Let’s Real Talk

I couldn’t care less about the Mueller investigation. Especialluy since. You know. We already know what transpired as far as Russian meddling is concerned.

I coulnd’t care less thart President Trump has revoked Brennon’s security clearance.

IU couldn’t care less about Jess Sessions not “locking her up.”

I couldn’t care less about Omarosa.

I couldn’t care less about Pet er Struck or Lisa Paige.

I couldn’t care less about CNN being fake news or CNN “sucking” and how it is now “dangerous” to be a journalist.

Especially, oin that last one.

When the press is doing this shit. You know. Ignoring actual violence against them. Not just sensationalizing the “violent rhetoric” of chants.



I was about to do this rambling. ALL about Chris Cuomo’s dumbness monulogue. And. I just can’t man. The hell’s the point?

BREAKING NEWS~!: Left-leaning American press supports the Communist group, Antifa! WOW! SUCH CLICKBAIT! MUCH MONEYS!

I mean. It’s not like they didn’t do this before. HEY THERE OCCUPY WALL STREET!

But whatever.

Man. All I care about. Like. Right now? Is Red Dead Redemption 2. And Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. And WWE 2k19.

I care about the freedom of speech. Actually. Forreals. I care about the danger of thesocial court.

I care that. Me. And. You know. Seemingly a handful of others are the only people IN THE WORLD that share the belief of MORE vioces. Not fewer. MORE ideas. Not less. MORE thoughts. Not less. Right? Me. And. You know. Seemingly a handful of others TRUL:Y care about the marketplace of ideas. Right?

I want no voices silenced. TO the Democratic Socialists. To the CONSISTANTLY religious cake shop baker. To Glenn Beck calliung the President of the United States a racist (remember how that was SUCH a taboo thing? But… it’s… you know… not taboo anymore 🙂 .) Tp Glenn beck defending the job of a racist (you know, Sarah Jeong).

To the memes calling for President Trump’s death.
To this TOTALLY bizarre religious movement towards him. Memes.

Neither voice should be SILENCED. Neither creator of those memes should lose their livelihood. And such. Right?

I care.

Very much.

That South Park. Season 20. During the event that took place nearly two years ago that I’ve promised to not mention on RyanSrunk,com anymore. South Park figured out why Donald Trump is POTUS and Hillary Clinton lost. Again. This video happened. Nearly two years ago.

Two years out. The news media STILL doesn’t know what happened. Was it racists? Was it Russians? No dude. South Park told you. Back then.

I care about boobs. And the fact that I’ll never have access to them again, seemingly. Because. Like. Even if I were the most handsomeest guy in the iuniverse. We live in a post-#MeToo world. And asking a woman out on a date is considered rape now.

I care that we’re perpetually living in a world of post-modernism. Where the age of enlightment means nothing. Where this social mob, that considers itself to be “facrtually” or “scientfically” minded. Has become the Roman Catholic church. The social mob is silencing Gallilleo’s all ovewr the place. You know? |

I care about…


The dark future. Whose stage is being set.

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