Militant Transgenders


it happened.


He did it. The President of the United States tweeted some dumb stuffs. Again.

Then. Yeah. That happened.

So. I hope it goes without saying )but, of course it can’t go without sayoing, because we live in this hyper-tribalistic world where tribes MUST be defined or else, you know, essential, [at least] metaphoric death_+_) but I believe the president was wron here, right?

I mean. In the grand scheme of things.

#1. Believeing that a presidential tweet makes something into lawe makes you as stupid as believing that Republicans are going to take away health care from 22 million people in America (the left’s OMFG OUTRAGE~! About Congress voting, on Tuesday, to TALK ABOUT a repeal of health care, and it ment billions of people are goig to die in America now… just so ridiculous).
#2. The presiden’ts tweet was dumn. on SOOOO damn many levels.
#3. ANTONE, and I DO meran, ANYONE, that wants to serve America’s military, OBVIOUSLY should — if they’re doing it for the right reasons, which I’ll discuss here in a momenmt.

And. “In a momwnt” I meanL: RIGHT NOW:

Kinda the point. But not at all. Really.

First and foremost. Let’s start here.

I don’t care who you are. If you’re unlike me, and you’re willing and able to defend America… you’re willing to do this so much so that it’s the very fiber of youre being. You want to serve America’s military. Because you;re willing to DIE for not only you fellow man, but the very fabric of EVERY and ANYTHING America stands for.

You should be allowed to do so.


You know.

You’re able to pass the humanly, physical tasks that train you to “kill the adversary quicker and better than they can kill you.” Type of thing. If you, dear reader, dear American, are on that bandwaggon. If YOU wish to serve your COUNTRY. Not… “yourself.” Not… “your selfinterest.” Not, your own “state of mind.” You’re not like, “Hey~! If I join the military~! I can accomplish this self-fulfiling thing that has nothing to do with service~! At all~!” And you are able to physically complete your training (THAT previous sentence in particular). You should be allowed to defend your country. Period. The end. Bar none.




THere should nebver, ever, EVER bee special excemptions given to you for ANY reason. Ever. I don’t care if you’re as “Christy” as they come and you “require” rest on Sundays. Dude. War happens on Sundays. Stop it. You don’t get a special exemption. Nor should you get special exemptions if you’re straight sexuality, gay sexuality, being female, damn it… nothing. You are gauranteed NO special excemtpioms. Ever. Period.

If you’re there to serve. If you’re voluntaraly there to defend your country. You. Get. NO. Exemptions. Period.

I’m a fat asshole. Me. Personally. Obviously. Right? I would never, EVER join the military in hopes of getting lipsuction sergery. Right? Nor should a homosexual join the military for the SOLE purpose of meeting “hunks.” Right? A Transgendered person SHOULD NOT join the military because, “They’ll pay for my gender re-assignment surgery~! FOR FREE~!”

Shit man.

This whole idea that…


Can join the military for the sole purpose of having college paid for. And that’s THE ONLY REASON for their service…. that’s completely wrong too, right?

Trump. Was dumb.


I mean. “HE’S~! NOT~!  A ~! POLITICIAN~! THAT;S WHAT WER LOVED ABOUT HEIM~!” sHUT UP. Man. Look no further than the Jegf Sessions situation to know how much of a dick Donald Trump’s presidency is. Right?



This upcoing meme kinda says the otherwise.But forreals.

I don’t care who you are. If you have the PASSION to serve in America’s military. You should be allowed to do so. Man. Woman. Gay. Straight. Transgendered. Whoever. Period. The end. Bar None.

Now. Here’s this meme. That KINDA… says the opposite. I’m only using it because it’s a funny way to transition to the next topic of discussion about all of this…

For the past… I don’t know how long. You know. Since this whole lame, “Bathroom~!” BLAH~! THIGN~! Happened. I’ve been quiet about it all. Pretty much since this whole debate. BAout Transgenders going into batherooms things happened.

My understanding is ALL of this absolute NONSENSE. About bathrooms. Startse. because of this. Horrible thing.

Shit man, that video, of a news report of this horible thing happened in 2011. The first rumblings I heard about the “bathroom debate” happened in… 2014? At the EARLIEST?! I don’t know. 2015 is probably more accurate but still.

Hell… the first time I saw that video, it was reported as a black women beating on a white women. Transgenderism had nothing to do with this. Again. The first time I remember seeing this videothing. Which, again, was in 2014-2015.  Sketchy reports. Obviouslty. Sorry. Rambling/thinking out loud or whatever.

Be… ALL… of tyhat as it may.

My understanding is, thje transgendered community used this beating as evidence that they should be protected and be allowed to enter any bathroom they wish. And such. That’s probably am overexageration/. Not the right wording. thimgs. Sorry.

One. Two. Skip a ferw.

North Carolina law~! BLAM~!

First and formost. Under the 10rth ammendment of the constitution of the United Startes. North Carolina has ABSOLUTELY EVERY RIGHT to enact the “HEY~! GO TO THE BATHROOM THAT ALIGNS WITH YOUR GENITALS~!” law, thing. By and large is it dumb on the surface? Sure? Right?

Dumbness. POf course. Obviously. Still. Noth Carolina has the right to enact the law. Because. DUN DUN DUNNNNNN… that’s how a our country’s SUPPOSED to work. Hate North Carolina’s law? GTFO of North Carolina. Poverty. Rich people. Things. Argument.s Fine. Blah.



Problem. That true, “conservatives,” Libertarians. Shit. I now identify, since, you know, the alta0right took over “liberatarian” as a classic liberal. My pronouces are: classic. liberal. THE problem lies within academia. Gender studies douche bags.

Thaty are informing everyone, “HEY GUYS~! GENDER IS NOTHING BUT A SOCIAL CONSTRTUCT~!”

And… you know… the whole ideo of…

“Gender fluidity~!”


Forreals dude. If we all had this excuse growimg up, how manyh of us would have taken advantage ofg it? Right?

“Dude, I’m identifying as a woman today, I must go into my high school girl’s locker room~! OR ELSE~! SUE ME~! I dARE YOU~!”


I’ve got to try to wrap this up.

Gender dysphoria is obviously real. Transgenderism is obviously real. Both of things things are fine. It’s justr. man. Stop being assholes. Stop overreaching. Kinda? Or something? I don’;rt  know.

The “genderfluid” bullshit is what most pisses me off. Ouytside of all of that. I don’t think there’s ANYONE that TRULY gave a shit. Whether or not you served in the military, passed physical tasks without exemptioms.

I’m pretty damn positive that NO ONE cared which bathrooms you used.  Until the questions came out, “So anyone can use any batheroom, EVER?~” And such dumbness.


I mean.

I’m sorry.

Hate mate. Slay may.

But. Man.

The Blaze TV pretty much nailed this “transgendered bathroom” bathroiom issue. Like. By a mile.

But hey. Too much common sense is involved.

One person. One Bathroom.


I mean.

On a finald note.

Can we all just be real about something.


You know.



Jim Norton said it best on his Netflix special, Mouthful of Shame:

And I think Hollywood means well, their hearts are in the righrt place. But it’s a little bit phony. Some of it is just a little bit fake. Because you know how they can’t talk about Caitlyn without saying how beautiful she is?
“Have you seen how beautiful Caitlyn is?”

But. Just. A random quick note about how aweomse Caitlyn Jenner is:


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