sucks. On SO MANY different levels. I mean. Has ALL common sense been lost?

Yes. We just bombed some random valley between North and South Korea. We did that. Because. North Korea’s been such an asshole. And like. You know. THey fired a missile over Japan. And such.


Damn it. Just show me a meme again.

Or something.

Obvio7sly. Again.

But like?

At this point?

America moved three carries groups (navaly, duh?!) towards the Korean penninsula. That happened… two (?) monts ago? The only time that’s ever happened in history, when we’ve put three carrier groups into a region, we’ve gone to war. So.

I mean.

Sure. Be a stupid asshole. And Blame it all on Trump. Do that. Because. it makse you feel bettyer or whatever.

But. In actuality. The North Korea problem? It’s gone on for decades. AT BARE MINIMUM. Bill Clinton’s 92-00 Presidentcy onwards. Clinton. Bush. Obama. And now Trump. BARE MINIMUM. Under those three’s leadership, the North Korea thing has sucked. A lot.



Hell. As far as I know. I’ll be dead. Because. More than likely, the North Korean Nukes hit us/”me” while I slept. Or something.

I don’t know.

Here dude. THE THING. That “MADE” me write all of this shit. Is like. North Korea. Is. Legit. Hitler. Times aout…. 100. BARE MINIMUM. But. They’re considered as a joke.

No, I don’t think we should go to war with this country. But like. Be consistant, innit? Or something? Hitler himself can never have jokes written about him so sayeth the “snowflake-y” left. Right? Yet. Hitler. Is happening. In our lives. In North Korea. And hey, “LET’S MAKE THE INTERVIEW~!




RANDOM SIDENOTE: Jets have been assholes for the past two days now. I mean. I live betweren two “air force bases” or whatever. And like. Legit. “BIRD’S FLIGHT” or something…. NORAD’S about 15 miles away from me. But still. These jets… things…. happening. It’s annoying. Go to war. Or Don’t. Stop this annoyingness!


Something like that, init?

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