Let’s Get a Few Things Straight

It’s been a little while since I’ve done a real, “hardcore” political rambling. So. Why not?

First of all, allow me to just say, that the looming, slight possibility that, in 2016, there is a chance for Clinton vs. Bush in the general, presidential election. Just the chance of that possibility should tell – anyone just how horrible the current political structure and climate is in America.

I hope that this talk of Clinton/Bush is going to go the way of the ABSOLUTE FACT~! that, in 2008, the election would see Hillary Clinton pitted against Rudy Giuliani… you know… in 2007. All I’m saying here is: I hope it’s too early to tell who will clench the nomination for both political parties.

Either way. It’s time to speculate. Right? Because. Political junkies. That’s what we do.

So, I guess.

Let’s get something straight. No one should, legitimately, support Ben Carson.

Off the top of my head… Jim Crow laws were probably worse. But…

Now, I know what you’re thinking dear long-term reader of my ramblings. Yes. I did support someone similar in the 2011-2012 Republican primaries. And. 99.9% of the time, I’d admit that I was wrong. So. POT~! KETTLE~! me if you’d wish. But let’s be real now.

Ben Carson, who is obviously a brilliant man, has a fantastic life story to tell voters, who is someone that is probably fiscally right on the money… shouldn’t be the President of the United States.

I’m all for the whole, “by, for and of the people,” argument thing. Hell. I already referenced the candidate I liked last time. But again. I was wrong. I do agree with the fact that career politicians are, by and large, ruining the country. But you don’t fix that by just shoving a private citizen into the head of the executive branch.

What I would say, however, is if he does well enough in the primaries and learns from this first experience,  Ben Carson would EASILY be a great candidate for the next Republican primary. Right now? No thanks.

Now then, let’s get this straight. Mike Huckabee is a progressive Republican.

The statement here is pretty stupid. But oh well.

Just the fact that Mike Huckabee “secretly” supports Common Core… that alone should tell you the character of the man. I believe there’s a part of him that believes he could actually be President. Hell, why else would he have stuck around in the 2008 primaries as long as he did (other than, you know, getting himself some notoriety to get a LUCRATIVE cable news show)?

There’s no doubt, in my mind, Huckabee is entering this primary race for the sole purpose of taking votes away from the likes of Ted Cruz. And. That’s it.

If this couldn’t be any straighter. Rick Santorum should just go away. He has NO shot at EVER becoming President. So. Like. Just stop it.


And for the love of Leviticus 18:22, if this isn’t straight then… I don’t even know. Republican establishment. Get this through your thick skulls. You may. MAY. Have a shot at convincing Republican primary voters that Jeb Bush is the best option. But. Seriously, Mr. Rove, even YOU have to know that the Bush name is CANCER to the American electorate.

There’s a phrase brewing in my head about a burning Bush. But, I know Republicans aren’t looking for the Jewish vote anymore.

Mr. Rove. Even if you were to SOMEHOW convince Republican voters that this is their ABSOLUTE BEST chance at gaining a White House victory. You HAVE to know… that NO ONE with the last name “Bush” is going to win the Presidency.

I mean.

You HAVE to know that. Right?


But to the Republican primary voters – you and I NEED to get this straight. “I like Ted Cruz… BUT… he’ll never win, so I can’t vote for him in the primary.” You do realize… that if you’re NOT voting for someone YOU LIKE… he will NEVER… “win,” right?

But the media’s already crucified him! How could he win?!

While I, personally, don’t totally support a Ted Cruz presidency. I will say, he’s probably my second-in-line choice. But he’s never going to get there if the Republican primary voters, whom only watch Fox News, hear constantly how JEB BUSH IS THE ANSWER TO EVERYTHING EVER~!… yet these voters are BEGGING for someone along the lines of Cruz…

I don’t even know.

It’s just moronic.

The ENTIRE POINT of the primary/caucus voting is to vote for the person you MOST agree with. Whom you MOST would LOVE to support. The point of a primary/caucus IS NOT to vote for the candidate you believe “could win the general election because Fox News said so.”

You’ve GOT to think for yourself.


You know…

People that can’t even get their supportive reasoning straight. Democrats. Honestly. I feel really bad for you guys right now. You’ve been anointed with the holiness that is Hillary Clinton. And you’ve got no other choice. At all.

I mean, is there anyone that thinks this guy has a shot? Like… at all?

You guys have got Hillary. And that’s it. You can hold your breath for Elizabeth Warren. And that’s it. MAYBE Al Gore will dust the money off of his shoulders and enter the race. But that’s an even BIGGER maybe than Warren.

But I mean…

When your supporters can’t even get straight why they support you… All it does is confirm Idiocracy.

Identity. Politics. Forever!

Seriously. If. By SOME OFF CHANCE… you’re reading this. And. SOME DAMN HOW. You believe that Hillary Clinton should be President ONLY due to the fact that she is a woman…



Relinquish your right to vote.

You’re not doing yourself any favors.

But MOST importantly. You’re RUINING the country. Hell. If you voted for the current President. JUST because he was “cool.” OR… if you voted for the President before him JUST because “you’d like to sit down and have a beer with him.”

By and large.

You are.

A product of the current college/university system.

I mean.

You are a detriment to your country. Period.

And… just… one last thing to get straight. Because. I’m SERIOUSLY sick of ALL of this ABSOLUTE NONSENSE. So. Let’s get this over with.

Even though this “argues” “my side” I’m so done with it.

The thing that is the most brutally scary here is not that these Hillary Clinton supporters “didn’t know” this “fact” (in quotes… just cause. More than likely, it is true. But it DOES NOT MATTER.). It’s that NONE of them (at least none shown in the video) even tried to challenge the statement. Again. The statement being “$0.72 on the dollar” and all that.

But NO ONE… NOT ONE… tried to do the “apples-to-apples” argument. THE WHOLE KEY TO THIS NON-EXISTENT PROBLEM.

This whole idea that “equal pay” doesn’t exist in America is NONSENSE. The statistic that EVERY news media outlet that leans to the left of Fox News that states, nationally, “a woman makes 77 cents for every dollar a man makes in the workplace.” Is. Nonsense.

It’s taking an average of ALL working citizens in the country. It ISN’T an apples-to-apples argument. Working men in the country tend to do jobs that females do not occupy. Be it garbage collectors. Or king crab fishers. Truckers. To even… tech jobs. Men are, predominantly, involved in more high paying jobs, than women. Obviously. That isn’t to say that women CAN NEVER EVER EVER do the jobs. It’s just that. Statistically… men do them. Women don’t. When you factor in all of this. And you try to compare the wages of a female Subway sandwich artist to a male professional sports star… there’s OBVIOUSLY going to be a discrepancy.

But. When you apples-to-apples compare jobs. A female doctor to a male doctor. A waiter to a waitress. Male bartender to female bartender (I’d argue about this… but whatever). The pay is equal. Easily. Bar none. The end. Hell. When you apples-to-apples compare. Women tend to earn more than men.

So. While everyone is comparing the wages of a radio tower technician to that of a hostess… I’ll give Hillary the benefit of the doubt here. More than likely that “72 cents to the male dollar, women to men, while she was a Senator, thing…” is nonsense.

Although, obviously, it’s pretty hypocritical. Because. You know. She’d NEVER use that same sort of rhetoric. Whatever.

So. Finally. Seriously. Last thing to get straight. If you’re voting for Hillary Clinton JUST because “it’s time to have a female President.” If you support her JUST because “equal pay NEEDS to happen NOW~!”

Just know.

You’re wrong.

And to the Republicans. “We’re” shooting for the moon.

RANDOM SIDENOTE: This whole time, for whatever reason, I was wondering if statements like, “set the record straight,” is considered offensive in today’s world. But. Hell with that. Obviously.

RANDOM SIDENOTE: I TOTALLY feel dirty using, “We’re.” What I’m feeling now SHOULD be the feeling that happens when a sports fan references their favorite team. It’s absolutely gross. I don’t know how you guys could tollerate this “We” thing.

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