‘Merica Edition. 2020.

I refuse to go over the cliff with the rest of humanity.

I’m sorry guys.


“The rest of humanity” willingly leaped over that cliff around the end of May. Year of our Lord. 2020. Jesus-y o’Clock on the NOSE!

When I ran the pile of nothingness that was “The Drunken Radio Network,” the “‘Merica!” Edition of the show would always take place on or near July 4th. And I mean. That first year. You know. Year of our Lord 2013, we were fresh off of the re-election of a President that I idealogically disagrsesd with. And I was a;; worried about “losing our Republic” (which, dude, if anyone… ANYONE… descrives America as a “democracy,” get them out of your lives because they’ve no idea what they’re talking about). Because. I dunno. Obama was droning American citizens that joined terrorist factions to death?

Don’t get me wrong.

Obama did like. NUMEROUS thnigs wrong. By my estimation. As President. I mean. Obviously. Right?

Bro. Fuck this.

I’m so done with life at the moment.  Like. legity. I was on the verge of killing myself just because my ashtray disappeared into the abyss. But nah. I’ll save that till I go back to 1890. Arpimd March. Next year. So I mean. I don’t give a microscopic shit if you’re offended by this rambling. Right?

At the same time. I’ma be all like, “Let’s get along!”

Waitaminute. Being “offensive” whilst attempting to bring about togetherness is is thing?!

Fuck Shawn Michaels.

Lemme quickly say. If you’ve got “Christian” eyes and can’t stand reading swear words. Get over yourself.

‘Merica? In 2020? Politically? You’re a piece of shit. Period. Myself included. We are. Collectively. Pieces of shit. Period. The end. Bar none. Both sides of the isle. Love. Hate. President. I don’t give a shit. Anyone that holds either of those to feelings towards the president is a piece of shit. Period. The end. If you hate him to the point that no matter what he does, you must criticize it, ala CNN. You’re a piece of shit. Period. If you love him so much that no matter what he does, you find him infallible, ala Fox News. You’re a piece of shit. Period.

Let’s get this over with.

No matter what.

A protest. Of first amendment value. Does not. Allow people to commit crimes. Period. The end.

A “protest.” Does NOT include. Arson. Larceny. Or vandalism. If any of those things happen, during a “protest,” those things. Are crimes. Period. The end. Bar none. Being “angry” during a protest, is not a defense against said crimes. Period. The end. Bar none.

If you wanna protest and burn the American flag? Do that shit all the fuck you want. So long as that flag was owned by someone in the protest. If that flag was just ripped off of a flag pole or something? Nah dude. You didn’t own that shit. That’s a crime. You burnt someone’s property.

But now.

The President and/or Congressional Republicans are taking a stand ON THIS ISSUE… Not the 476 others issues that gained Republican control in the Senate and elsewhere… you know… like ALL OF THE REPUBLICANS THAT HAD CONTROL OF THE CONGRESS, SENATE AND WHITE HOUSE (in 2017) THAT DID NOTHING ABOUT FIXING OBAMACARE. LIKE THEY WERE VOTED IN OFFICE TO DO SO…

But no. The President has taken the advice of like… the Orirn Hatches of the world tjat still exost. You know. The types of Republican life-long politicians. That spewed out of their dying mouths as they rotted in a position of power and allowed words to regurgitate freely like they’re Java the Hutt (I’ve never even FULLY watched Star Wars but I nailed this reference), “Blehhhhh whennnn i gett this flagg bruinngs law www passed in cnngresss allll ralllllly the baaaaaaaase tooo vooooot repblcan.”

No typos there. Just sayin.

Trump’s listening to those assholes. And I mean? At this moment? Sure? It kinda makes sense. But nah dude. Burning a piece of your property, so long as no fire dangers are present, is not a federal crime. Period. The end.

Buring a police station? Yeah. Crime. A Post Office? Yup. Crime.


Still a crime, dude.

I’m not going over the cliff with the rest of humanity.

So… Covid.

I just got these screenshots in the last hour. So…

In the U.S.

In both of these. We see a rise in cases of Covid-19. Right? It’s obvious there. Especially in the graph that’s on the left there. Above this text. But. In the graph that’s on tyhe right. Above thise texzt. We see. The number of deaths caused by Covud-19 have DRASTIC gone down. The same is FAR more drastic in the American graph. In both, the oragge line is deaths, the green line is recoveries. So. Uh…

Show me some Sponge Bob meme all you want about how “‘Covid-19′ is a political issue’ in America” all you want. The numbers don’t lie. And they spell disater for you. At Sacrifice.

The rise in cases is up. Yes. Which mean, merhaps, more people could die from it. And. We NEED to be careful about spreading it. Because OF COURSE IT’S A SERIOUS EPIDEMIC.  But like. The numbers don’t lie. You know?

Poor Petey Williams.


It’s something like 1/4 of 1/10 of the population is offended by the term “Redskins.” Historically? The term, “Redskin,” was a term of pride among native Americans. It’s only in like, recent media (Red Dead Redemption II is the only example I know of, honestly) where “racist white people” use the term pejoratively. You weren’t white. You were a “redskin.” That was a badge of honor during the Jackass, Jackson’s “manifest destiny” bullshit.

But hey. Washington Redskins wanna change their name now because, something to do with Fed-Ex? Alright. Fine. Capitalism works. Kinda.

I mean, I’d argue that this is an example of back-room crony capitalism, minus government involvement. But whatever.

Let’s go here. Real quick. Because. Whilst writing all of this, I’ve been having this debate i nmy head.

The Boston Tea Party.

What’s the difference between this and the property destruction during the BLM “protests?”

This is the debate I’ve been habing in my head whilst writing.

I guess… apples to apples.. there’s not much of a difference. When it comes down to destroying government property. “The Boston Tea Party” protestors destroyed property owned by the British government. Which was, you know, their government at the time. Meanwhile, a Minneapolis police departmenjt and local Post Office was destroyed. And I’m here like, “Bruh, going after a Post Office is a federal crime~!”

Yet. I justify the Boston Tea Party. Without question.

MORALLY?! Both situations are just. In my mind. Like… the MORAL of the arguments.

I don’t think a police precinct or post office should be burned down. Obviously.

But fuck man.

Those God damn Brits forced Slavery on ‘Merica in the first place.

And like.. Forreals.


Please know that you’re wrong.

So. Uh. Apprently. Have you seen this? Have you heard about this? Did you read this in the paper? The Democratic party is discussing changing their name. Due to its racist roots.

I’m here like. Hey, at least the Democrats are ACKNOWLEDGING they’ve, ALWAYS, historically been the racists.


I don’t know if that’s a joke. If it is. That’s how sad Amerika is.

Bottom line? Like…

‘Merica Edition~! style?

President Trump is awesome.

President Trump also sucks.

If you can’t acknowledge both of these things. You suck. Period.

I guess? I don’t fucking know. Dude. I’m going back to 1890. Soon enough. I promise.

This was just a moment that caught me off-guard and made me realize, once again, how gorgeous Red Dead Redemption II is. This is, in no way, a representation of “1890.”

Man. I was gonna include some bad ass youtbeyness from like Riaz Patel (who is, basically, one of the most amazing human beings alive today) and like… stuffs. But dude.

I’m barely even writing anymore so.

I’m just me. You know. Your humblre drunkard from afar. Who knows nothing.

And. I promise. Thi is going to be the last political rambling until Election Night. Where I do my “Live” rambling. Thing. Live I have done for the previous two elections. So.

Waitaminute… I just scrolled up and realized what the point of this rambling was going to be by the headline I gave it at first. Fuck.

OK. There’s DEFINITELY going to be a “political” type of rambling not in the sense of R and D’s. But a “political” rambling. Coming. Between now and Election.

Take care, ‘Merica.

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