Lyin’ TrusTed

This past Friday, you know, six days ago, that lying liarface that lies so God damn much – whose family was responsible for the death of JFK. The same guy who slept with 60 of his, female(?) campaign workers. That little lying asshole. The guy that tried to make his slogan, “TrustTed.” The liar.

He just flat out endoresed the man he called a sociopathic liar. He endorsed the guy whome he said he would not, “come to like a puppy and  give his endorsment” because it was the right political move. Npot Verbatim.






And encouraged his former supporters to vote for the man.

The irony here.
The irony here.

When it first happened. And like. Ted Cruz’s Facebook post whent all over the place and whatever. I was like, “Well, he didn’t REALLY endorse, he never said that.” But like. No. It’s a total sell-out and endorsement. And. Bullshit.

So. My very fist gut reaction is:

“OK. The dude’s OFFICALLY become Rand Paul.”

Rand Paul. Who is, to refresh your memory. But not really. He was MY guy at the beginning of the Presidential Republican primary race. He STILL would be “MY guy.” Period. However. He truly tainted his reputation when he STRONGLY endorsed Mitch Mmiconel during his 2014 reeliection bid.

Ted Cruz was SOLIDLY my second choice in the Primary. Once Paul dropped out fairly early, Cruz was the only choice I could see. And while I didn’t agree with Cruz on issues as often as I did Paul and there were some issues (Cruz’s taz plan in particular) where i agreed with Cruz over Paul, I could and ddi SOLIDLY support Ted Cruz.

Becasue. I am. And will be (at least until 2020). SOLIDLY “Never Truimp.” Marco Rubio would have been someone I’d have voted for, surel. Kasich is just a nutjob. He’s basically Trump as far as policies are concerned. Which just adds a WHOLE NEW layer of insanity on this election cycle. How he (AND OTHERS~! Jeb Bush, Lindsey Graham, etc.) refuse to endorse the guy. Even thought all of them are crazy progressive. And they’re all a part of the party that is, you know, SUPPOSED to be of the anti-progressive, small government minded type.

Then. THere’s Ted Cruz.

The guy that, as far as I’ve seen, never…. EVBER. EVER. NOT ONCE. com[primied on principles. NEVER ONCE. Compromised on his support and love and any and everything else about the Constitution. He’s TRULY fought or us. We the people. All of that.

And then. He just buckles.

Reignce Prebius person. Dumbness. Is all like, “Hey, if you don’t support Donald Trump now, we’re never, EVER going to support you. EVER~! Take THAT! Ted Cruz! Take THAT Ben Sasse! Take THAT! Mike Lee! Boom. How you doin’ now bro?!”


Ted Cruz.

Instead of telling the turht.

Instead of being honest.

Intest of being TrustTed.

he just decided t make trumpanista arguments. “It’s a binary choice! Hillary Clinton sucks! But! SUPREME COURT!” He let his principles go. Because. Politics.

And. It sucks. A lot.

I’m not going to say that I HATE the man. I don’t. he’s a DAMN good Senator fighting for Constitutional principles. He is. If he were to run for President, I’d still support him. Just like I supported Paul. Does this endorsement thing make him the worst person ever? No. It just takes him down a peg. And it REALLY calls into question that whole, “TrustTed” thing.

If Donald Trump loses. Ted Cruz would still be my choice, as of THIS SECOND, of people to run against Tim Caine (GET IT?!). Igf Trump does win, which I do think is what’s goig to happen right now (because… this election cyclke’s WAY too GFod damn crazy, there’s no CLEAR CUT… PREDICTABLE~! winner here…. at all), I’d support Ted Cruz if he were to primar Trump. But. Apparently. That will never, EVER happen. Because Ted Cruz now thinks that God’s going to ue Donald Trump~! Or whatever other excuse is thrown out there by Republicans these days to support this absolute, total, complete, vicious, unrepentant (GET IT?!) douche.


Point is.

Donald Trump still sucks. A lot.

And Ted Cruz now sucks a lot more than I thought he did. But not enough that I TOTALLY hate the guy.

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